With Damn Fine Words, I'd Be Unstoppable

You see, there’s this rockin’ writer named James Chartrand...and if you’re a freelancer, you know who she is. She is Men with Pens. And she teaches how to create Damn Fine Words so our businesses can grow.

That’s all I need. I’ve been slowly climbing out of my word rut for the past few months since starting this freelance biz, but I’m not climbing as fast as I’d like. So, while I’m making a good go of it right now - I know I can be better.

Writing is hard. Real hard. And this is the life I want. This is the life I need.

And there are three copywriters who rock my world these days: Sean Platt, James Chartrand, and Demian Farnworth (in zero order) and I want to be able to talk to any of them (given the opportunity) about writing or copywriting and not feel like I’m less or that my writing is less. Damn Fine Words would give me the confidence in my work to reach past that feeling and feel like I've made it beyond surviving.

There’s Another Reason I Need To Succeed

You know when you wake up and your world’s been turned upside down and the one thing you can think is “Now, it’s time.” You have no choice; you have to sink or swim because all of a sudden the tide’s sucking you under. I want James to teach me how to swim the Butterfly Stroke in record time. Because when all of a sudden you become the sole provider for a family of five, things go from day-at-the-beach to Cut-Throat Island and you've GOT to swim for the sharks.

And some mornings I wake up and wonder if I've made the right decision - yesterday was one of those mornings. I seriously considered shutting down Fit Freelancer - because I can't get past the sticking point that I'm in. I love my clients, everyone of them, but I want to graduate to writing content, sales letters and copywriting for the big guys, but I'm not sure I can. As a freelancer, it’s imperative my words reek of confidence and capability, but as a good writer friend of mine reminds (constantly), I stink. He says my words want to be confident, but it’s like they don’t know how to be.

Imagine a freelancer who has no confidence in her writing!

I’ve reached my earning potential in this game and I want need more. I need to push past my limitations so I can write words that move people into action. So I can put bread on the table. So I can become the freelancer I know I can be.

Freelancer’s Blood

When I wake in the morning, I want to work. When I sleep, I’d rather be working. When I eat, it’s usually at my screen. But, I’m limited by my time, my resources and my knowledge.

Damn Fine Words is my ticket to break through those limitations. (Click to Tweet! Thanks!!)

While I’m feeding the kids and getting them ready for school, at least I can rest assured knowing that I’ve been through a course - THE course for writers - and I’ve invested time in my education so I'll make the most of those minutes that I’ve been given writing stellar copy that brings clients back again and again. So I can reach past Craigslist and Elance and have the courage to market to the big businesses in town without thinking they won't use my services.

Ever since I ran across the Men With Pens site, I’ve been enamored with the eloquence that James articulates in each post, but the Damn Fine Words course has been and may always be beyond my means. She, Sean and Demian have a grasp on language that I dream of having. They have a grasp on the market that I know I'm capable of, but lack the tools to materialize.

And at $1,600 for 10 weeks, I can’t imagine putting off buying Pull-Ups so that I could have that opportunity.

But, if I were lucky enough to win one of Damn Fine Words scholarships, I know that I’d never have to worry about how many Pull-Ups we have left until the next pay day. Because I don’t take courses - I apply them. This blog is a direct result of Corbett Barr’s Start a Blog That Matters Course and I love him for it. I took every one of his words and applied them to my needs and viola! I ended up with kick-ass new digs and an awesome start to my freelance business.

Now, I want to soak up every word that James has to offer to push this business from good to “Holy Shit! She ROCKS!”

And that’s what I guarantee - if given this opportunity - my nose will be scarred from the grindstone and James’ work will forever burn in my head making sure that I’m no longer timid in my copy, but a real-life fire-breathing dragon copywriter extraordinaire who will finally be happily running a thriving freelance business instead of merely a surviving in this freelance business.

Thanks for reading all the way to this point. This was my entry into the Damn Fine Words course - wish me luck!!