3 Steps to Creating Enough Energy To Become A Freelancing Powerhouse

creating energy for freelancing Another day. Another slew of assignments you happily tackle. Come day's end, you've pushed your workout to the last minute. But your energy's gone.

You just don't feel like it. I know how you feel.

Day after day, I fall back on the reasoning: "I have to work!" (And I'm not sure anyone loves that excuse more than I do!)

Waiting for "Enough Energy"

Our minds tell us we need to fit in a work out. Our bodies tell us they want it, too. But, our energy levels just don't let us.

Working out every day should be a natural part of life. But it isn't. We feel like it's a chore. And you remember being a kid - your mom said, "Go clean your room!" The last thing you wanted to do was clean up!

That's the rebel in you. It's how way we're wired. We don't want to do what we SHOULD do. We want to do what we WANT to do - as freelancers, that's usually working!

So we reason with ourselves that it just never "fits" into our schedule. We're swamped with projects and by the time we're ready to take on the one thing we should do, we don't want to.

So we call it a day - with the intention that tomorrow we'll start all over - workout and all. But you jot down the things you want to do the next day and working out is nowhere on the list.

And as with all good intentions, there's a trap.

It's us.

Sabotaging Ourselves

We sabotage ourselves when we listen to our inner demons who keep telling us it'll be fine to wait and work out later. We fall into the trap of thinking we'll get to it tomorrow because it's the one way we can make ourselves feel better about not doing it right now.

We know the pattern well, but we ignore it and listen to those not-so-nice voices that tell us what we want to hear.

But we have to beat ourselves at our own games if we want to succeed at being powerhouse freelancers!

Creating The Energy You Need

Enough energy will never appear from no where. Remember the Law of Conservation of Energy from science class? Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. But you can redistribute it.

There's a line in t he Mechanic that says "victory loves preparation."


There are three things you can do that will help you beat you at your own game.

3 Steps To Creating Enough Energy So You Can WIN

1. Rebel against the devil inside. When you hear that whisper that says, "Go ahead, work now, you can exercise later," do the opposite. Do your workout before you even start and get it out if your way. You'll reap the rewards of a better mood, clearer thinking, and more - get this - ENERGY!!

2. Stop waiting to have enough energy. It will never happen. Working out gives you energy. It makes you feel better. And it let's you sleep better. When all of these balls are on the court, you prepare yourself for victory and you give yourself the one tool you need to do it again the next day. And what's that tool? Say it with me,now! Energy!! (Wow, you're getting really good at this!)

3. Set a schedule and don't dare veer away from it. Whether "schedule" means doing it at a certain time of day or doing at a certain juncture (like before work - whenever that may be), don't skip it. Especially in the beginning when you're trying to establish the habit. What is the BEST time for you to get it done? Set it and forget it. Never think about whether or not you "want" to do it. It's not an option. Just. Do. It.

Once you've developed the habit of working out, you'll find that you've created the energy that you've been waiting for; you've found the route to clarity in your freelance work; and you no longer have to be a slave to yor own self sabotaging ways.

What's your biggest excuse for not working out?

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