Create an Experience They’ll Come Back For

Create an Experience They'll Come Back For

NOBODY comes back for vanilla.


Vanilla is everything NOBODY wants to be.

And YOU, mofo, are so much more than that boring-ass shit.

You want them to come back again and again. You want them to drool over your every word and make them feel like the legend you’re building.


And if they don’t like shit so creamy they can’t breathe? You don’t need them.

Get them addicted to you

By showing the fuck up.

By being the you-iest you you can be.

Create a Home Page that teases them into loving you before they do. Use the words they long to read. NOT same ole “Welcome” bullshit everyone uses and makes readers want to throw up over.

Create an About that has fuck about YOU on it, until they reach the bottom half.

Create a Work with Me that exploits their pain so they can see the beauty of the pleasure they’ll have after working with you. (Good copy is torturous copy. Don’t be afraid of it.)

Create sales pages that reek of blood and sincerity of commitment to their happiness, and sincerity of a deep and authentic YOU.

Because in all of this? There is ONE resounding thread that echoes throughout each and every page’s target: Move them with your truest spirit into the action you want.

THAT’S how you create LEGENDS. THAT’S how you make them want you so bad they come back for more.

Be real.

Be honest.

Be fucking YOU.

WHY do they want to see YOU?

Because you ARE their solution. You have the things they need to become a better THEM. And because YOU? In all of your flaws? Are a thing of beauty. Of salvation. Of paradise. For them.

You have the spark it takes to get them from A to B. And the only way you can do that is by being unabashedly you.

By developing the IT you were born with.

And by splattering that blood EVERYWHERE.

The Problem

So many people live through filters. “I can’t say THAT.”

“I can’t DO that.”

FUCK that.

THAT is who you fucking ARE.

And 10 years ago? You could have built a profitable business on the “perfect world” premise.

Now? If you can’t be YOU? You can’t expect to win. For long.

I added the “For long” part because some motherfuckers ARE able to take advantage of people. For a little while. Then, they can’t keep up the charade any longer. People sniff them and their inauthenticity out and are forever turned off.

You cannot bullshit people. They can smell it. I’m a Scorpio, so everything I read comes with a hint of, “WTF!?” But I have discovered most are not built that way.

Many are built to lie and deceive.

But the majority, who are ready for success, learn how to be themselves. Without restraint.

What Being You Does

It creates connection. Relatability. TRUST.

And when the copy they read magnetizes them to your pages, that connection, that trust, deepens with each word.

Trust is the foundation of money. Sales roll in when they smell the real you on the pages and see how much they need you to help them get over their struggles.

Being you is the fastest, most effective way to grow. You grow your list. You increase your book sales. You book more Discovery Calls. You sign more contracts.

Create an experience they want more of.

Just like a LEGEND should.