Copywriting as a Pillar of the Creative

In a market as crowded as yours, the 7,987,692 businesses all have ONE shot at making a difference. That shot is the Creative.  

If you can nail the Creative, you can elevate your brand above the standards of your competition and your industry.  

Because the Creative is the means to the attention. How many ads do you overlook in your Facebook feed because they either a) don’t apply to you or b) they DO apply, but it feels tired and stale?? Think about that for a sec.  

And since you know that to be truth, you already know that allowing yourself to run ads that are standard or substandard is basically throwing your money away.

What is the Creative?? 

The Creative is the visual and the text of an ad campaign. Copywriting is half the Creative. Design is the other half.  

So, slapping “Make more money, working less” on an ad with a smiling coach or internet marketer on it, is lazy Creative.  

Copywriting has to be given its due. You don’t run ads half-cocked. You let them bake and ruminate until fully developed. Only you need to make that “fully developed” period last no longer than 1 hour.



Copywriting that explains and enhances the visual.

That’s winning at the Creative.

Now. How do you write the copy that helps the Creative win? 

  1. You know who your copywriting has to appeal to.

    Are your buyers mostly male or female?
    What stage of life are they in?
    Where do they live?
    What’s their income?

    We use the demographics only for a basis for copywriting. The real fun comes with the next question.

  2. You UNDERSTAND said buyer.

    Not just the demo, but the psychographics. How they think, how they feel, what they long for, what they struggle with.

    Copywriting is based in emotion because emotion sells. And that is your sole goal. So ask the hard questions:

    What does your buyer like to do for fun? WHY?
    What dreams light them up? WHY?
    What struggles do they face every single day? WHY?
    What music do they love? WHY?
    (See a pattern here??)
    What’s their clothing style? WHY?
    What would they drive if money was no option? WHY?

    Copywriting based on emotion is copywriting that is based on the WHY. Why do they do the things they do? THAT’S how you sell to them.

  3. You know what your product solves.

    Know every struggle that your product the eyes of your customer...not just in the way that YOU know. So, know what users have to say about your product and list them all.

    Then cross that with the people who are your ideal customers to come up with 3-5 different headlines that speak to the things people have said about your product and what you know about the people who buy it.

  4. You don’t settle for the same trite statements that you see spewed every day.

    Triteness is lazy copywriting.

    THIS is the place where you get to unleash your inhibitions and allow your mind and your heart to speak to those you want buying yo’ stuff.

    THIS is the creative of the Creative.

    Avoid buzzwords like “more money” and “better work/life balance” and “feel like a kid again”.

    Avoid jargon that only people in your industry will understand.

    Write in specifics. THAT’S copywriting that hits home.

  5. You have a BUDGET for the Creative.

    Spending $5 won’t get you many results...not even with Facebook. It will get you SOME, but not enough to convert.

    So, allot a sizable enough budget that will.

  6. You hire a team that can serve up the Creative if you can’t do it yourself.

    I hired Dani because I knew I couldn’t pull off the design aspect of the Creative like I should. And because of that, our traffic is growing and so are our conversions.

    Likewise, if you don’t have the copywriting down or you don’t have the design portion of the Creative, put together a team that will elevate your business with you.

Copywriting and design are the Creative that you need to stand out in your industry. Take them as seriously.