Copy That Removes Barriers From Coaching Sites

It was black. Slinky. And oh so sexy. It beckoned your hips. You knew that dress would accentuate all the right parts of you. The debate in your mind was lost before it was ever started.

So you popped it into your cart. Ready!

But by like the 30th second of the ordering process, you were already pissed off because 1) you were trying to type on the phone and the site didn’t pre-populate the fucking fields for you because that would be too much trouble and 2) what the fuck does your mother’s maiden name have to do with your purchase?

SO. If you’re me? You said “Fuck this” and went to Amazon.

If you’re patient, then you likely went ahead with the order.

But what if your clients and customers are me? What if we’re landing on your site, reading your copy and thinking, “fuck this, I don’t need to read about yet another life coach who is still charging $9,000 per hour for shit that sounds exactly like the other shit I’ve read on 10 sites this morning, alone.

“Yeah, thanks.”

X. (<---that’s the site closing...did you get it??)

Copy removes barriers when done well. It sets them up to say yes before they even know all the details.

I shit you not.

I get people who read a headline and are like, BAM! I’m in!

Then I get people who read every word because they couldn’t NOT read each one.


Because copy written to the soul, from the soul, removes barriers that prevent people from saying “Nah, not now, bruh.”

The soul knows.

It understands the person who needs you most. It understands what fears the prospect might have about buying from you. It understands what that potential client LONGS to hear.

It can remove the barriers that are the doubts if you use it right.


Soulful copy still needs culling.

This is permission to write from your soul, but also to edit like a fucking ruthless boss on a Monday morning after the festival of all festivals who is not ready for your hungover bullshit.

Because powerful, soulfully written words need to speak with authority. Not dictator-style wording.

More like, “I’ve been doing this for 900 years and gotten life-changing results for all my clients”-style wording.

How? How do you cut out pieces of your heart???

By remembering that the more you linger in a space, the more you endanger your chances of a yes.

Copy should be concise. Keep the really, really important parts by remembering that every single word has a purpose and should lead straight to the yes.

So assess each line and ask, “Am I straying too far away from the headline and closing the loop?”

Editing is really the polishing on the gem that your heart sputters out to you. And it’s super important that you don’t let your romantic idea of standing and pouring it all out to your ideal client prevent you from making sales.

Tell them all about the struggles the two of you are going to end together and how beautiful their lives are going to be when your sessions are over and how you’ve worked with this one and that one and this is what happened and this is how happy they are now.

All these things matter in their minds.

Because if you can’t paint these pictures for them, you’ve not removed the wall and all the barriers that are automatically up in their minds about buying from anybody...especially coaches, since they’ve likely been burned a gazillion times by shitty people.

Your goal: Write from the heart to remove the barriers that are their own doubts and cynicism, edit like a fucking boss and make sure you hit all their pains and pleasure points. All of them.

 Any questions? Hit me! <3