Copy that Fuels Funnels that Build Relationships (+ makes you more money)

She lands on your site. She’s AMAZED at your work. (Mostly at the copy you’ve so proudly displayed that so emotionally expresses what you do (ahem).) So she opts in to your list. And she’s actually looking forward to your emails because your freebie is THE solution she was looking for.


You sent her the opt-in that delivered the goods. But what did she get after that?

Nothing. Until next week when she the blanket list email goes out. And it’s pitching a massive program, so she’s done. She’s not going to stay around for the rest of what you have to say.

So how do you use copy to keep her from taking your freebie and running away?

By showing her how important SHE is.

By showing her how her life will be when she’s done working with you through content that speaks to the solutions she’s looking for.

And yes, you get to throw a light offer in, but hold off until the third rendezvous or so.

So, send her the thingy she opted into your list for.

Then send her another solution-based email (not a dissertation because she’s reading on her phone and won’t try to read a long email. Promise.) written with copy that sings to her soul.

After that, you could choose another tie-in solution that will lead to an offer tomorrow. Oh, and yes...I’m talking daily sends, not weekly.

And now, you get to finally make some money! Send her a special offer written in copy that leads to another solution she’s been waiting for that ties into your brand and your freebie AND your big sell at the end of all this. :)

Send her a few more value emails...all relevant to her and to your brand.

Then, send her your story. By now, she’s really gotten to like you because you’re sending such fantastically written email copy that is soooo about HER that she wants to know a bit about you.

That’s when you hook her.

You tell her your story (again...not the unabridged version) and tie it to how it helps her.

Because tomorrow? You’re going to sell her on either a) a call to get on the line to discuss what she needs or b) your big package.

Of course, there are a ton of funnel maps out there. You can Google any one of them and put them into play.

But, this format is copy that builds relationships.

It builds connection.

It builds a foundation for more.

But. Only if your email copy is worth reading.

Because  you can send all of this awesome ALLLLL day long, but if your subject line copy sucks, she won’t even open them.

Or if your email copy fails to deliver the info in an engaging way, she’ll stop reading, even if she does open.

So. Check yo’self. Go to your funnel, your nurture sequence, your open rate data, your sales data and see what is working and what needs to be fixed. Your answers are there.

And if you don’t have the answers you want, grab the Black Diamond Funnel package for a $300 discount right now.

Build relationships. Build your bank account. With emotionally-charged, revenue-driven copy.