Copy Isn't Enough

Copy is words. Words that are meant to sell.

But most people stop at the “words” part. They sit down to type up their website and put exactly what they do, who they do it for, and how…without any emotion, whatsoever…on their pages.

I see this all the time.

“Sue Bee, Life Coach.”

“Are you tired of feeling lost and without direction in your life? Are you ready to see a change for the better?” 

“Then, you’re ready for Sue Bee Life Coaching. I work with high-achieving entrepreneur women who are ready to have it all. I help clients from all over the world who are ready to sit at the head of the table and lead their companies to greatness.”

I’m not kidding.

This format does two things:

  1. Wreaks of DIY bullshit. Those “clients all over the world” equal one in the UK and one in Canada.
  2. Fails to tap even an ounce of emotion that could convert to even one sale.

Therefore, is likely the work of someone who isn’t a pro at what she does. Or maybe she is, but she’s DIY’ing everything in hopes to pull in a client or two to help pay for a new site.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not wrong to do ANYTHING to get started. But it is. LOL

What I mean is she’s investing time she should be PERFECTING HER CRAFT in things she shouldn’t ever have to focus on.


Well, exceptional copy…the kind of copy that pulls in thousands and thousands of dollars isn’t.

Exceptional, profitable, competition-crushing copy is copy that is pulled from one place: The heart.

When it comes from the heart (mine or yours), the emotion is UNDENIABLE. Connections are never formed over cold keys or stale pixels. Connections are formed over blood. Pure and simple.

It’s the difference between:

“You are a woman who gets what she wants and isn’t content to sit back and watch the world go by.” (OMG the cliches! – remind me to tell you about Brain Shut-Down one day.)


“Because what I see is when I look at you is a bold woman who gets what she wants without question, who flirts with adventure on the daily, whose life is filled with luxury and love (and champagne-flavored kisses), who enraptures the world around her (and returns the love in kind), who stares unblinkingly at her fears and who gets swept the fuck up in her desires and dreams.” (Copy written for a past client…I really should tell you how I was able to write this…note for another post.)

Now. Let’s take a vote. Which one made you FEEL something?


They are both copy. But one is COPY WITH FIRE.

That fire is what made you take notice. That fire is what hooks people in the heart when they read it. It’s what makes them say, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” in their best “When Harry Met Sally” diner scene voice.

You see, that last one was written from a place of understanding. Okay. FINE. I’ll tell the damn story now.

That piece was written while I was dolled up in my heels, makeup straight from Vogue, and Britney Spears playing in my ear. Shut up. I role play when I write…what? It fucking works, doesn’t it??

I digress (I say this way too much…stay on topic, doof).

Anyway, I dug DEEP for that – for ALL the copy that went to that client. And she loved it.

My ability to take the time to dig deep allowed her to focus on what she needed to focus on. So I took care of the heavy lifting.




IF you want sales, copy isn’t enough. You need emotion. Deep, raw, emotion…lit with a flaming Harley-Davidson Zippo.


Hit me. I’ll make your dreams of having copy that competes with the Marie Forleo’s and Derek Halpern’s of your industry a reality.