Communicate Your App Needs

Badass'D Biz+InkYou know whether or not you need an app and who should build it now. Now, it’s time to get busy with your developer. (Perv. Back up.)

Communicating Your App Needs

You’ll need to effectively communicate your idea to your developer to get things done in timely fashion. And you’ll go in meeting them with ideas of grandeur, like an effing sign up screen.

That’s okay, grasshoppa, you’re still learning. :D If you’re going to do it, it may as well be big, right?

So how are you going to convey what you’re looking for to them so that they quickly envision (and smash) your dreams? There are amazing thingies out there called prototypers and other prototype builders like Balsamiq (which Dude didn't think I knew how to spell, HA! Fooled him. Thank you, Google). And there’s also less technical tools like pencil and paper, for which you’ll snap an image and send it to them.

I tried Just In Mind and LOOOOVED it. However, my kick ass developer asked me to tuck away my prototype and never touch it for apps again because it lacked SO much. Well, he didn’t say those words exactly, he just asked me to draw up a new one and take a picture of it instead…being sure to include all the screens I thought I’d need.

Oh well…a wireframer, I’m not. However, I’m in love with the Prototyper thingy and will be using it to help clients with site plans for new web copy and layouts! Yay for new toys!!

I digress.

Be sure you include all the screens your app needs: Do you want a sign up/in page (aka splash) page? Do you need a “More” page (a page that takes you to loads of options like “share this app” or “log out”? Do you need a shopping cart type of thingy? Do you need…you get the idea.

Draw up everything you envision with the archaic pencil and paper setup, snap a pic and ship it off to your Ace Developer Dude.


This is where the magic happens. He’ll tell you, “Yes! We can do that!” and “Ohhh! Let’s also….”. Then, he’ll dash your dreams with a massive price tag. The more shit your app does, the higher the price goes. More screens, more dolla, dolla bills, baby!

Be prepared to trim out the unnecessary, but don’t compromise on things your client needs. Is the goal of the app to keep them engaged? Then don’t cut out the features that enable you to do that. Unlike I did. Do what I say, not what I do. Damn. :D When there’s a Battle on the horizon, you have to choose your weapons carefully and not having an app in the app is not even showing up for the freakin' fight! :D

So you negotiate your design and your price tag until you arrive at your sweet spot. And make sure your final price tag includes you getting your source files. When this is over, I'll tell you the horror stories I heard about that.


Unless you’re doing the coding yourself, except for a few tweaks, you’ll likely not have a whole lot to do at this point. Until your developer comes and tells you, “Oh, by the way, you need to sign up to be a developer (you faker you) with iOS and Android. And that’s an extra $99/year for iOS and $25/year for Android.” Why, thank you. We’ve already under-budgeted. This will help loads. :D

Here’s a note: If your market is mostly iOS, why bother with Android? If the majority is Android, why bother with iOS?

You’ve turned over your goodies, you’ve signed up as a developer, now you wait.

Yep. Waiting. Until they tell you to sign up with TestFlightApp. Then, you get all goosebumpy when you get that done and they send you the test to install! WOOHOO!!

Sooo…that’s the next post…What to look for in TestFlight…

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See you soon! Tania