The Key Differences Between a Landing Page and a Sales Page and Why It Matters

The difference between a landing page and a sales page

A prime question prospects and clients always have is: What is the difference between a sales page and a landing page and why is the sales page so much more expensive? Can’t I just put up a landing page instead?

So...let’s talk about the differences and why the pricing is different.

Say you want to sell a $5000 coaching package. You have a marketing/business model choice to make: Do you want to spend your time on the phone selling to people or do you want the answers to the questions they seek answered on your page for you?

Sounds like a no-brainer, right?

It is and it isn’t.

If you have time to book call after call, and to sit on the phone for an hour or a half hour per call, then the landing page will be fine for you. (You still need to run traffic to the page, it’s not automatic ;) )

But if you don’t have time for that kind of investment, you need to put up a sales page to do the SELLING for you, so that when they arrive at the page, their questions, fears, doubts, and objections are already answered for you.



BUT that’s also why a sales page can run up to $25,000 for copywriter who is so good at what he does that he has no website or social media LOL. Or you can grab mine for a fraction of that price and still make insane profits.

The point is that we, as world-class copywriters, know the importance of research and testing. We know that we have to answer every single emotion they may experience while reading the copy we write.

We don’t just slap shit on the page, edit it and BAM, we’re all done.

We study the product. We study the ideal customers. We study the emotions they need to feel. We study how they form bonds of trust and what makes them buy with a “FUCK YES”. And we craft and create around THAT.

As a copywriter who has been writing power copy for bold businesses since 2011, it took me a bit to figure out that you can’t write just what you feel, like new and inexperienced newbs who can get away with only charging pennies for a sales page do.

So, while you can definitely find good copy out there for’s likely not going to be the powerhouse you need it to be.

Leave those newbs and cheaper writers to write your landing pages for you. Because the selling will be on your shoulders, not theirs.

That said, though? If the landing page is not intriguing or hit the right emotions and bullet points, your chances of booking the calls in the first place will be lost in a sea of sameness. Because people are not looking for “sameness”. They are looking for results and the real answers to their problems.

So be careful.

Choose a world-class copywriter who can get you results, regardless of whether or not you choose to do the selling (landing page) or to let the page sell for you (sales page).

I should also note: Landing pages in this post refer to pages people put up to get people to book sales calls with them for their packages. HOWEVER, landing pages are also used for items with low-cost or free price points (think books, group programs, etc). Generally, anything under $100, I recommend a landing page for. Between $100-$500, I usually recommend a short form sales page. And above $500, I recommend a long form because it needs ALL the stops pulled out. Of course, each case is different, but that’s usually the recommendation.

Now you know the difference between a sales page and a landing page...and why some people write for pennies and why world-class copywriters don’t.

Got a product or service that you want to sell? We should talk.

Key Components of Power Sales Pages

Yesterday, a woman vehemently commanded that someone who was searching for a sales page copywriter make sure that they understand that whatever the copywriter has done, it will be undone in the end.

It was sad.

As though this woman had attempted to be a sales page copywriter, but ended up butting heads for many of the clients she may have attempted to write for.

I could be wrong.

But the fact is, sales pages have to have certain components in place, in order to be successful. There’s no written-in-stone formula, but without the key players playing their roles, the sales page will miss the mark.

So what are the components you have to have in order to make money and impact with your sales pages?

  1. Emotion.

    Without emotion, your words fall flat and don’t touch the heart of those you want working with you.

    Without emotion, your words are likely not even read.

    Without emotion, you will struggle to get past the filters of the brain that say, “OMG! I NEED to read this!!! STOP!”

    How to develop emotion:

    Use words NOT used everywhere else.
    Use the passion you have for your product to display the solution in a creative way.
    Write as though you are spilling your heart onto the page (and edit all the water out of it when you’re done).
    Practice. Or hire it out.

  2. An understanding of the gambit of problems the product solves.

    Understanding starts with a wide-angle view of what your product REALLY does.

    For example, a newby just starting out might think that mindset sessions teach the client how to think for success. But that is only a small portion of what mindset sessions do. What’s really happening is they are learning to pull up the confidence to do the things their souls have longed to do for ages.
    They’re learning to block out negative voices from the inside and the outside. They are learning to trust themselves. They are learning to approach people, to close deals, to handle debate and argument.

    Mindset sessions don’t really teach you success, they teach you freedom. Freedom to do and be who you were born to be.

    So when you know and understand ALL the aspects of your product or service does, you can incorporate that into the emotion that you want to write with.

  3. An understanding of the people who will want to buy said product.

    Again. Not an easy feat. In fact, if you’re just starting out, you’ll likely not even know the details and the nuances of your client that makes them who they are in relationship to you. But you can craft something pretty close.

    Who are they when they are alone? What do they value in this life? What are their goals and dreams? What are their biggest fears? What will your solution mean to them and for them?

    How to address the people you want buying from you:

    You have to be able to say more than, “My service will give you the tools you need to create the life and the business you want.” (Mainly because that’s the same shit every other coach is saying, but also because it lacks the specificity to really strike a chord in them that they won’t be able to ignore.)

  4. Answers.

    They are going to have arguments about why they should believe what you say (they’re going to want to believe you, but they’ve been burned enough to know that your words hurt). And you’ll need to be able to address those arguments in a cohesive fashion.

    You’ll need to give them the answers they seek, before they even know to ask them.

    Why? Because you know them and you know what they need and that your product is undeniably the source of their relief.

    Because if you DON’T know, then you don’t have that bond, that connection with them that you need.

  5. Social proof.

    Because they expect to see people who have suffered the way they’ve suffered get amazing results with you. This is one of the 6 principles of influence as established by Robert Cialdini back in 1984.

    Because they need reassurance from you that your shit works and they don’t want to take just your word for it.

    Because it makes them feel better about buying with you.

Sales pages are abiotic salesmen working the floor of your store for you. And just as you wouldn’t pay top commission to someone who doesn’t know your product, you wouldn’t put up a sales page that is lacking in a key area of persuasion.


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