Things are changing...Because they always do!

Change is inevitable. We told Dad decades ago that his TV repair shop was not going to make it if he didn’t embrace computers, learn the repair process and open up the doors to a new world beyond TV repair.

But 45 years in the industry and he was deeply rooted to the romantic idea that he could make it work.

He couldn’t.

Big clunky big screens gave way to sleeker, more easily replaceable models and the shop died when he did.

Had he pivoted, my lil bro MIGHT have wanted to take it over, but he knew as well as I did, without that shift to bigger and more profitable things, he needed to find work that suited him.

So the legacy my father had spent decades building around town passed away as soon as his memory did.

I don’t want YOU to do the same thing. Don’t be a romantic.
it’ll kill you and your business.  

Ways to Recognize the Romance:  

  1. You hold on to the idea of something because it is what you know has worked.

    BUT just because something HAS worked, doesn’t mean it WILL work. And like fucking bell-bottom pants, it likely will come back into fashion, but right now? If it ain’t flowin’ like the Nile, you need to burn those hideous things and find a fashion fit that hugs your curves properly.

    ACTION: Seek out what you LOVE and let that fire light the fire of the people you want buying your stuff.

  2. You see other people having success at it.

    BUT if you haven’t had the success you want with it? It might not be meant for you. Everyone has their strengths. I want you to play to yours. You NEED to play to yours. Not every business trend will work for you. Find a business that feels good and flows easily out of you everyday that people need.

    ACTION: Figure out what you’re really super good at and find a way to make that your biz.

  3. You once made money but you’re not making it anymore.

    This happens to people who like to say, “But I made $75,987 dollars doing it - five years ago.” Um...yes, but if you haven’t made jack in the last 6-months? You need to re-evaluate and recognize that the market has changed.

    The market changes constantly. What you used to do may not work now. For example, when the online space began to open up, it was all push marketing. That had to change. Because people changed. They became overwhelmed with the self-centered shouting people did on Twitter.

    Then content marketing became all the rage. (It still is, but the way it’s carried out is completely changed - this is a WHOLE other blog post...Dani, can you remind me of this next week?)

    Now, you have to be able to tell the stories (content marketing), make the connections with people (network marketing), and fucking pitch (push marketing) in order to blow shit up. Holy shit. Do you see that? What we have now is a cocktail. This is what I am officially dubbing Hybrid Marketing.

    ACTION: Figure out a tweak that makes sense and carry it out. Is it that you need a bigger audience? A more targeted audience? A new selling angle? A new gig altogether? Or OOOOORRRR are the methods for growth that you’re using not working because new ways of doing have come out and you haven’t adopted them?  

Take a look at your vision. If you want to make shit work, it needs to be as fluid as the market is. Use what’s here to light a fire of success under your ass and book a jam session if you need help doing it. Or join us in Fire of the Diamond if you’d rather have daily strategy help and copy support.

That’s What You Get for Being You

Tania DakkaYour sass isn’t suitable for business. Bullshit. Your sass is what your business NEEDS. Because your SASS is YOU. Whether you’re a snarky, cheery-obnoxious bitch or an “ehrmehgahd” soccer mom who doesn’t DARE say a -gasp- swear word, that is what your business needs.

Your clients won’t like if you say “fuck”, but you love to say “fuck”, then they aren’t your fucking ideals.

They won’t like it if you are snarky and sharp-witted. That’s because intelligence is wasted on them and they aren’t your ideal clients.

They want you to smile and shit rainbows, and you can because you’re Susie Sunfuckingshine. Ding ding ding! We have a winner! You’ve met your match.

You cannot tolerate working with people who don’t get your brand of humor. You cannot tolerate working with people who are too rigid in their systems. You cannot tolerate a micro-managing client.


The beauty of being you? Is that YOU GET TO CHOOSE WHO THE FUCK YOU WORK WITH.

Use Their Language

You want those ideals lining up and drooling at the thought of working with you? Then you have to use their language.

No, that does NOT mean you say the words they want to hear and alter who you are. That means that you use the language that expresses their exact problems and the solutions they think they need to catch their attention.

If Jane sucks at seeing past her own brokenness to be able to manifest the bazillion dollars she wants. Then you say, “That bazillion you’ve been awake for weeks trying to earn via your Facebook group is exactly two meditation sessions away.”

Shit! Jane just spat her tea. Because you knew what amount of money she’s been fighting to earn AND you told her that it’s only a matter of sitting still twice to earn it.

You is a rockstah! And Jane? She loves you. And is feeling this bazillion knocking on her Paypal account already.

You’re welcome.

But had you NOT been you in all your unfiltered glory (because damn, isn’t life supposed to be filtered??), Jane would have stepped on by.

She would not have felt how unabashedly real you are and she would have never made that connection. Even if you HAD used the words she’s been fighting with herself over.

And Why the Fuck CAN’T You Be YOU?

Because you’re busy listening to the voices in the back of your head saying, “Oh, wait...scratch that.”

One person saw my videos and commented, “I just saw your Power Shot. Excellent mother. You’re going to be an excellent role model.”

Had I given a fuck, I would have given pause to that and said, you know what? He’s right. I better rethink my swearing.


I don’t.

Why? Because I’m confident in my ability to raise them in a way that a truckload of fucks isn’t going to negatively affect them.

Did you catch that?

What was the keyword?

Confident. Con. Fi. DENT.

Know yourself and it doesn’t make a fucking difference what others think of you. And when you do? You can be YOU. That’s when you get paid.

How do you get confident?

WELLLL. That’s a topic of a book I have coming out soon.

Want more of the irreverence and gold that’ll get you just that? Join me on Wednesday’s at 11am EST for my Facebook Live Power Shots

See you there! Tania Signature



PS Need more of you on your site, so they feel you, connect with you, and want to pay you shit tons of money? It’s time to make your Diamond Evolution.

Your Voice Pisses Me Off

Your voice pisses me off.Rockstar singing girl voice Because it’s not YOU. You are full of fire and personality, or you wouldn’t be an entrepreneur. You have pizzazz and style. You have thoughts, ideas, why are you hiding behind STERILE copy, snooze-worthy Facebook posts or common words that don’t fit you OR the brand you know you could be.

Ball-Buster women are hiding their true voice because not everybody “gets” them, not everybody reacts well to them.

Fuck them.

Little Miss Sunshines are hiding their glorious giddiness for the same reason: Because not everybody LIKES a Little Miss Sunshine.

Fuck them.

What if Ben & Jerry had said, “Let’s contain our idiotic ideas because not everyone will ‘get’ our jokes?” Think about that for a sec.

What if Express had said, “Let’s just tone down our lux so everyone will like our brand”? You’d be buying at Dillard’s.

What if Victoria’s Secret had said, “Let’s just not spread half naked woman across our windows and the pages of our catalog”? Would you still buy from them?

No. You buy Ben & Jerry’s, not only because that shit is pure sin in a cup, but because they paint their personality all over what they create. You buy Express because you deserve to feel luxurious, even on a casual day. You buy Victoria’s Secret because you want to feel sexy.

And what makes you feel these things? Their brands. Their marketing. Their messages. Which are chock FULL of personality and WOW.

So why are you stifling yours? Because you want to appease to no-matter-fucks who aren’t going to buy from you anyway?

Because you don’t know how?

Because you want everyone to like you?

Your branding, your marketing IS your voice, with YOUR attitude (regardless if you’re balls-to-the-wall or sun on a cloudy day), with YOUR take on the world, whispers secretly into the hearts of the customers who want to throw their money at you.

It speaks utterances of love and passion that only YOUR voice can.

You want them to love you? Be YOU. Use YOUR voice. Let the souls who need you and your products find you. And stop trying to please them all.

The entrepreneur who doesn’t whittle away at the masses, doesn’t find massive success.

How to Find Your Voice

To find your brand and your message...your need to artfully chip away at your preconceptions about what’s acceptable and what isn’t. Because everything is acceptable. You are you. Find it in your words.

Write a letter to your best friend. Read it, out loud, back to yourself. And listen for the inflections in your tones.

Never write copy as though you’re writing for a business. You write it as if you’re writing for a lover.

Write shit drafts. And edit the fuck out of them.

Let a friend or family member who knows you read your words and see if they rep you.

Practice. Practice. Practice. Or let me take the ten-ton mountain off your head.

Don’t be shy, use YOUR’s a gorgeous one.

The One Marketing Tactic You Need to Master

Marketing Tactics | Badass'D Biz+InkAnd the winner is….NO ONE!! OMG All of that and I still didn’t kick Jason’s ass!! GRRR! And while I’m in the Google Play Store, I’m not in the App Store yet. The rules clearly state “in both stores on the 11th”. So the App Battle Royale ends in…a stalemate. AUGH!! A month of pushing, a month of negotiations, a month of frustration comes to a VERY unsatisfying head. And we can’t leave things this way. So, JASON…I CHALLENGE YOU TO A MARKETING BATTLE!

Once we’re both finally in the stores, I say we have month to get as many downloads as possible to decide the true winner of this battle. What say you, man?? You up for another challenge? You want to take me down? You can’t. You can try. But you WILL fail. (Said in true WWE style BAHAHAHA!) OMG…I digress…how unprofessional :D .

Of All the Lessons Learned

So, while we wait to hear from Camp Jason with his response, let’s recap the lessons of this App Battle Royale.

1. Decide if you NEED an app. Can you become an essential part of your customers everyday lives by being an active part of their phone? (Think Instagram and Facebook) 2. Decide on your budget (then double it). 3. Decide who should build that app: An agency, a contractor, or yourself. The former being the most expensive and the latter being the least (if you don’t take time into consideration - which would be a mistake). 4. Draw up your app and include all the bells and whistles you want it to have (log in, social shares, log out, etc). 5. Get your app developer licenses for Google Play Store and the App Store. 6. Tweak and play with your app until it’s just the way you want it. 7. Submit and wait. Google Play is very fast, but Apple takes 5-10 days for approval.

Is that all? Well, no. This is a simplified version. There are 900 decisions you have to make. Do you want to monetize your app? Do you want to use a theme or have custom graphics done? Will you need access to a server or will your app stand alone?

Out of all these lessons I learned creating this app, the one that hurts the most is: Go with your gut.

I didn’t. And honestly, I’m sorry I didn’t.

I had grand ideas for my app. And I’m almost positive that if Jason can pull off the app he’s building (which, by the way, you’ll want to buy) for the price tag he’s paid for it, then there’s no way I couldn’t have had mine for the same amount. But because my developer spent time educating me on apps and how they work, I went with him.

A Classic Marketing Tactic You Need to Master

It’s a classic marketing tactic and it worked like a charm: Invest in your prospects and they’ll invest in you.Tweet: It’s a classic marketing tactic and it worked like a charm: Invest in your prospects and they’ll invest in you.

Because of the time he invested in my education, I didn’t walk away and go to a cheaper developer (as much as I wanted to). And because I didn’t listen to my gut, I ended up with an app that I’m not in love with. And I HATE doing shit I’m not in love with.

Are you making yourself invaluable to your prospects? Are you taking the time to educate them? To help them with their struggles? If not, you should be.

Cialdini wrote about it in “The Psychology of Influence”. If you haven’t read it, read it. He even confesses how tactics he’s acutely aware of work on him. So, I guess I shouldn’t feel so bad because I fell for it. Still. That’s not the point.

How to Become Invaluable

Ask your prospects what they struggle with. Offer solutions. Easy. And not. Because the key to becoming invaluable isn’t just the solutions you offer, it’s the ability to offer them without expectation of reciprocation.

How do you do that? Be sincere. You want to help. You look for problems to solve because you love to solve problems. Your focus isn’t on helping to get something in return. Your focus is on helping because you love to help.

Now, I said my developer spent time educating me…and he did. But, he didn’t make me feel like I was being pushed. He was genuine and sincere. And it showed.

So the next time you want to prospect for work, do it from a place of sincerity. They’ll reward you greatly for it.Tweet: So the next time you want to prospect for work, do it from a place of sincerity. They’ll reward you greatly for it.


Have you ever given into something you weren't fully on board with because you felt like you had to? How did reciprocity play out in that? 

Kick ass this week!

Tania Dakka | Badass'D Biz+Ink