The Badass’D: Who the hell are we?

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The Badass’D: Who the hell are we?

There’s some discord among the naysayers. And I want to take this chance to make clear just who the fuck we are.



The Badass’D are:

The headstrong. The tenacious. The last-laughers. We are the ones who don’t know the meaning of the word quit (unless it’s our last resort). We are the ruckus-makers, the mischief-makers, the disruptors. The ones who look at those who say we can't and say, "Fuck you. Watch me."


We’re the ones who don’t listen to others’ opinions of us. We’re the ones who pursue what we love until the last breath of life has left our bodies. We are the entrepreneurs who build their dreams, regardless of what other’s think is conceivable (what are they doing right now, anyway?). We don’t let a little thing like life knock us off our feet...for very long.


We’re the lovers. The dissidents. The passionate. The fighters.


We fight for what we need and what we want until there’s no fight left in us. But, we don’t go picking fights with the innocent. We don’t go around showing our asses just because. That would make us Assholes, not Badass'D.


And if provoked? Well. Don’t think that if we walk away it’s because we’re weak or soft. Know we walked away because it was the right thing to do. At the time. And watch your back. Because when we come back? There will be a world of confidence and power behind us. 


We are students of Sun-Tzu. We understand the importance of strategy, timing, and execution. When our dreams are threatened, we retaliate. With a vengeance. When the time is right.



But if you stand by us, you’ll be forever rewarded with an ally you want need by your side.


The Badass’D are not bullies. We are not punch-throwers. We are mentally tough. We are mentally resilient. We are the believers in ourselves. We are the believers in our ability to create our own destiny.


Because when it comes down to it? The Badass’D are the people who are smart enough to make the decisions that are good for their businesses and powerful enough to make them happen. Join us. 

The Sons of Anarchy Guide to Business

Sons of Anarchy Guide to Business Business is business. Whether you’re killing pimps or creating products people lust over.

And the Sons are a great way to illustrate how it’s done. (Besides, you know you miss Jax and the gang.) This is part 1 of the Sons of Anarchy Guide to Business (sans the guns, drugs, and thunder). And if you enjoy it, sign up. Because killer inbox content is how you make your competition obsolete.


Sons of Anarchy Guide to Business

End Game

The end game for Clay was different than it was for Jax. Jax knew he wanted the MC out of guns and drugs. Out of blood. And he pushed for it. Every move he made was setting that wheel into motion.


NO business will make their end game happen without a clear, focused goal.


What’s your end game? Beyond “I want to be known as the best in my industry.” Make it ultra clear...right down to how much you want to make. Your mind will do twisted shit to make it happen.


Sit down and write out your crystal clear goal, in the form of a manifesto or something written in your kid’s crayon on a paper towel. Just write down where you want to be, how much you want to make and how your life is going to look when you get there.


Sons of Anarchy Guide to Business

Calculated Risks

Nothing El Presidente did was uncalculated. Even when roadblocks popped up. Getting into the pimping business was even a step toward the end game. When he got into bed with Pope, it was an integral step in getting the Club clean.


What risks are you taking? Will they set up your end game? While you’re likely not doing biz with a cut-throat to make more money, creating products and services need to be a step toward your end. KNOW your clients, customers, and biz goals and make sure they’re all aligned.


Sons of Anarchy guide to Business

Create Trust

Everyone trusted Jax. Even when his shit looked like it was going south. When Opie wanted out, he trusted Jax when he said getting out was wrong. And he stayed. When Jax needed to move to the MC into drugs, he convinced them of his end game and trusted. They were leary of where he was headed, but they rode on. And made bank doing it.


When you create trust, you create cash. Period. This is one of the biggest advantages of the right copy. The words you put up let them know you know exactly what you’re doing and that you’re the right solution for them. And when they feel that down in their bones from the words you use, they don’t think twice about handing you their money. And you get paid.


Sons of Anarchy Guide to Business


Jax, like every good MC prez, had a right hand, a counsel-man, who helped him see the bigger picture when his rage blinded his way. More often than not, that counsel gave him reason to pause when shit wasn’t flowing right. Case in point, when Jax was ready for Clay to meet Mr. Mayhem, he held tight. The counsel pushed the vote down, giving Jax the time to cool off and devise a new plan.


Business owners who tend to fly by the seat of their pants, need this counsel. They need someone to cool their heels. Especially when they get wild hairs to create shit just to create it. You have to test the waters. You have to plan shit out, if you want it to work. I know.


But now I have Dani. So when I get these wild hairs, she says, “Slow down, Trigger.” And what happens is launches are created, rather than blasting shit out in social without key positioning.


Don’t have someone sitting on your right? Put somebody you trust there. Today.

Sons of Anarchy Guide to Business


One thing the MC had going for them was strength. In the wake of being torn apart, they found the fortitude to push through, trusting Jax and his End Game...and the steps he had to take to get there. And they mustered the strength to push on.


Because even in business, things are going to get rocky. They’re going to test you. Test your will to go on. Life will punch you in the teeth. Kick you in the gut when you’re down. But if you stay there, Life wins and you lose.


When you’re down, don’t stay there. Get the fuck up and make it happen. And win.


The lessons the Sons teach us are, and have always been, relevant to successful business. Use them. And watch business explode. (I have.)