It takes TIME...and balls.

This week’s vlog brought to you by Bad Hair, Don’t KERRRR and balls. It’s a quickie, so give me 3:11 of your time and :30 to answer one quick question at the end to help you go another step today.


Gary Vee. 11 years ago.


Decided to start. And didn’t stop. Not because of fear. Not because of second guessing. Not because of comparisonitis.

Gary Vee. Sunday.


Yes. He has a team.

But because he got past the beginning.

Chris Brogan. 10 years ago.

Chris Brogan. One week ago.

Because he got past the beginning.

My point? These guys have been in the game for over 10 years. Pro comes with TIME. It comes with EFFORT. It comes with getting past the SUCK.

If you’re not producing content because you feel like you suck compared to people who have been doing this for a decade? Your decade will never pass, if you don’t start.

Let me know what’s stopping you in the comments or on Facebook.


If you want to laugh? I’ve been at this game for 4 years and I feel like I’m still standing in the same place when it comes to vid and content creation. But every day that passes is a new lesson that gets me closer to my goals. Are you with me?

Manifesto of a Legend

Everything you do is punctuated by power.

Life, as you know it, is dictated by drive.

And Success? Is determined by every action you take.

You are a legend. And your clients feel it in the way you talk and the way you show up.

Even if, some days, you don’t feel like showing up.

Because your senses are acutely aware that if you don’t show up your business doesn’t either.

You DEVOUR fear. You guzzle doubt. You harness every drop of negative energy and transform it into steam that powers you day after day.

And it’s that day-to-day that most can’t handle. It’s the grind of digging deep into the soul that pushes people away from showing up.

Because when you make yourself visible, you make yourself vulnerable.

When you expose your own thoughts to public scrutiny and one of two things will happen: they’ll love you for it, OR they’ll crucify you for it.

And only legends like you are willing to take that risk.

So you put yourself on public display.

Every day.

You bare your soul.

Every day.

You take risks.

Every day.

And you fuck up your competition.

Every day.

Disavow any and every fear.

Every day.

Invoke the Legend-Maker Trifecta.

Every fucking day.

Ignore every voice.

Except that of your soul.

Every day.



Every day.

Allow fear and failure as much as you allow success.

Every day.

That’s how you Rock Your Legend.

Every fucking day.

The Legend-Maker Trifecta

When you land on a site that is visually gorgeous, but the words are subpar, what happens is you begin to doubt what you read. 

Are they lying to me? 
There’s something wrong here. 

Copy is a supporting role...a major supporting role in your entire business. 

In other words, if you have killer copy, but your products and services don’t really fill a true need, you won’t sell as much as you could. 

If you have killer visuals and site, but your copy lacks emotion and art, you won’t sell as much as you could. 

If you have killer copy, but you, yourself, have trouble connecting with would-be clients, you won’t sell as much as you could.

There’s a Legend-Maker Trifecta at play:

Your visuals (branding, site, colors, fonts, etc)
Your copy

You, of course, being the heart and soul of it all. Then the layers of marketing help you flesh out the whole picture.

You can come to me with the best ideas on the planet, and I can write your awesomeness into existence, but if you don’t have the wherewithal to make it happen, it’s useless.

You can come to me with the most powerful ideas and I can write your awesomeness into existence, but if your site isn’t up to the standard of your ideas and my supporting words, it’s useless.


How the fuck do you fix that?

You grow.

You decide what you want, what you’re willing to do to get it, and IF you can even pull it off (you know...your values matter here...if you want to run a $100,000 a month company, you’re going to have to give up trying to be Jane Cleaver and vice versa).

Who are you?
What do you want?
What does having it all look like for you?
What are you willing to do to get it?
What are you willing to give up to have it?

This all matters.

I’ve had people come to me and pay me to write the art they know they are capable of for them, then their businesses fell off the face of the earth.

They decided showing up in social every fucking day was too much for them. Or they decided the business they thought they wanted, actually wasn’t it.

They see how much of your soul being a successful entrepreneur takes and they gave up.

Running a 5-, 6-, or 7-figure a month business takes a lot. It takes a lot out of you. OR it PUTS A LOT INTO YOU.

If you are in the right business, and you have massive ideas that you know can change the world, you owe it to yourself and to your will-be clients (and SOCIETY!?) to bring all of you to the table.

And if you’re ready to have me on-call in your corner to make powerful magic, hit me and let’s talk about how you can ensure that you sound pro 100% of the time. I have new retainer packages available for high-performing women, as well as for those who are ready to step into that high-performing role, but haven’t made it just yet.

I see what you don’t want to see (3)

I see the magic in you that you are afraid to let out. You’re afraid that you’ll actually get it right and that you’ll have to keep it up. But how? Because you got one thing right doesn’t mean you’ll get anything else right.


And that’s okay.


You have to believe in your magic. You have to believe that you have more than that single spark of love or genius or whatever the fuck it is that’s plaguing you that you are scared you won’t be able to replicate.  


But it doesn’t matter if I believe it. AT ALL.


You don’t know how to do A so you say Fuck B. Leaving the entire alphabet on the table for someone else to own and make loads from.


Why? Why do you do that to yourself?


Why do we do it to ourselves?


We all live in the same plane, but we want to believe that others live somewhere else. We want to believe that someone else has answers we don’t and that’s why they’re online talking about how fucking amazing they are.

So we sit.

And read.

And read.

And read.

Hoping some flash of brilliance will knock us off our asses and into success. It doesn’t work that way.


You have to open your brain and your soul...preferably with the sword of the mightiest samurai and dig your fingers deep into the wound, feeling around for that part of you that’s there, waiting to be loved. Waiting to be cherished. Waiting to be heard.


But that’s scary work.

It hurts.

Like all fucking hell.

I know.

I face demons that will never leave me. And honestly, I don’t want them to. I want to keep them right where they are and learn to use them to my own benefit.

To YOUR benefit.


I want to lay down with them, looking at the universe and let them tell me why they chose me, why they need me as much as I need them.


Because when I can do that without tears, without pain, without the hurt of loss and emptiness, words that touch souls come pouring forth for your world, for your pockets. For the pockets of your family.


Because I KNOW why you started your business and it wasn’t to heal the world. It was because you couldn’t NOT start your business.


You felt your own fire dwelling deep in the belly of the beast that lives in you and you KNOW you have the magic to make it, but you let someone tell you, you couldn’t.


Or you listened to their doubt in their actions, even if it wasn’t in their words.


And it scarred you and scared you.


What if they’re right?


What if it’s all a delusion you’ve developed about what you have the capability to do?

It’s not.

Trust me.


There are people out there that need your brand of compassion. Of touch. Of bourbon.


And no one will ever tell you that. They’ll never tell you they want to see you win, because deep down inside, they don’t want you to.

Because if you win, you’re healing...and they are not.

Because if you win, you’re superhuman and they’re not.


Life isn’t about getting up and doing what the world tells you to do. It’s about breathing through every ounce of the pain that wants to keep you down.


It’s about breathing through the hurt of doubt and misunderstanding.

It’s about loving yourself more than anyone could ever love you.


That’s when your business comes to life.

That’s when you will finally see the magic that I see in you.


People come to me and say, “Yo, Tania. I have no fucking idea what I do. What do I tell people I do?” Because they have in their heads they are some [insert label] that everyone else is or thinks they are.


I look at them. I listen to them. I read them in their social posts and in their blogs, their videos. And I see the magic they don’t see. I see the magic that doesn’t carry the same label the rest of the world subscribes to.


Not because I’m magic (that’s Dani). But because my soul has been ripped out of my body more times than I care to count and every time it happens, a part of me sees a light that I didn’t see before.


It’s Evolution at its most horrific and painful.


The tattoo on my arm? Isn’t a black scorpion. It’s every wound I’ve recovered from and will recover from. It’s the final wound I WON’T recover from.

It’s my trip into a world that no one except me understands.

It’s my empathy and my intuition. It’s what drives my words (and your sales).


I’m not a woo-woo writer, by any stretch of anyone’s imagination, but I’m an emotional writer, led by everything I see in you and in your pain and healing, in the words you won’t speak to anyone else.


Life and business. They are in no way separate entities in this world anymore. So if you can’t see your magic, or are scared to, hit me. I’ll tell you what’s scary.


And then? You’ll dive heart first into everything you thought you couldn’t do to find the real you that I see standing on the other side.

The Difference Between You and GaryVee

Here’s the thing. I’ve been doing something wrong. It’s been paying off, but I don’t think it’s the end of the song. There’s more. There’s another stanza, another verse. It’s a hugely important one.

It’s the crescendo on which your entire career is built on: The foundation of who we are.

Are you the one trolling Facebook all day, reading boring post, after boring post, trying to figure out what YOU should be doing? I was.

Are you the one asking question your ideal client doesn’t even know the answer to? No, I’m not doing that one.

Are you the entrepreneur spending more time on people doing the same shit YOU are, instead of spending time on people who are doing what you WANT to do? Well, I WAS.

Because if you’re her (us??)?


You will get NOWHERE reading the posts of people on the same level as you.

You will get NOWHERE reading the posts of (Damn it)

Now I’m not saying DON’T read them. I’m saying don’t spend inordinate amounts of time on them.

GaryVee actively creates shit from the time he opens his goddamn eyes until the time he closes them. He uses Twitter as a listening platform. And he isn’t reading your posts.

The difference between you and GaryVee?

You’re reading your Facebook feed and not creating the shit that is going to change the world.

Now, it’s not entirely your fault.

There’s a gear that, in your mind, you’re missing (but you’re really not). And that’s the gear that says, “I KNOW this”.

You have to know your industry inside and fucking out, in order to be able to own it. You have to know yourself. And the people who are struggling with the things you can fix.

And you have to have GODDAMN CONFIDENCE that you are a fucking Baller. That they need you.

That’s the gear you need engaged.

If you think “Oh, so-and-so does it better”, “so-and-so has already done it”...


You are you. And when you own that, it doesn’t matter what the fuck they do. It only matters that YOU do what you do.

Steps to Owning You

  1. Lists or Unfollow. You feel you need to accept every friend request you’re sent, fine. You think it makes you look more credible. Accept them. But either unfollow them (if you don’t feel you truly jive) or bulk them together in a list to keep your newsfeed clear of amateurs.
  2. Practice owning who you are - 110%. Practice letting shit slide off your back as soon as it hits your ears. Practice NOT reading everyone else’s shit. Practice acting like you’ve been at the top of your industry for YEARS.
  3. Fill your social feed with people who are doing what you want to do. And WORK to get there. Don’t sift through mindless bullshit. Your mind will become bullshit. Keep yourself focused on where you want to go and make it happen.

When you catch yourself reading other people’s drivel, stop. If you’re reading people above where you want to BUT...implement what feels good and what feels like it will work for you.

And hire people to help you do what you don’t understand. Because you can’t be the best fucking coach in the world, if you’re busy studying how to launch or whatever. Focus on YOU. Focus on helping them.

Want to OWN your place? Join the Diamond Bitch Club. Or join me at the Ink Bar. Either way? You is a fucking ROCKSTAR.