Are You Protecting Your Strongest Asset as a Freelancer?

BUZZ!! Time to make the doughnuts! (And if you don’t remember that commercial - Google it.) What’s the first thing you do?

Reach for your coffee? I reached for my Mountain Dew. It was my fix. Not a fan of hot drinks, it’s been the first thing in my hand ever since I was old enough to drive. I’d hit the convenience store every morning before school.

But today, that’s changed.

Thanks to a report by AlterNet, I’ve become painfully aware that Mountain Dew has been killing my writing - well, killing my memory, which is killing my writing. NOTE: By the time of this posting, it’s now my second day without a Dew and I feel cleaner, clearer and more focused!

The Culprit

As freelancers, we’re busy. We work hard 24/7. The last thing we want to do is spend time making lists, shopping, prepping and cooking the Positive Food Energy we need. So we chug sweetened coffee to stay awake. Eat candy bars, chips, anything within reach so we can fill our bellies without wasting time.

You’ve been there before. You had Mac N Cheese for lunch, then felt the pangs of hunger an hour later. So you scarfed down a bag of cookies to try to satisfy that hunger. You did all this nibbling while sitting at your desk, wondering “What was I doing again?” or “Damn writer’s block! Augh!”

Did it ever occur to you that your insulin levels were the culprit behind your blank screen? (Click to Tweet, please- Thanks!!)

It didn’t occur to me.

But it’s possible - even probable - if you consume lots of sugary or starchy snacks, foods and drinks, like I did, that insulin resistance is causing your inability to think clearly.

Thanks to my overconsumption of sugary crap, my memory has been flying south for a while now. I used to blame it on Mommy Brain. But studies show that it may not be that.

See, taking in too much sugar builds an insulin resistance in the body. And insulin is what regulates neurotransmitters that are essential to learning and memory, as well as function and growth of blood vessels. Those blood vessels are what carry oxygen and blood to your brain. And when your brain can’t get them, how you think is directly effected (in other words, you can’t think clearly; you can’t remember as much.)

And a lifetime of this is what they think may contribute to Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Technically, our diets are killing our brains and our ability to think, causing disease and faster aging.

The American Diet

The old American diet promotes processed and starchy foods, sugary treats and sodas. When you envision the meal of your dreams, is it chicken and broccoli or is it pizza and soda? Do you snack on fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds? Or do you snack on Doritos and Oreos?

We’ve let our marketing industry dictate our food choices. The commercials focusing on family times around the table full of pasta or pancakes make us long for the connection those foods obviously bring. While we know that magic doesn’t come from jar.

The poor choices we’ve been making are leading us to obesity, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

And as a freelancer, that diet is going to eventually impact your business.

Choose a new diet.

Choose Wisely

Choosing a diet that’s low in starches and sugars can help clear your mind again. The New American Diet by Men’s Health shed new light on old food habits and introduces the new way of eating. Jonathan Bailor’s Smarter Science of Slim diet or the Paleo diet are two other great alternatives.

I’m not here to tell you NOT to eat breads and pastas, but to limit them. Personally, I’m all about the Mediterranean ways of eating and bread's always around, but by eating 1/2 a loaf of pita instead of 2 loaves, I’m preventing my body from shooting up the sugar levels that will, in turn, shoot up my insulin levels; keeping me clearer and more focused.

When you’re working on major projects all day, you can’t afford to make poor food choices. The proof shows up in your products. Content that doesn’t compel is content that doesn’t get shared; content that isn’t shared doesn’t bring back repeat customers.

As a freelancer, you owe it to your health, your business, and your clients to stay focused and aimed directly at creating great work. Without that clarity, your bottom line is going to dwindle.

So make your food choices to reflect your goals. (Click to Tweet, please:) Thanks!)

Easy Meal Ideas

After a little research, I’ve come up with three menu ideas that will help you clear out the gunk in your system to help you function and formulate awesome work that will boost your freelance business profits. **Disclaimer: I'm not a nutritionist, please use common sense and consult a physician before making any dietary changes. :)

Day 1: Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, strawberries, and goat’s milk or cheese Lunch: Salmon, spinach, and green tea Dinner: Chicken, Salad with cucumbers dressed in olive oil and lemon juice, and watermelon for desert Snacks: Walnuts, fruit, veggies

Day 2: Breakfast: Oatmeal (NOT the fast cook kind), blueberries, pecans Lunch: Tuna on a bed of kale with avocados, dark chocolate for desert Dinner: Lentils and spinach soup with tomato, onion and garlic salad dressed with lemon juice and olive oil Snacks: Sunflower seeds, fruits, veggies

Day 3: Breakfast: Green Smoothie, whole wheat toast (or not if you’re anti-grain) Lunch: Goat’s cheese and chicken parm, edamame, and green tea Dinner: Lean sirloin steak salad Snacks: Nuts/seeds and fruits/veggies or Greek yogurt

Note: You may need to adjust according to your nutrition needs. And you’ll need to drink your designated amounts of water each day.

There you go: A clean, filling three-day menu that will help you focus on your work again!

If you’re a big brain food foodie, let us know in the comments what your faves are!

Thanks for reading and have an awesome week! Tania

PS If you want your freelance life and your family life to sing in unison, sign up for updates and get a FREE Focus Book to help you conduct your symphony! (The little box is at the top of the page:) )

5 Easy Ways For Freelancers To Put Healthy Food on the Table - Every Day

5 Easy Ways For Freelancers To Put Healthy Food on the Table - Every DayIt's 5pm. Any idea what you're making for dinner? If you're like most of us freelancers (and all busy moms, for that matter), you probably don't. Pizza delivery to the rescue, right? Maybe drive thru instead?

Time's a problem with most of today's families, but it can be crippling for freelancers living at the mercy of clients and their needs.

You're not alone.

We've all been standing there - in the door of the pantry - staring. Wondering.

But, it doesn't have to be that way.

It's Not Your Fault

You've fallen victim to the most profitable industry in the world: marketing. Marketers have done their jobs right when you see that KFC commercial and then feel a need to get up and run to the closest Southern Fried deliciousness.

Couple their skills with the idea that you don't have time to cook and they win every time.

Perception's The Key

As freelancers and writerpreneurs, we're geared to gauge how long it'll take us to do things - it's the nature of our business. Time is money and we have to know how to judge it. But, when we don't have a lot of experience with a particular kind of assignment, it may be hard for us to know how long it will take. So we think, "Cooking takes too long, I'll just open the box of Hamburger Helper instead."

You think it takes a long time to put together a healthy meal, so you just avoid it altogether.

If not practiced, actually cooking feels like another daunting To-Do, so you delegate it to someone (or something) else.

5 Easy Steps You Can Take Today

Let go of your misperceptions and open up to the positive.

This is going to be as easy as you think it is.

1. PLAN YOUR PROJECT  - You never approach a writing assignment or your own content creation without a plan. Why do you do it with your nutrition? Plan your meals and your snacks - and pack them.

  • Nuts and seeds are super travelers. Always keep a bag in the car.
  • Instead of grabbing snack packs as you walk out the door to practice, throw some carrots, grapes, or other fruit in a ziplock bag.
  • Prepare your menu 14 days at a time. I don't plan day by day, but I plan 14 meals at a time and then I choose what I feel like eating on that day. It leaves space for creative freedom, but allows me to make sure I have the right ingredients when I need them.

2. TREAT IT LIKE A DEADLINE- Yes, things come up, but you have to make an effort to meet your dinnertime deadline. You don't slack off when it comes to projects you're paid for, don't slack off when it comes to yours and your family's health (the indirect ROI on your health is invaluable).

  • Allow yourself at least an hour and a half of prep/cook time. If dinner's at 5, then by 3:30, you should be getting your planned meal ready.
  • A trick that works well for me is cooking dinner on my lunch break, then I don't get swamped in the afternoon.

3.  COLLABORATE- Find out what your family loves and spend time together preparing it. Even the smallest kids can help out in the kitchen. Nope, they can't work as fast we want them to, but anything they do will make them feel special. The more special kids feel the stronger their bonds are. And what could be better than nourishing their bodies and their relationships?

4. MULTITASK (Yes, you can in this case) - What works best for me is cooking two (or more) meals at once. This way, I cook every two - three days instead of everyday. Knowing that we've got classes and soccer and I've got a deadline coming up means I'm freeing up the days I know I won't have time to cook. It also keeps the fridge stocked of fresh food so there's no temptation to heat and eat prefabbed foods.

  • Have main two dishes cooking while you prep the side dishes for the day.
  • Or double your amounts and make enough for two meals.
  • You can also cook enough of one dish that you can use it twice and repurpose it for the second use (i.e. rice for two different kinds of meals).

5. LET GO OF PERFECTION - Don't worry if you fall off the "Cook At Home" wagon. Sometimes you just can't do it, in spite of your planning and effort. But, if you HAVE to pick up something, pick it up from your closest whole food establishment. Subs are full of preservatives - they don't count. Fast food burgers are full of filler crap.

  • Hit the ethnic markets.
  • Or pick up a whole rotisserie chicken from Wal Mart (I know you have one of those around).
  • Then, make tomorrow Day 1 all over again. Don't throw in the towel if you stumble. Do it again tomorrow.

These 5 tips make my life easier and helps me get from the fridge to the table without relying on pre made frozen stuff.

I'd love to hear your tips - and I bet there are some struggling readers out there that'd love to, too! Let us know in the comments what you do to make sure you've got whole healthy foods on the table for your family.


If you enjoyed this post, I'd really appreciate it if you'd share:) You never know, the people that you share it with just might be looking for help getting it all done. Thanks so much!


The Only Tool You Need To Hack Your Body And Your Business

No Time To Do It All

Figuring out what you should eat and do to get fit can be exhausting.

You're a writerpreneur  and you're busy getting your career on track, too.

But, you don't have time to do it all.

Now, there's a solution that takes the guesswork out of it for you! BodyHack has this ROCKIN' new app that gives you access to meal guides, workout routines, tips and advice from people who have done it.

No more guesswork.

No more hours studying, reading, and planning only to tweak and start over (because you don't have time for that anyway, right?).

Why You Need It

I've got a major family vacation coming up this summer. And I want to get back into my best shape, but working like a donkey leaves me with very little energy for planning and research. And now I don't have to do it! I'm sooo stoked!

But, even if you don't have a big event coming up, you do have a business that depends on your fitness.

Your body and your mind are your business. Neglect them and neglect your strongest assets. Don't waste any more time trying to take care of yourself on your own...let BodyHack help you so you can get your body and mind fit TODAY!

This is not just a fitness app, but an awesome productivity app that will have you rockin' your clearest thinking and tightest body so you can rock your business, too.

What You'll Get When You Sign Up

For only £10 a month, BodyHack gives you complete access to success. You find someone that had similar goals to yours, then you sign up for their meal plans and workout routines. You'll get a weekly play-by-play with all their weekly stats, so you can see how it worked for them. You'll get access to tips and advice to help you along the way. And the best part is there's no contract to worry about. And they offer an awesome 30 day, no risk, money-back guarantee.

You CAN'T go wrong!

Check them out at! And hook up with them on Twitter, too! (Note: This is NOT an affiliate link and the only one you'll benefit is you when you sign up!)

What are your hacks for mind/body fitness? Let me know in the comments!

And I'd love to connect with you on Twitter, Facebook, and G+, too!

(By the way, that's Julian of BodyHack in the pic up there. Proof positive the systems they offer work!)


Accomplishing Goals

How did YOU do this month?

If you were following along with the Facebook and Twitter Daily Challenges for our monthly focus - Congrats!  You did a great job!!  You're probably feeling your business moving toward a greater focus, more energy and a little tunnel vision by now. 

If you didn't, that's ok! There's always time to pick it up when you can. 

Coming in February, the Monthly Focus is on planning and prepping for business and home activities that will help us become more productive in the upcoming months.  This decision was based on the answers that you so kindly provided me during the Productivity Survey back in December, as well as from responses from the Facebook page.  Thanks to all who answered!  For those of you that hankered for water reminders, your time will come!  Stay with me:).

Back to the business at hand, with this month's exercise focus, my energy increased from working out and I was able to do so many things.  For one thing, I gained two new clients! And I almost finished the Productive Creative Lessons that I'm working on for you guys (didn't finish because of the new excuse, I know, but happy to have the work).  I feel fitter.  I think more clearly about my direction each day.  I'm more focused in tasks that I set before myself.  And I get more done.  Each step brings me closer to my goals that I set for 2012. 

With belief shifts come change.  So if you think you can't exercise because you don't have time...shift that belief and watch how you find ways to squeeze it in.  Your business is your most important focus,  sharpen it with exercise.  I did.  And I'm so glad. 

What did you accomplish this month?  Did you get closer to your 2012 goals?  Tell us in the comments...I love to hear how well you are doing!

Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to get daily challenges and inspiration!

Photo: Dino8 via Flickr

7 Warning Signs That Your Craft Is Suffering

In the game of business, YOU are your star player.  Your health and fitness are the fuel for your game.  Sure, you have all sorts of excuses and reasons why you don’t have time to eat right or exercise, but what you’re doing is depleting a very precious reserve…your mind.  You can only run on coffee and fast food for a while, then your body suffers from it.  When your body suffers, so does your mind.  (You know the old adage “tired mind, tired body?”) But you claim that your busyness prevents you from shaping your act up.   That claim that holds zero water. 

Because we’re all busy. 

But craftmasters make time for nutrition and fitness.  You know Sonia Simone of Copyblogger?  How many tweets about going to workout on her treadmill have you read? How many times has Sean Platt mentioned his running game?  And let’s remember the conversation with Leo Babauta last week. 

These are top players in the field of entrepreneurialism.  They’re family people.  They’re super busy.  The difference?  They don’t make excuses. 

We’re all whateverpreneurs and owe it to our clients to produce the best that we can.  King Seth says “to ship.” But how can you ship if you have no fuel to power your vehicle for shipping? 

These are the 7 warning signs that your craft suffers from poor fuel sources:

  1. You fail to produce. 
  2. What you do produce falls flat.
  3. You can’t find your right audience/clients.
  4. Your clients/readers don't respond to you. 
  5. When it’s time to focus, you have none.
  6. You’re shipping second rate products.
  7. You lack the energy to study, strive, and succeed.

The fix: Focus.  Sharpen your mind with clean eating and exercise.  Eating right rids your body of the junk that clouds your thinking and exercising gives you the stamina to ship.

Eating right and exercise take time. 

They take effort.

You put forth the effort to reach your clients (readers, etc.), so why sell them short by not delivering the best products you can.  Because, if YOU don’t, they’ll eventually find someone who is. 

 You’re a Productive Creative. 

If you’re only surviving, your business isn’t thriving.

Eat clean.  Move mean. 

Which warning signs resonated with you?  Let's talk about them!

Thanks for reading!  This month we’re focusing on developing a habit of daily exercise to max our bodies’ and minds’ potentials.  If you have trouble squeezing it in, then join me on Facebook ,Twitter, or  G+ as I hound you into getting your “Minutes in Motion” in (Sounds much more pleasant than “exercise,” doesn’t it??) and don’t worry…I’m a very nice drill sergeant!  I’ll help you find the time to get it done each day with short challenges and ideas to help you become the best PC you can be!

Subscribe to the blog and I’ll send you a PC Productivity/Fitness Journal to help you track your progress with it all!

Let’s get moving!

Photo Credit: Yvonne E via Flickr



10 EASY Ways to Squeeze in Exercise

Photo Credit: Andrew Senay via Flickr

You hate to workout.

You don't have time.

You don't have energy.

You have so many other things you would rather do.

Here are 7 reasons why Minutes in Motion (aka exercise) help boost your career, your family, and your life:

  1. It staves off diseases like cardivascular diseases, cancers, and diabetes (just to name a few) - if you're sick, you can't ship.
  2. Lifts your mood so you can think clearly and more focused to answer the needs of your tribe.
  3. 100% of active people are happier people. (Have you seen sad people working out?  They don't stay that way for long.)
  4. Happier people are more productive.
  5. You set a stellar example for kids (who do what we do and not as we say).
  6. You increase your energy so you can ship more.
  7. Studies show that you increase blood flow to the brain (possibly even build new brain cells) for higher quality shipping.

What Productive Creative do you know doesn't need more energy, better focus, and a few more brain cells?

Here are 10 EASY ways to squeeze it in when you're super busy:

  1. Do it first thing in the morning - yeah, you can get up a little earlier
  2. Do it before you sleep
  3. Walk to work (or wherever you can)
  4. Discover HIIT (they're short, powerful workouts that have as much benefit as long treadmill stints)
  5. Find a workout partner (you can always go virtual if you don't have anyone near you...check out, Fitocracy, or Zuzana Light's Facebook page)
  6. Set up challenges for yourself (or this month you can follow mine on Facebook and Twitter)
  7. Constantly seek new ways to exercise to stay motivated
  8. Keep track of your progress (GREAT motivator - get your PC Journal by subscribing to my blog)
  9. Play music while you move
  10. Get the family involved (the kids will love it...spending time bonding with you AND you all get to form new habits together - a built in fitness community in your home)

There you go.  Choose the ways that will help you stay motivated and your PCness will blossom and flourish before your eyes.

Do it NOW and love the PC way you feel!

What does your fitness look like?  Do you do your Minutes in Motion every day?  If not, why not?  I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading!  I would love to stay on top of your Productive Creative fitness goals, connect with me on Twitter, Facebook or G+ for more motivation and PC results!



Tips from a Productive Creative Master

Guys, I have a very special guest for you for today's "What's Up Wednesday" post! You all know we’re focusing on upping our fitness this month by logging our Minutes in Motion for our Productive Creativity. (And if you haven’t already downloaded your PC Journal to track yours, you can get it by subscribing to the blog.:D) My guest today is one of Time’s Top 25 Bloggers and he’s no stranger to health, fitness, and Productive Creativity. He’s the author of focus, The Effortless Life, and many more helpful titles written to help us live more minimalistic and happy lifestyles.

Without further ado, please welcome Leo Babauta to the blog today!

Thanks for being here, Leo. You’re a busy man and your time is much appreciated. :) Got your green tea? Let’s get started:)...

1. You’re a vegan, right? And this is the ultimate eating clean plan. You’re a runner and strength trainer. Again, ultimates in the field of fitness. How much of your success do you contribute to your eating and fitness routines?

Leo: My health and fitness are central to everything I do -- it has made me happier, better able to focus on my writing, better equipped to play wildly with my kids, able to walk everywhere and enjoy life to the fullest. I’ve learned that what I used to think was pleasurable -- eating junk food, shopping, mindless entertainment -- is not nearly as satisfying as a good workout or a simple healthy delicious meal. Just a note about veganism: while I believe it’s the most compassionate diet, it’s not necessarily healthy, depending on how you do it. Like any diet, you should focus less on junk foods and more on whole foods like lots of veggies, fruits, nuts, beans, seeds, whole grains.

Tania: This is very true, Leo.  These are the principles that we have been working on improving in order to improve our PCness (Productive Creativeness;D) here.

2. According to a recent survey, many people responded that they don’t have time to eat right and exercise because of work and school schedules. What are your tips for the rushed and rambunctious?

Leo: Simplify. Most people commit to too much, cramming their schedules full because they think they can do more than they really have time for. Start eliminating commitments, leaving only what’s most important to you. For me, that’s family, writing, reading and fitness. My day consists almost only of those four things. Also, cut back on surfing the Internet and watching TV. Once you start making space, you’ll have time for healthier foods.

Tania:  Great point, Leo!  Cutting back on activities can help us make room for things we love!

3. As a dad of 6 babes that are homeschooled, do your children eat the same foods that you eat? What approach do you take if they don’t like the food what’s served? (I’m afraid that if I serve tofu, something might come flying at the back of my head while I cook!)

Leo: My kids are omnivores, except my 5-year-old daughter Noelle, who recently decided she wanted to stop eating animals. I loved that -- I didn’t force it on her. I believe in leading by example instead of forcing. So I share my delicious vegan food with them, but when they go out to a restaurant they often order meat (mostly chicken). My wife Eva cooks vegetarian meals for them now, but for awhile she was cooking chicken and fish. They don’t seem to mind too much that we stopped making meat dishes, because we make them veggie versions of stuff they love -- spaghetti, tacos, pizza, chili, soup. They don’t mind tofu too much because they’re getting used to it, though we rarely make it for them.

Tania: Aw, that's sweet.  Children are so empathetic and tapping into this at this age is great.  Way to go, Noelle!

4. Since this is Minutes in Motion Month, can you give any tips for making a difference physically to those that are just starting out?

Leo: The two most important things are to start, and then to be able stick with it. Most people don’t start because they dread it, so I recommend starting with just 5-10 minutes a day, and make it easy -- just walk, or play a sport you love. Focus on enjoying the activity rather than getting some kind of health benefit. If you can start with a small amount, you’ll get fitter gradually, and if you can stick with it because it’s easy and you enjoy it, you’ll make huge gains over the course of a few months.

Tania: Beautifully it and stick with it.

5. How did you manage change when things got tough? Or did they ever get tough through the changes? (I get the impression that, as a laid back guy, you probably have few struggles, is that right?) :D

Leo: I struggle all the time, just like anyone. When things get tough, I find new ways of doing things so they’re not so tough. I take the easiest course, like water, though I also alter the landscape a bit so the easiest course is also a healthy one. :) So I’ll find a workout partner or go on runs with my wife, so that working out is fun and I’m more likely to do it because I’m accountable to someone. When I start doubting myself or feel like quitting, I’ll find another thing to do that’s fun and that excites me.

6. What’s the single most important tip you can give our readers that are struggling with taking up the healthy and fit lifestyle in order to make the quality of their work clearer and more focused?

Leo: Use exercise as meditation. I love meditation, and have found that running, or any kind of exercise, can be done the same way -- by focusing on the present moment, by cultivating mindfulness, by paying attention to your breath. This becomes not only a way of relieving stress and finding calm and clarity, but mindfulness practice that you take into the rest of your life. When you work, you’ll be better at being present and focusing at the task at hand.

Tania: Mindfulness is a big part of a PC lifestyle.  Love your advice here!

7. Speaking of focus, please tell us about your latest diamond projects and what we can look forward to in the future from a great Productive Creative like yourself.

Leo: I only work on one project at a time, and don’t plan the next projects after that. Right now I’m doing a course with Courtney Carver called Clutterfree, where I help people get free of their clutter. After that, we’ll see what I’m excited about!

Tania: We can't wait to see what that'll be!  There you have it guys...straight from a PC Master! Eat clean, exercise, be mindful and maximize your PCness, just like the Master.

It’s my sincerest hope that if you've been under a rock :) and aren't already a subscriber to Leo’s blog or haven’t gotten your hands on some of his reads that you do so...soon. And I also hope that you've learned something valuable that you can apply to your own Productive Creative life today.

Thank you so much, Leo, for stopping by. We've really enjoyed having you here and look forward to more great content coming from you and Zen Habits.

Follow Leo on Twitter @zen_habits and check out the Zen Habits store. And follow me on Twitter and Facebook to stay motivated in your PC journey with challenges and inspiration!

Leo Babauta Bio

Leo Babauta is a simplicity blogger & author. He created Zen Habits, a Top 25 blog (according to TIME magazine) with 200,000 subscribers,, and the best-selling books focus, The Power of Less, and Zen To Done.

Babauta is a former journalist of 18 years, a husband, father of six children, and in 2010 moved from Guam to San Francisco, where he leads a simple life.

He started Zen Habits to chronicle and share what he's learned while changing a number of habits:

  • Quit smoking (on Nov. 18, 2005).
  • Became a runner.
  • Ran several marathons and triathlons.
  • Began waking early.
  • Became organized and productive.
  • Began eating healthier
  • Became a vegetarian.
  • Tripled his income.
  • Wrote a novel and a non-fiction book.
  • Eliminated his debt.
  • Simplified his life.
  • Lost weight (more than 50 pounds).
  • Wrote several best-selling ebooks.
  • Started a successful Top 25 blog.
  • Started a second blog for writers and bloggers.
  • Created a leading blog on minimalism.
  • Gave up his car, and is now car-free.

What struggles do you have with living a PC lifestyle?  Let us know in the comments so we can help!

Five Ways to Get Rid of the One Excuse Holding You Back

Hi guys! Welcome to another short PC talk!  Pull up a chair and grab a nice chilled water.  J

As Productive Creatives, we already know the importance of fitness and its effect on our work.  So why do we avoid it?

Excuses.  There are myriads of them, but today we’re going to focus on one…

The “I’ll wait until…” Excuse

Like a surfer sitting atop glassy waters waiting for the Big One to come along, we wait and we wait for the right moment.  But without the right conditions, that wave never comes. 

But you’re not at the mercy of nature.  You’re in control of your environment and it’s up to you to set your own waves into motion. 

Waiting for the right time to exercise has detrimental effects on our plan and therefore our results. 

It deflates our energies and lets the winds out of our sails.  It distracts us and lets the door of opportunity open up on some other project we’d rather be working on.  And that, in turn, closes the door to our drive to get it done.  By putting it off and allowing other things to get in the way (like feeding the kids or doing their homework), the end of the day comes and we’ve failed to reach our goal.  Failing to reach a goal, gives a blow to our oversensitive egos. (Yes, I know Leo Babauta doesn't set goals, but not setting them makes me nauseous...ok, so I'm Type A.) :)

So what can we do?  We’re all busy people with careers, families, friends, projects, school and loads of other responsibilities that require our energies!!

Here’s what we can do to insure that we do get our Minutes in Motion logged:

  1. Get up half an hour before we have to and exercise first thing in the morning.  Think about it, is that extra 30 minutes in bed going to give you a boost for the day?  How will you feel when your workout is done and out of the way?
  2. If you absolutely cannot workout before the world starts moving, then get up and dress in your workout gear so that when you get the house cleared out, you’re ready to rock your Minutes in Motion.
  3. If THAT’s not an option, make your lunch hour (or half hour) your Motion Hour instead.  Workout instead of chowing on greasy fast food.  And guess what…there is ABSOLUTELY NO rule that says you MUST be wearing spandex and sweat gear in order to exercise.  NONE. 
  4. Workout whenever or wherever.  Do NOT wait on a until you can take time to go and change, workout, then shower.  (You can clean up without soaking your head and everything else.)
  5. Make your workout your priority.  Put it on the list of business items that have to get done.  That’s it.  If you consider it part of your business plan, you’ll do it.

This is just a brief list of the things we can do to make sure, for the sake of our PCness, that we get in our exercise so we can log our Minutes in Motion. 

Our productivity will reflect our efforts.  Leave a comment and tell me what will help you Do It NOW to get your workout in today?  

Thanks for stopping by and reading!  I really appreciate it! 

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Increase Your Productivity by Letting It Go

We get so hung up on doing things exactly right that we lose sight of the big picture.  Our clients, customers, readers want solutions...not perfection.  Some of us get so lost in the fact that something we put out may not be top-notch or cream-of-the-crop that we stop in our nothing instead. Aside from fear (of not being prfect) haunting us, some suffer from cluttered thinking.  Some of us even suffer from Comparison Syndrome or Self-Loathing Overload, among so many other plagues.  All of these restraints keep our thinking small.  Uncreative.  Unproduced.

Our people need our ideas.  They need our words, our numbers, or our wrenchs (for the creative handymen out there).  We cannot deliver the goods if we don't first try to produce it.

We have to let go of whatever is preventing the ideas from flooding in.  We're creatives and it's our job to be unique.

When you feel the need to check Twitter instead of writing, take that distraction out of your head and stomp on it...hard! (Wait, not your head!!  Stomp on the fear that is making you think you need to respond to that RT right NOW.)

Take the Productive Creative's Oath:

My work comes first.  I will not play on social media until I have reached my Productivity Goal for today.  I will not let a mythological idea like Writer's Block make me believe that I am stuck.  I will love myself as much as I love my family and the work that I do and will see the value in what I do no matter what naysayers lie in my head. 

Oh, and to get those creative juices really flowing like the great Niagra, I will sleep, eat right, and take breaks every 90 minutes. 

There you have it.  That's What's Up Wednesday for you...

Let go of everything.  Relax.

Love and trust yourself.

Make the most of your Productive Creativity.

I thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and read.  This month's focus is Minutes in Motion and you can join me on Twitter and Facebook for daily Focus Challenges to help stay healthy and creative!  Oh, and in appreciation for your signing up for the blog, I'll send you a Productive Creative's Journal to track your food, fitness, and productivity!

Thanks again and have a BEAUTIFUL day because you are!


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January Focus: Minutes in Motion

Hi, guys!  Welcome to 20-12 and to your new year of being a Productive Creative!

This year, we are going to have one focus a month to develop our new habits that will help us stay focused, healthier, and more prosperous.  Are you ready??

January is our Minutes in Motion Month.

We're going to make it our focus to log our Minutes in Motion to help keep our hearts pumping, to keep our muscles challenged, and to build new brain cells for our projects!  All you have to do is commit to doing a minimum of movement every day and you'll see the benefits of exercise start to work on you. (The goal is 15minutes, but if you're a noob, it's ok...DO WHAT YOU CAN.)

If exercise isn't in your genes, it'll take a little more pushing to get you on the train, but I promise that, if you commit to it and do it, you'll eventually come to love it.

We're all busy peeps.  So we have to maneuver our schedules to fit in fitness.  The time to do it isn't going to magically appear.  In fact, if it's something we don't want to do, the time will never seem right to do it.  We have to push.

For some people writing in their dayplanner works wonders, if you are one of those.  Do It Now.  Schedule 15 Minutes in Motion every day for the month of January.  Try scheduling it at different times so you can see when the best time is for you.

I can't put a time on things with three little ones around, but if I just jot it in my calendar, it becomes a daily goal.  So, when I glance at it in the morning and before bed, I'll be able to set my vision for the next day.

But, that's what works for me.

I also have a little Productive Creative Journal that you can use to log your time, your daily goals, and your food in to help you keep track of what you've done.  (You just need to sign up for the blog to get it.) :)

Do whatever you have to do to ensure that you are logging your Minutes in Motion every day for the month of January.

After you have done this for 31 days, you'll be a proud owner of a new habit that'll help you become healthier and more focused.  That focus (along with those new brain cells you've created) will be what helps you to hit the ground running every day and get your shipments out to your customers.

When you can focus, you can provide them with the Purple Cow (not an affiliate link) they are looking for.  THAT'S what makes you the bomb at what you do.

Get up.  Get moving.  Get shipping.

(And don't forget to log it.)

Join me on Twitter, Facebook, and G+ for daily inspirations to stay on track...that and just to hang out because I love that, too.  Also, sign up for the blog (to the right) and I'll send you a PC Journal to help you with your journey.

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Have a beautiful and PC day!



A present for the Productive Creative (PC)

This is my last post of 2011!   And I have a present for you. But first, a couple of definitions:

Productive: One that generates.

Creative:  One that originates.

Are you a Productive Creative (PC)?  Do you work hard at getting your business to succeed?  Do you work hard at being the best at what you do?  Are you tired of working so hard?

In January 2012, I will be rolling out an eCourse to help those struggling with the difficulty of becoming clean and healthy.  I will also release my ebook on being a PC.  Plus, there will be monthly challenges and weekly inspiration coming to tribal PCs via the blog to help us all earn what we deserve in our creative roles.

Also, I have generated a journal page to help document and correlate how health and fitness tie directly to our productivity.  All you have to do is sign up for the blog and I will send you a page to download and print.  I recommend printing a month at a time and see where it takes you.  You will have documented evidence verifying that what you put in affects what you put out.

But, if you are not ready to earn your potential; if you are not ready to make the most of your career; if you are not convinced that you need to be clean and healthy to be PC...then, don't sign up.

Join this PC tribe of go-getters.  Sign up today for the blog (in the little box to the right).  Then, print out your journal pages for January.  Let's get 2012 off on the right foot and make our year the best yet!

I would love your thoughts on being PC.  Drop me a line below! 

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7 Career Boosting Resolutions You Can Stick With

7 Resolutions that You Can Stick With

2012 is upon us and it's time to push ourselves and our productive creativity forward with all the force of a catapult.  Your body, mind and soul are one and taking care of them is going to make this the best year yet because you are not going to try to change who you are all at are going to take it one step at the time.  Your productivity and creativity will be the proof in the pudding. 

1. Make a list of your most pressing limiting beliefs and focus on changing one each month.

Our limiting beliefs are the beliefs that keep us from grabbing the stars.  They are the cement shoes that prevent us from moving forward.  We have to let go of our limiting beliefs in order to make ourselves and the ones we love happy.  We also need them gone if we want to conquer Kilamanjaro. 

A limiting belief is something that we believe, but that isn’t necessarily true.  They are limits that we place on ourselves.  For example, maybe you think that you can’t be creative because you are just an accountant.  That is a limiting belief because our job doesn’t limit our creativity.  Our views of our lots are what put the blinders on us. 

Listen to your inner vocab and change the negative talk to positive…the trick is you have to believe it.  Look at your words objectively.  Yeah, you are addicted to cigarettes, but they are not your life force and you can break the habit.  You are not bound by them unless you want to be. 

List all the thinking that keeps you down and work, one month at a time…diligently…to change that limitation to an affirmation. 

You are creative.  You are wonderful.  You have gifts to share…share them.

2. Work on changing one nutritional habit a month.

Eating whole and clean requires effort.  It requires changing the way you see food.  It requires you to change the limiting belief that you don’t have time.  BUT, it CAN be done.  If you are a junk food junkie, like I was, then take January and make it a month for one day per week treats instead of every day.  To reach the top of Mount Everest, you have to climb one step at a time. 

Make one month a month to drink water.  Another could be no soda.  Another could be adding in the 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies your body and brain need. 

Choose one habit each month that will end you up at the end of the year being 100% healthier than you were when 2012 started. 

3. Work on adding 15 minutes of Motion to every day.

Movement was once a part of everyday life.  We had to hunt for food.  We had to haul it, clean it, cook it over an open pit.  Now, you drive to the window and it's tossed at you.  No movement.  No sacrifice.  No benefit…not even nutritionally.

Food was once scarce and exercise was unavoidable.  We have not yet adapted to the world that we have created in which exercise is scarce and food is unavoidable. 

This is your chance to adapt.  To learn to live and thrive.  To survive. 

Once day at a time.

4. Set yourself a new goal every day that will send you careening into your Three Words that Chris Brogan had you list.

Chris Brogan writes his Three Words each year.  You get to choose three words to associate with guiding you to set your goals of the new year that will put you one up on important areas of your life (personal, professional, and those people that are important in your life).  Love this idea. 

But, in order to get there, you need to revisit them often.  If you set goals for yourself, but don’t keep them within eyeshot, then you have done nothing but waste your time and your paper. 

Each day when you plan, make sure you are planning steps that will set you on course to achieving your goals and focus on your Three Words.

5. Add stretching to your morning or evening routine.

Stretching is as important as exercising, especially if you don’t move as much as you could.  Sitting at your desk limits your range of motion, wrecks your posture and keeps you stiff.  While stretching is up for debate in the athletic forum, it is a necessity for those of us glued to our chairs on a daily basis.

6. Make yourself and your work as important as you make everyone else.

Because you are so great, you put everyone else first.  But, your work suffers from it.  And if your work suffers from it, so do you because you are your work.  You love what you do.  And if you don’t, you should. 

If quitting your job isn’t an option (and for many it isn’t) that means that you have to make the most of what you have by setting time apart for you.  Time for you to do what you love.  This fills your emotional and soulful bucket.  When your bucket is full, your overflow will help fill the buckets of those around you. 

Make yourself as much of a priority as you make others.

7. Love who you are…no matter what is thrown at you.

You are wonderful.  You are loved by many.  Now love you, too.  If you already do, that is great…help someone else see how wonderful they are.  If you don’t, now is the time to start.  Until you love who you are and what you have to offer, your Productive Creativity will suffer for it and your efforts will be lost.  Don't lose you…love you.  I do. :)


Thanks soooo much for hanging with me on this looong post. I love getting to know you and what you need.  Feel free to leave me your thoughts in the comments.

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Menu Help for the Productively Inclined

Whole foods feed the brain.  You are a creative (whether your art is math, sitting on your front porch, writing, or plumbing), you use your brain to make the most of your life.  Feeding it junk, rots it.  Do you want your years to be full of struggling?  Or do you want to give your brain and body a fighting chance at health and prosperity? There has been some discussion about how whole food nutrition being difficult for those that are busy and on the road often.  I want to acknowledge that is absolutely true, but with some planning and preparation, it can be done.  So I wanted to offer my two cents to those who would like a helping hand with these things.

A sample menu in my house looks like this:


Dates, tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions, yogurt, pita bread, natural cheeses, olives, and milk (for those still growing bones:))


Usually soups and sandwiches with hummus, yogurt, cheese, and veggies.  If I am feeling like a nice mommy, it may be natural pb and j.  Or leftovers from the night before.


This is when we have our big meal.  Usually a stew of some kind, shrimp, fish, spaghetti, tuna, eggs, boiled eggs and potatoes, chicken.

Since I have started on a regular work schedule, I will start trying to cook the night before (just as I would if I were working outside the home).  And for those of you that noticed, the foods I mentioned are from the Mediterranean diet.  We try to stick to these foods because they are the heart healthiest, easiest, and most delicious foods for US.

But anything whole, made at home will be wonderful. 

During the course of the week, we have one meatless day (usually lentils of some kind), two red meat days (one stew beef, one ground), one fish day, one shrimp day,  and one chicken day.  And I set those days so that the two red meats are spaced apart and rice dishes are spaced apart. And salads are an every day event.  In addition, snacks are ALWAYS fruits, veggies, and/or nuts/seeds.

If the kids come and say, "I want a snack."  I say, "Go choose whatever fruit you want."  We need 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day...that means EVERY meal and EVERY snack should incorporate them.

If you find that there is too much involved in packing and carrying lunches or cooking meals, you can always patronize those places that cook whole foods, i.e. sit down joints...not fast Italian, Mediterranean, Greek, or even Mexican restaurants.

Get in the habit

Routines make everything easier.  But, you have to MAKE them routine before they are.  Take the next MONTH and push yourself to cook three nights a week (and cook enough to have leftovers for lunches).  (Sounds like preparation for a jamming 2012, by the way!)  If you are married, let your spouse help with some of the night time duties...if they're willing.  What you are doing is setting a good example for your family while making yourselves healthy and more productive.

Your brain and body need clean food to operate at their best.  Now, we have to find the best ways to get them what they need.

The key is to find what works for YOUR family

I will be implementing a new agenda next week so that I can cook and clean at night and write in the day.  It will be a challenge (and I am NOT driving 50 miles to and from work, so I can't claim that my time is going to be as difficult as some ;), but my productivity is at stake and I want to make the MOST of it by putting in the good stuff so I can get the good stuff out.

(Leanne Ely has a menu mailer that does the planning AND grocery lists for you, in case ready made menus are your thing :))  What does your menu look like this week?  Let me know in the comments:)

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Thanks for stopping by!

Fuel your dreams

Last week, Patti Larsen stopped by to share her accomplishments with us.  Before that, you saw what Sean Platt has been up to.  Feats like these require discipline.  They require effort.  They require drive. How do you "fuel up" for journeys like these?

If you want to write 13 novels next year, if you want to become a craftsman of whatever your art is, if you want to be the best at what you do, you have to fill your body with the right energy.

Food is energy.  Pure and simple.  But the food industry has scientifically engineered most of the food stuffs on the market.  Even the fresh, you have to watch out for.  To get the most out of your body vehicle, you have put in the good gas.  Are you going to fill your car with leaded gas?  Why would you fill your body with it?

Our bodies are made of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids (fats).  Not Yellow #6, Red 40, or disodium inosinate.

What is your brain supposed to do with that stuff?

Those things wreak havoc on your body system as a whole.  And if your body, brain, and blood are busy sorting junk out of its system, how can you be clear in your thinking and functioning?

Put the good gas in the system and watch her fly.

Don't think of food as food.  Think of it as energy.  Ask yourself what sort of energy you need today?  Not all energy is created the same.  Not everyone's body is the same.  But, all bodies are made of the same substances.

You need to be clear.  You need to be focused.  Give yourself the fuel you need to make your dreams come true.  Unleaded cars don't drive on leaded gas.

What is one change you can make today to get  yourself on the road to your dreams in your body vehicle fuelled with E85?  Let me know in the comments below!

So glad you stopped by today!  I would love to stay connected with you!  Leave your email in the box to the right, Tweet with me, show me your Face, or G+ me! 


Photo Credit: Lamiot (Wikimedia Commons)


Hi guys!!  What an amazing two weeks it has been!  Can you believe it has been two weeks already?? The purpose of this training has been to see a documented difference in our productivity during this time of wholesome goodness.  To see, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that what we put into our bodies and the exercise that we push it through helps to increase our quantity and quality of work.

It hasn't been easy.

As you know, I am an admitted Mountain Dew addict.  While I have not been able to walk away from it completely, I no longer keep it at home and only MIGHT have one if we are out.  I can tell a huge difference in the way I feel after that stupendous cutback.

What did you have trouble giving up?

Eating clean has been delicious and I am happy to report that there is still chocolate and chips in the cabinets that I haven't touched.  LOL  I am finding that my cravings are decreasing.

What about you?

I am so excited to see what this week will bring since it is the last leg of the training!  Time to buckle down and really kick it hard this week!

What are you hoping to get out of this training next week?  Share your goals in the comments below and let's see how we do by the 6th!

I would love to connect with you on Facebook and Twitter or to be able to leave you some posts in your inbox (just drop your email in the box at the top)!

7 Reasons Why Assassin Training Increases Your Value

Editor's note: Perfection is NOT required OR suggested in this training! You guys have seen the posts, the tweets and the Facebook updates.  In case you are still wondering what in the heck that crazy woman is talking about, here it is again.

Training (PAT) to annihilate your projects in little time and with GREAT quality is the one way that you can get a leg up on your competition and leave them wondering "Who just stole my client!?" :)  And these are the reasons why:

1. Chemicals in the food stuffs of the modern diet cloud your mind and your body.  PAT rids you of those creativity/productivity thieves.  (Have you seen the list of diseases related to fast food???)

2.  Exercises pumps the blood harder and faster through the system and invigorates you, leaving you MORE creative than when you started...thanks to those endorphin and serotonin releases by the endocrine system...(dang science teacher).

3.  Focusing on the feeling that you get AFTER you eat healthy food (rather than focusing on the "mouth fiesta" feeling of lab generated food), helps decrease the Chemical Crave that comes with premade carp and lets you form happy connections with clean foods and break away from the chains of modern food marketing:).

4.  Eating clean and moving your body makes it feel good.  And THAT makes YOU feel good(i.e. your SOUL).  When you feel good, you can FOCUS on what's ahead. Assassins have mastered the art of hitting the bull's eye:)

5.  Because PAT brings focus, you can create/produce more with top quality.  Do you know any assassins that are NOT aces at what they do?

6.  Moving well each day lets you rest better.  Proper rest is necessary for increased performance (in ANY venue):)

7.  You develop your Assassin's Eye for your work because your Mind/Body Machine is finely tuned and purring like a (insert high performance vehicle here).  :)  You've got a lot of hurdles in front of you and being a Project Assassin will give you the edge you need to produce more quality work  for a higher price!

There you have it...7 reasons why YOU NEED to train like an assassin to develop your skills and work habits to make you even more valuable.  And if you haven't joined us already, DO IT NOW.  :)

If you are not training yet, I would love to know why in the comments.  And if you WANT to, join us by letting dropping a line below (Feel free to snag the PAT badge for your blog and let's get everyone trained!)

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Treat your body

Credit: Judy Zachariah

You work hard.  Very hard.  You have the kids to tend to, the turtles to feed, the house to keep up.  Your work is never done.  So, when you have the opportunity to relax, what do you reach for?

A cup o' joe?  Perhaps an alcoholic refreshment?  If you are like me, it is chocolate and soda.

The question is:  Are those the best choices?

I agree...100%... that we all deserve to have our little slice of heaven as a reward for our hard work.  100%

However...(my nice "but"), I propose that we do something more.  That we take our treats to a new level.  What if we opted for fresh ones?   Or healthy options?  Would we enjoy it less?  Would we feel that we were being "treated"?

What is it about your treat that you love?  Me?  If I am HONEST with myself, I no longer REALLY enjoy the Dew like I did.  Perhaps in the morning is the time I enjoy it most, but if I have a second...I end up miserable.

Here is your challenge.  If you are a partaker of unhealthy treats in lieu of goodness, I want you to partake and evaluate.  Give yourself 15 minutes after you have eaten or drunk your treat, then have a chat with your bod.  Ask it how it feels.  Do you still feel the affects?  Are they good ones or bad?

If that lovely bod of yours can honestly say that it totally enjoyed your input, then GREAT!  If it didn't, then work on replacing it.  Your bod will thank just have to listen.

What are your treats that you feel you can't do without?  Are they good for you?  Let's talk!  Leave me your $0.50 in the comments:)

Also, leave your email in the box above and receive FREE email updates when I publish my next rant! Together we can bring balance to your mind, body, and soul!


The Alchemy of Success

Once upon a time, the airwaves were flooded with the next magic pill to make people lose weight.  People bought them.  People fell for the nonsense…I was one of them. 

After many years of riding that roller coaster, it has finally become apparent to the masses that those gimmicks are just that. 

So what do you need to achieve?

You need the magic potion that I have for you.  Pay careful attention.  I am going to give you the recipe that you need to succeed.  Not just at weight loss, but at life.


Got your pen?


Here we go:

You need the following:

  • Belief
  • Love
  • Intention
  • Vision

Brew those things together and you have the winning combination of ingredients required to make the most of your life. 

Belief in yourself.  Love of yourself.  Soulful intention.  And your mind’s eye view of you doing what you do

That’s it. No pills.  No scams.  No silly gimmicks.  Listening to yourself and loving yourself leads you to success in every aspect of your life.  Your body, mind and soul know what you need.  All  you have to do is listen and obey. 

Easy, huh? 

If it isn’t, we’ll talk about why it isn’t as easy as it sounds next time. 

And in case you are a bald eagle hovering over this site, reading…fitness isn’t about the numbers :)

Drop me a line and let me know what key ingredient you are missing from your Success Recipe.  Thanks for hanging out and reading my wall...let's get together on Twitter and Facebook, too! 

 © Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011

Improve the quality of your life and your love

The longer we sit in our chairs; the softer we become.  The softer our bodies become; the softer our brains become. 

The more processed foods we eat; the murkier our thinking becomes.

We deteriorate at a phenomenal rate...why accelerate it?

Take part in the #15minsofexercise hashtag convo or the #10Burpeesat10 and refresh yourself.  REnew your mind, your body and your soul.  Feel GOOD again. 

Exercises needn't be exhaustive.  They needn't be aggressive.  You can do yoga, tai chi, walking, alternate walking/jogging, core exercises, pilates.  You name it.  You can improve your life and your love 15mins at a time. 

We are what we eat and we become what we do.  Do what will bring you success and eat what will fuel it. 

Much love to you all!  Thanks for stopping by my home on the web!

Since I love to talk too much, leave me a comment and let me know what exercise you can do in 15mins that will leave you feeling refreshed and ALIVE.  <3


© Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011

Moving it

As writers, we need to move.  We have to pry ourselves from the comfort of our laptops and force ourselves to move in order to stay healthy.  Since becoming an official "writer," I have seen my thighs turn to mush.  Not a pretty sight.  I was once fit and tone (ok, that was BEFORE the kids), but I have gotten even mushier since the winter.

I challenge myself and you to face the challenges with me that come up as we move through the motions of our days struggling to create  bodies of work that people want to share with us. 

Our projects (be they writing, raising our children, whatever they are) and life, in general, are more fun when we are in the best shape we can be to enjoy them. 

Ordering our cosmos is about bringing together all the pieces of our lives into one focus...let's enjoy our lives and all of their parts by making ourselves healthy and ENJOYING it together! 

Join my Facebook and Twitter communities and take this challenge with me!  Don't forget to subscribe to the blog to get updates in your inbox...IF, of course, you want to continue this journey together!

Much love to you all! :)

© Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011