Ask yourself these questions if your income has stalled out

Ask Yourself These Questions If Your Income Has Stalled Out.png

When you started your business, you had a fire raging in your soul to do this THING that you had in your mind.

Whether your reason was to make money or you’re one of those who says, “I just really love helping people” people, that fire ignited you enough to get you to take the tough steps of starting.


Now it’s time to take that fire and pour fucking $14,449 Pappy Van Winkle on that shit and light it the fuck UP.

But HOW, Tania??

I’m making $4000 a month, so spending $14K on some juice ain’t gonna happen.”

Or is it??

See? If you’re making that kind of money, you know a few things:

  1. You have some shit people want and need and are willing to pay for. (That’s a great start!)

  2. You have a certain appeal that gets them to buy. (Another advantage you need to capitalize on)

  3. You need to check in and see where you can improve your business (Can’t fix what you don’t know is broken, amirite?)

So the next step is action.

Dig in and start analyzing your business, your business model, your current audience and customers, your brand perception, your vision, your message, your messaging, your marketing, your actions, your intentions, your strengths, your weaknesses, your marketing, your ads, your offers, etc.

Go through it all.

Try to look through the lens of the people you want buying your products. Not through your own.

That can be hard.

But the SAVAGE Copy Experience helps you determine all of that.

Because a questionnaire is FUCKING FABULOUS (it’s more than some copywriters start with), but the SAVAGE Copy Experience is just that. It’s an EXPERIENCE that TRANSFERS YOUR ENERGY to ME as your copywriter and copy strategist.

Not only am I able to pinpoint your shortcomings in your business and business model, I’m able to feed off of your energy around your vision and your mission to create brand language and copywriting that feeds the hearts and souls of the people you want to buy your product.

It’s fucking insane.

Through a technique that I’ve learned through my training with world-class copywriters, marketers, and my own years in this business, I’m able to get plow THROUGH the walls that are currently in the way.

And while the SAVAGE Copy Experience is designed to give you web copy that speaks to your readers and influences them to take action through a mix of direct response and creative copywriting methods, you can also branch that out into email marketing and social copy done for you or perhaps an ongoing monthly consult that sits a professional copywriter at your side helping you design offers, create sales pages, and craft ads that all beckon to your audience with a lustful gleam they can’t ignore.

Oh, and if you’re into magic and sorcery, we can put some of the most powerful stuff I’ve found on it, too.

But whatever you do...regardless of whether or not you choose to put a copywriter and copy strategist to work for you, you HAVE to do your brand assessment mentioned above to find out how you can grow past your current income levels.

What is my business?

What is my business model?

What is my vision?

What is my message?

Does my messaging on my website align with my message?

Who are my current audience and customers?

What is their perception of my brand?

What are my offers?

How am I currently marketing?

What actions do I consistently take?

What are my strengths?

What are my weaknesses?

What ads am I running? To whom?

What monthly volume of traffic do I currently have?

What methods of traffic generation have I tried?

What methods of lead generation have I tried?

What am I willing to do to increase my traffic and lead generation?

What restrictions and challenges do I face with my marketing?

What plan can I build and put into place next?

Now. Go get busy. OR schedule a jam session to see if I can help you grow past your current income ceiling with bold copy that speaks to your audience and a strategy that makes you irresistible.


operate on validation, not just inspiration. (2).png

There are pillars to creating a brand that people adore.

And copy is only ONE of those pillars.

The others?

  • A visually appealing brand

  • Marketing that speaks to the clients

  • Being GREAT at what you do

Because if you don’t have these bits and pieces in place? It won’t really matter what I write about you.

  • If your brand isn’t visually appealing, they won’t put stock in my words.

  • If your marketing isn’t on target, you won’t have the right traffic and they won’t FEED off the emotion I write for you.

  • And if YOU are not the best? What I write won’t get you anywhere because they’ll test you out, but they won’t stay with you.


Let’s expand on them, shall we? What do the above look like in practice:

You cannot have a visually appealing brand if your: 
Images are outdated
Site looks like 1999 called and wants its template back
Your colors and fonts are all jacked up, don’t flow together well, or create the emotionally visceral reaction your customers need to feel

You cannot get people to buy your shit if:
Your only marketing strategy is to stand on Facebook or LinkedIn and scream, “BUY MY SHIT!” all day. This is NOT a plan.
And if you are NOT great at what you do? People will know it and they will find someone who is.


IF you have all of these things in place with world-class copy? You’ll be gold.

But if not? You will struggle. Hard.

Unless you fix what’s broken.

How do you fix broken branding?

You are a business owner, you are not supposed to be a branding expert or a marketer. Give it to someone who is. Danielle is the best of the best. Hands down.

Let her or someone else handle it for you because you need to focus on something that is far more important to your business than colors and fonts.

How do you fix broken marketing?

Again, you are not a marketer. Let someone else help you with that. YOU have a higher responsibility.

Hire Danielle to manage your ads for you (because she is KILLING IT with ours and is more cost effective than an agency). Or go all out and hire that big ass agency and let them do what she does for a ton more money.

But your first step to fixing broken marketing is to acknowledge that you are not a marketer and be willing to let someone else set you up for success.

(This whole business about business owners thinking they are marketers was unleashed with the dawn of online business and way too many people are unwilling to admit they can’t.)

How do you fix a broken...YOU?

YOU are the end all be all of your business. If you are broken, your business will be broken. If you can’t be fucking FABULOUS at what you do? Don’t fucking BOTHER. Srsly.

Your ONLY goal is to say FUCK EVERYTHING ELSE. I am here to be the best ____ ever. And set your mind to improving your shit.

NOW. That said, the ___ that you are working to be the best at? Make sure there’s a market for it. Don’t be the world’s best ant relocation service when there’s no market for ant relocation.

And the last part of YOU? Your belief.

I cannot stress enough...even in all my ranting and hooha-ing this desperately serious I am about this.

If YOU do not believe you are the best? The people your marketing team are marketing you to? They won’t believe it either.

And that is the worst fucking shit you can do for your business. Ever.

Does that mean be arrogant? No. That’s my job.

It means be RESILIENT. It means don’t let ANYTHING slow you the fuck down. Not even low numbers.

Because no matter what? If you’re good? Those numbers COME UP.

How can you cultivate a conviction so deep that NOTHING stops you?

James Chartrand of Damn Fine Words once made us write what we wanted to be true about our work 25 times and then made us walk around reading it. Write out your affirmative and imprint it.

Listen to the feedback people give you.
But don’t get lost in it. If the majority of people you deal with give you negative feedback, there could be some things you need to learn and grow through. If they are mostly positive, feed off of them. But don’t walk around with those rose-colored glasses on thinking you don’t need to improve. We all do. How do you think I got my copy game up to world-class copy? Study with the right masters. Do it. It works.

Start and end your day with success.
Start out with the idea of what you want the day to bring you and work to make it happen. End it by remembering what you did well and visualizing tomorrow being even better.

Whatever path you choose - or choose all of them because they work - put it in your mind that success is your only option. Period.

And when you’re ready? THEN my copy will be ready for you.

5 Ways Your Copy Is Hurting Your Business (+ the fixes) (2).png

Between the Copy Edge participants and about 78% of the small business sites I visit (probably an underestimate, actually), I can say, with all honesty, there’s a severe problem with online businesses and how they’re showing up.

It's bad copy. And it hurts business in so many ways because web copy is how your ideal clients across the globe, who you likely will not meet in a Facebook group, will determine whether or not you are the coach for them.

Bad websites = bad business and lower profits. Period. Because even if you DO meet them on Facebook, they're running straight to your site to see if you ARE the right coach for them. And if they don't feel like you are because your site did a poor job of expressing your expertise and instilling the seeds of trust? Well...they won't dig any further. And you lost a chance to serve them.

So I'm going to tell you about the copy problems and how to fix them today. 

1. It gives the impression that you are new. 

When you use language that doesn't sound impactful or indicates that you might not know WHO you're "talking" to, it makes the reader feel that you haven't been at this long enough to get them real results. 

Examples: "Are you ready to..." (why do you not already KNOW they are ready?) 
"Change your mind, change your life" (use of buzz phrases means you're throwing words at the wind and aren't sure if they'll stick)

Fix: Use words that FEEL like you've been doing this for decades and KNOW your ideal clients inside and out.
"Take on the role of a lifetime and lead the change you want to create in your home" (life coach to the mothers who struggle - starts with action, fills them with hope, lets them FEEL that the coach KNOWS she wants to make change) 

2. It makes them feel like you're not sure you can get the results. 

When you write from a place of "hey, come work with me...I can help you X", it sounds like you're not really sure that you can bring results and therefore enters doubt, a point at which it makes it harder to sell to people. 

Example: See above LOL 

Fix: Use words that express the emotion that you know you can get results

"Jump into the fire. Ignite your soul. And burn through your own fears and doubts. Because when we're done? Life will be exactly what you dreamt it could be." (NOTE: Be careful not to promise something that you WILL NOT be able to help them achieve)

Feel the difference?

3. They don't even read it to know who you are, what you sell, or how you can help them.

When we say "write like you talk", it doesn't mean for everything - it doesn't mean explain every little detail on the Home Page or in your About. Hell, the sales page is not even the place to just sit and let it all hang out. 

Example: "You want more from your life. You want to have the energy to play with the kids again. You want to be able to have a relationship with your spouse. You want to have the money you want from your business and still have time to enjoy it. 

So what can you do?

Sure, you can sift through coach after coach, looking for the one that best suits you. Or you can connect with one who gets you. 

You see? I know what you want to achieve and it's hard. But it's simple. I'll help you make up your mind and take the action you need to take to achieve your goals. 

Life doesn't have to get in the way of your business...and your business doesn't have to get in the way of your life." 

OMG - that took a lot to write. And you likely won't hang around to read it, especially if it's boring like this. 

So, when you write copy, don't get longwinded. Keep it fun, concise, and interesting. 

Fix: Write like you talk in TONE and CONTRACTIONS...not in long winded, tell-tale narratives. 

4. There's no trust. 

When they read copy from big brands and highly successful businesses, they can feel that they are reading something different. Something powerful and impactful. Something that was likely not written by the owner. Why? The owner is too busy serving their clients to write copy.

Example: All of the above examples. 

Fix: Write in narratives that draw pictures. Write with action words. And with authority. (This last one is HUGE)

5. They don't like to be "told" what they want, feel, or struggle with.

Copy that starts with "you" and drivels on about what you think the reader feels or struggles with, is copy that screams that the business owner is inept at writing it themselves and likely doesn't know the ideal client - which is an indicator that they are new and likely not that great. 

Example: "You want..." (Are you really starting your copy telling them what they want? They KNOW what they want or at least what they don't want and they don't want you "telling" them. They want to FEEL your pictures about it.

Fix: "The finest of lines separates you from the diamonds and the Maserati. Take the chance that is in front of you and jump headlong into them, leaving behind every doubt and fear that says you can't have them." 

See? I said, there are more things plaguing online copy, but take these five and go fix yours and you'll be 50 paces closer to sounding like you hired someone to do it. 

OR - hire someone to do it and get there in a fraction of the time it would take you to write, edit, and test) without even breaking a sweat. Book your Black Diamond Copy today (payment plans now available).

There. Any questions? Looking forward to upleveling your business with you! 

Writing vs Copywriting

When writing is selling, writing is copy. When writing isn’t selling, writing isn’t copy. Period.

So be careful when you hire someone to write “copy” for you, and make sure you are getting “copy” and not prose.

Because there are many people out there, hustling to make ends meet and they will tell you they can write your copy for you. And some can.

But not many.

So these are things to look out for when you buy “copy”:

  1. Are the right emotions present in the words you’re reading?

    If there is no emotion, then you don’t even have good writing on your hands. 

    If there is emotion, but it’s not the emotion that your ideal client is looking for, then you aren’t going to make any money off of it.

  2. Are the right elements present in the copy?

    Elements you need to make sure are in the copy: Doubt-crushing arguments, the pain they feel with their current struggle, the relief they need to feel in order to know this is the right solution for them, details about the delivery.

    If you don’t have these elements, you’re likely not going to make money or get the email.

  3. What if the elements are in the wrong order?

    There’s a mental flow to copy that takes the reader on a journey. And while you can dance around them, if they are completely jacked? You’re screwed.

    What I do when I write sales copy is present the headline (duh), then a supporting blurb, then dive into pains, then dive into solutions, then I give the deets of the owner (solidifying WHY they are the only choice), and then complete journey by revisiting the pains and struggles and benefits and give the details.

    Now, that’s too much for, say, an opt-in, but this is the trip my readers go on right before they say yes to my clients.

  4. Is your copy written in a voice that elicits trust?

    That means weak, doubt-inducing words have to be avoided when necessary.

    If your copy has “if”, “maybe”, “perhaps”, “could”, “can”, “might”, etc in it, your readers are not reading that you are an expert that is to be trusted.

    And making money? Well...will be hard.

  5. Does your copy snap your brain out of Snooze?

    There are ways to say things that keep the brain at attention and there are ways to say those same things that literally put the brain to “sleep”. What happens is when we read words we’ve read over and over again (like buzz words and phrases) our brains say, “Stop reading here, we have already read this and know it...NEXT!”.

    Not a joke. Take that for a test drive and see if your brain doesn’t shut down after reading “transformation”, “change your life forever”, and crap like that. So make sure your copy is not written in ways that put the brain to sleep.

  6. Does your copy have character?

    Following #5, this is the best way to avoid that problem. Because if you’re throwing yourself or your writer has thrown your character (assuming you’re slightly entertaining and not the least bit vanilla), your copy should shine.

    That personality also allows further bonding with the reader, helping to nurture the trust you need to make money from your copy...or to get that coveted email address.

  7. Is your copy wordy and doesn’t hold attention?

Wordy copy that doesn’t hold attention is copy that won’t be read. You cannot take long, meandering routes to your point. Copy that’s good is concise and makes powerful points with fewer words.

It lets the emotion do the selling for it.

So, regardless of WHO wrote your “copy”, whether it was you, your VA who, ahem, said she could write “copy”, or a writer you hired because they said they knew how to write copy, hell, even if it was a copywriter!, you have to make sure these elements and components are present, otherwise the writing isn’t copy that sells, it’s writing that distracts.

I write your legend- But you have to live it

When clients come to me and tell me what they do, I can tell right away whether or not they understand the depth of what they do.

I take the info they give me - I research their work and their results and fill in the gaps with the underlying emotion behind it.

So when I work with people, they walk away with words that express who they really are. The kick is that they didn’t see it before.

Let’s face it: We are all works in progress. We’re all doing and growing and learning and changing. This is life. Life is growing through change.

So when I write copy, I write for your past and your future.

It’s up to you to live up to what you read in your copy.

When you do, you make room for higher profits, higher end clients, and a life on lock.

So you want to build a legend? This is where you start.

Anatomy of Legend-Making

  1. Start off with an idea that has potential to stand out. (Hint: That’s not life coach, transformation coach, or business coach - think higher and deeper.)

  2. Be willing to push yourself way outside of your comfort zone to make it work.

  3. The self awareness to know your truest capabilities.

  4. The courage to do it - even if it might be wrong.

  5. The strength to do what you need to do every day - even when you don’t fucking feel like it.

  6. Display copy that pushes you to do it.

Creating your legend starts in your chest, behind your sternum. Let me in. Let me show you (and the world) what you are capable of.

Then go live it.

Nike doesn’t sell sneaks

“Just do it” has NOTHING to do with sneakers.

It’s obvious.

There’s no mention of their superior arch support for feet that pronate.

There’s no mention of their slip resistant bottoms for all types of running surfaces.

Harley doesn’t advertise their superior...well, brand. They say, “Ride like you stole it”.

It’s the EMOTION that sells.

Not the padded seating or the tie-them-and-stay shoelaces.

You don’t sell your product as a feature to getting the riding or running experience you want the clients to feel.

You lovingly wrap them in the potential they’ll realize when they throw their legs over or tie on your shoes.

It’s emotion.

It’s always emotion.

And if it’s hard for you to write that emotion, you need to put your marketing and copy in the hands of someone (anyone...I don’t give a fuck who) to do it for you.

Because they don’t care HOW they get there. They just want to know how it’s going to feel.

And how they want to feel? Is on fire.

What is that going to mean for YOUR reader?

It means the end of struggle, whether it is in the form of reaching status (or feeling like it) or wanting to get in shape, you need to know what their specific struggles are because yours are different from mine.

It means painting the picture of life AFTER your product or service.

Will they have the body they want?
Will they feel good out of the bed in the morning because they put in the work?
Will they feel like a boss in their shiny new Bentley?

What are they going to become when they’ve worked with you?

Answer these questions - in their entirety, like, sit for half an hour and FORCE yourself to think of all the ways that their lives will change because of you. Then, use those answers to drive the emotion that you are looking for them to feel when they work with you (or buy your products, if you are a product-based).

Note: Sometimes, pain drives sales. Sometimes pleasure. In the coaching industry, pleasure, desire, longing, sex, money are the best sellers.

And THOSE should be what drives your copy, not the number of sessions via Zoom, or how you can use email to stay connected during crisis times, etc. They definitely should be mentioned. But they are tools, features, and they have their places.

But they are NOT selling points.

There. If you have questions, hit me.

Otherwise, if you struggle with this, I am your solution. Period. I don’t write copy. I write emotion. And it’s that emotion that makes you money.

Copy that Fuels Funnels that Build Relationships (+ makes you more money)

She lands on your site. She’s AMAZED at your work. (Mostly at the copy you’ve so proudly displayed that so emotionally expresses what you do (ahem).) So she opts in to your list. And she’s actually looking forward to your emails because your freebie is THE solution she was looking for.


You sent her the opt-in that delivered the goods. But what did she get after that?

Nothing. Until next week when she the blanket list email goes out. And it’s pitching a massive program, so she’s done. She’s not going to stay around for the rest of what you have to say.

So how do you use copy to keep her from taking your freebie and running away?

By showing her how important SHE is.

By showing her how her life will be when she’s done working with you through content that speaks to the solutions she’s looking for.

And yes, you get to throw a light offer in, but hold off until the third rendezvous or so.

So, send her the thingy she opted into your list for.

Then send her another solution-based email (not a dissertation because she’s reading on her phone and won’t try to read a long email. Promise.) written with copy that sings to her soul.

After that, you could choose another tie-in solution that will lead to an offer tomorrow. Oh, and yes...I’m talking daily sends, not weekly.

And now, you get to finally make some money! Send her a special offer written in copy that leads to another solution she’s been waiting for that ties into your brand and your freebie AND your big sell at the end of all this. :)

Send her a few more value emails...all relevant to her and to your brand.

Then, send her your story. By now, she’s really gotten to like you because you’re sending such fantastically written email copy that is soooo about HER that she wants to know a bit about you.

That’s when you hook her.

You tell her your story (again...not the unabridged version) and tie it to how it helps her.

Because tomorrow? You’re going to sell her on either a) a call to get on the line to discuss what she needs or b) your big package.

Of course, there are a ton of funnel maps out there. You can Google any one of them and put them into play.

But, this format is copy that builds relationships.

It builds connection.

It builds a foundation for more.

But. Only if your email copy is worth reading.

Because  you can send all of this awesome ALLLLL day long, but if your subject line copy sucks, she won’t even open them.

Or if your email copy fails to deliver the info in an engaging way, she’ll stop reading, even if she does open.

So. Check yo’self. Go to your funnel, your nurture sequence, your open rate data, your sales data and see what is working and what needs to be fixed. Your answers are there.

And if you don’t have the answers you want, grab the Black Diamond Funnel package for a $300 discount right now.

Build relationships. Build your bank account. With emotionally-charged, revenue-driven copy.

Is Your Site Doing the ONE Thing You Need It To Do?

Stale and disconnected or fresh and emotion-packed for a SOULFUL connection?

It’s up to you.

Copy that feels new, that is energized by emotion is copy that shows off the real you. You know, the you that doesn’t freeze up and not know what to say once you sit behind your keyboard? Yeah, that you.

It connects people to your business because it allows them to feel your why, so they feel connected to your mission. So they are more inclined to become customers.

Your website is your storefront and your employees. It shouldn’t “explain” who you are and what you do. It should graphically and boldly paint an indelible mural about your business, one they can’t take their eyes off of.

The first brushstroke, the first word, on your site sets the tone for the entire piece.

Your copy is the masterpiece that sends people on down the line of the web to the next business they are looking for...or it completely arrests them and holds their breath hostage.

And when they do get their breath back, they keep reading...begging for more of that.

That soul-deep connection is what they have been searching for. It aligns them to your mission and leaves them flipping the pages of your site to see what else you have to offer them.

Calls to Contracts

Another powerful motivator in getting the yes is that people know up front who you are, what you stand for and how you get them what they need.

They book calls with you, but they already know they want to work with you because your copy and your site told them exactly what they needed to know. They only want the call so they can confirm their suspicions.

And the human mind looks for the similarities. So if the emotion that drips across your site has already set them up to FEEL you, they get on the call ready to accept that feeling. (The psychology behind this is our minds don’t want to be wrong, so we look for reasons to be right!)

If your copy is on-point, you get to close more calls with yes’s without even selling.

Without even SELLING.

Your site does it for you.

No more sweating over whether or not you’re answering their questions in ways that will make them want to work with you. No more sweating over being the salesman of your company. No more sweating over whether or not you’re instilling confidence in your ability to deliver results.

Your site does it for you.

All they want to do when they come to you? Is to know that you’re real and that all they felt when they read the site is what they feel on the phone with you.


That’s why it’s UBER important that your site stay fresh and up-to-date and EMOTION-DRIVEN for results.

That’s why it’s UBER important to stay on top of the words they read.

That’s why I write Black Diamond Copy.

And this is how you do it:

  • Draw them in with the magic of your essence shamelessly tattooed on your Home page.

  • Wrap your arms around them with an enthralling About page that pulls them through your story.

  • Show off all the ways you can help them with a Work with Me that sends them reeling and looking for more info.

  • And get the “yes” with a Sales page that touches their pleasures as deeply as it touches their pain, so they want and need you before they get on the call with you.

You have such powerful gifts. Put them on the page to create a SOUL-FILLED connection they won’t want to turn away from.

Go forth and bleed for them. Build your Legend.

The ROI of Good Copy vs. Emotional Copy

First let’s define a couple of things:
Copy - the art of selling via words. Thus making everything you write copy because your ultimate goal is to drive an action. Even if you’re just hanging out and talking about booze and bikes. Or whatever normal people talk about.

ROI - Return on Investment, but I know you knew that. Whatever money you put into your biz, you want to know the ROI of it. But. Guess what? Not all returns are monetary. Some are in the form of connections or followers or growth.

Disclaimer: ROI of copy needs many strategic conditions to be put in place. When we talk ROI today, it’s going to be in concept, not specifics, to express a point.

Couple = two. Let’s get started.  

  1. Good copy tells.

    “You will not believe your eyes when you can finally fit into that bikini on the beach this summer! Super slim helps you stop cravings, keeps your energy up, and burns calories.

    Get your 30 day supply here.”

    Blah. Boring. Overdone.

    Will it make money? Likely. Because there are still people out there who are at that breaking point and who want to fit into that bikini so bad, they’ll invest in anything to make it happen.

    Will it make as much money as it did 10 years ago? No. Because the market is flooded enough that there are a bajillion more options out there for people to choose from. And more factors now come into play: authority, credibility, “do you smell like a scam artist” are all more important now than they were when this kind of marketing hit the net.

    So. Can you make money on shitty copy? Yes. And on good copy. Can you make better money on better copy? Read on…

  2. Emotional copy sells.

    “Don’t spend another year hiding under your tee shirt while the kids play in the ocean without you because you just aren’t comfortable on the beach in that two piece that you wore three years ago.

    It’s time. This time is different because you have Super Slim to curb that 3pm breakdown snacking that negates all your morning success, to help you dig up the motivation to step on the treadmill before you sit down to work, and to help you burn up the calories when you do take it.

    This is your year. Super Slim will help you make it happen.”

    Will this make money? At least double (approx) what the last made (assuming marketing tactics are a control in this experiment).


Because emotion is what people need. Emotion digs beyond the superficial. Emotion speaks to the soul.

And if you sell anything, you need your products to speak to the souls of your would-be customers. Especially if you’re in an online service space because you now have approximately 900X the competition that was once online. And you have to rely on your ability to connect to the heart of the people you want most to work with.

Without the emotion, you’re leaving a roadblock between your ask and their yes.

How to speak to their emotions

By understanding their desires and their fears beyond the superficial, you give yourself the advantage of whispering into their souls.

That’s where their WHY comes in. And the majority of my client questionnaire questions asks that WHY. The WHY is the lead into everything they truly want.

They want a BMW over a 4Runner? WHY? They want to shop a Neiman Marcus over Saks? WHY? They would rather spend their Friday nights around a campfire with 2 of their closest friends that at a bar in Ibiza? WHY?

The psychographics that guides each and every one of your prospect’s decisions are the things that also lead you to writing the copy that guides them to the YES!

So. Know their WHY. Write emotional copy. Make more money. WHY? Because emotion is what drives higher sales.

And if you’re focused on your clients and don’t have time or the inclination to dig deep enough to write that emotion, I am happy to do it for you with the Black Diamond Copy promo - more than doubling your ROI on this particular package.

Grab four pages of copy (Home, About, Services, and a SALES PAGE) for the OBSCENE (and limited time) price of $699. WHY? Because I want you to win. And this is a powerful way to do it.

Copywriting as a Pillar of the Creative

In a market as crowded as yours, the 7,987,692 businesses all have ONE shot at making a difference. That shot is the Creative.  

If you can nail the Creative, you can elevate your brand above the standards of your competition and your industry.  

Because the Creative is the means to the attention. How many ads do you overlook in your Facebook feed because they either a) don’t apply to you or b) they DO apply, but it feels tired and stale?? Think about that for a sec.  

And since you know that to be truth, you already know that allowing yourself to run ads that are standard or substandard is basically throwing your money away.

What is the Creative?? 

The Creative is the visual and the text of an ad campaign. Copywriting is half the Creative. Design is the other half.  

So, slapping “Make more money, working less” on an ad with a smiling coach or internet marketer on it, is lazy Creative.  

Copywriting has to be given its due. You don’t run ads half-cocked. You let them bake and ruminate until fully developed. Only you need to make that “fully developed” period last no longer than 1 hour.



Copywriting that explains and enhances the visual.

That’s winning at the Creative.

Now. How do you write the copy that helps the Creative win? 

  1. You know who your copywriting has to appeal to.

    Are your buyers mostly male or female?
    What stage of life are they in?
    Where do they live?
    What’s their income?

    We use the demographics only for a basis for copywriting. The real fun comes with the next question.

  2. You UNDERSTAND said buyer.

    Not just the demo, but the psychographics. How they think, how they feel, what they long for, what they struggle with.

    Copywriting is based in emotion because emotion sells. And that is your sole goal. So ask the hard questions:

    What does your buyer like to do for fun? WHY?
    What dreams light them up? WHY?
    What struggles do they face every single day? WHY?
    What music do they love? WHY?
    (See a pattern here??)
    What’s their clothing style? WHY?
    What would they drive if money was no option? WHY?

    Copywriting based on emotion is copywriting that is based on the WHY. Why do they do the things they do? THAT’S how you sell to them.

  3. You know what your product solves.

    Know every struggle that your product the eyes of your customer...not just in the way that YOU know. So, know what users have to say about your product and list them all.

    Then cross that with the people who are your ideal customers to come up with 3-5 different headlines that speak to the things people have said about your product and what you know about the people who buy it.

  4. You don’t settle for the same trite statements that you see spewed every day.

    Triteness is lazy copywriting.

    THIS is the place where you get to unleash your inhibitions and allow your mind and your heart to speak to those you want buying yo’ stuff.

    THIS is the creative of the Creative.

    Avoid buzzwords like “more money” and “better work/life balance” and “feel like a kid again”.

    Avoid jargon that only people in your industry will understand.

    Write in specifics. THAT’S copywriting that hits home.

  5. You have a BUDGET for the Creative.

    Spending $5 won’t get you many results...not even with Facebook. It will get you SOME, but not enough to convert.

    So, allot a sizable enough budget that will.

  6. You hire a team that can serve up the Creative if you can’t do it yourself.

    I hired Dani because I knew I couldn’t pull off the design aspect of the Creative like I should. And because of that, our traffic is growing and so are our conversions.

    Likewise, if you don’t have the copywriting down or you don’t have the design portion of the Creative, put together a team that will elevate your business with you.

Copywriting and design are the Creative that you need to stand out in your industry. Take them as seriously.

Copy That Removes Barriers From Coaching Sites

It was black. Slinky. And oh so sexy. It beckoned your hips. You knew that dress would accentuate all the right parts of you. The debate in your mind was lost before it was ever started.

So you popped it into your cart. Ready!

But by like the 30th second of the ordering process, you were already pissed off because 1) you were trying to type on the phone and the site didn’t pre-populate the fucking fields for you because that would be too much trouble and 2) what the fuck does your mother’s maiden name have to do with your purchase?

SO. If you’re me? You said “Fuck this” and went to Amazon.

If you’re patient, then you likely went ahead with the order.

But what if your clients and customers are me? What if we’re landing on your site, reading your copy and thinking, “fuck this, I don’t need to read about yet another life coach who is still charging $9,000 per hour for shit that sounds exactly like the other shit I’ve read on 10 sites this morning, alone.

“Yeah, thanks.”

X. (<---that’s the site closing...did you get it??)

Copy removes barriers when done well. It sets them up to say yes before they even know all the details.

I shit you not.

I get people who read a headline and are like, BAM! I’m in!

Then I get people who read every word because they couldn’t NOT read each one.


Because copy written to the soul, from the soul, removes barriers that prevent people from saying “Nah, not now, bruh.”

The soul knows.

It understands the person who needs you most. It understands what fears the prospect might have about buying from you. It understands what that potential client LONGS to hear.

It can remove the barriers that are the doubts if you use it right.


Soulful copy still needs culling.

This is permission to write from your soul, but also to edit like a fucking ruthless boss on a Monday morning after the festival of all festivals who is not ready for your hungover bullshit.

Because powerful, soulfully written words need to speak with authority. Not dictator-style wording.

More like, “I’ve been doing this for 900 years and gotten life-changing results for all my clients”-style wording.

How? How do you cut out pieces of your heart???

By remembering that the more you linger in a space, the more you endanger your chances of a yes.

Copy should be concise. Keep the really, really important parts by remembering that every single word has a purpose and should lead straight to the yes.

So assess each line and ask, “Am I straying too far away from the headline and closing the loop?”

Editing is really the polishing on the gem that your heart sputters out to you. And it’s super important that you don’t let your romantic idea of standing and pouring it all out to your ideal client prevent you from making sales.

Tell them all about the struggles the two of you are going to end together and how beautiful their lives are going to be when your sessions are over and how you’ve worked with this one and that one and this is what happened and this is how happy they are now.

All these things matter in their minds.

Because if you can’t paint these pictures for them, you’ve not removed the wall and all the barriers that are automatically up in their minds about buying from anybody...especially coaches, since they’ve likely been burned a gazillion times by shitty people.

Your goal: Write from the heart to remove the barriers that are their own doubts and cynicism, edit like a fucking boss and make sure you hit all their pains and pleasure points. All of them.

 Any questions? Hit me! <3

10 Steps to Attracting the People You Actually WANT on your Client Roster

The other day, I asked how I could help some magnificent chicks in Nathalie Guerin’s Manifesting Group.

More than one said, “How do I find the road-map to the women who are ready to invest in themselves?”

Did you get that?


It’s the coach’s dream, right? Have the women they WANT to work with knocking down their doors. But the question is wrong. You don’t go looking for women ready to invest in themselves. You ask how the fuck can I show up like a BOSSso these women feel they need me.

That’s what you should ask. You don’t go looking for people. That said, you DO show up where they are, but you’re the hunted, not the hunter. Dig?

So how do you become the hunted?


It was full-on DIY. And I get it. I lived there, too. Money’s tight when you’re starting out, so you don’t have a Tech VA or a Director of Magic helping you do shit. BUT, the longer you’re willing to stay and play in that space, the longer you’ll stay small.

It wasn’t until I invested in a team that the game changed for the better. The more I invested, the more I made. Simple business finance 101.

Anyway, IF you have to DIY, then here’s what I told her, take these answers and run with them:

1. If you want women who are ready to invest, your site needs to reflect it. (Because investing in yourself means you’re expecting them to pay top dollar, so you want a site that appeals to those women.) That may mean at least paying for a premium theme, even if you’re going to chuck hours making look pro. Because 2010 on WP is NOT gangsta and does not say, “Yo! I get results!”

2. Have a clear, specific message on your Home Page, instead of leading with questions you HOPE are the questions your ideal clients may be asking themselves prior to reading. In other words, “Is this you: Are you tired of chasing kids down because they didn’t follow your directions the first time they were given? Are you nauseous when you see the pile of laundry that needs to be put away?” You should already KNOW that’s what these women are looking for. So you lead with AUTHORITY and say, “They listened. The first time. The laundry? Isn’t piled in chairs across the house waiting to be put away. And you? You’re on schedule to have your uninterrupted bubble bath. No, the kids aren’t at grandma’s. They’re home. But thanks to the new system you’ve mastered, bliss abounds.” Anyway, you get the idea.

3. Use language that isn’t what everyone is reading on everyone else’s sites. (i.e., scrap transformation, life, coach, etc LOL) Trigger words should trigger interest and pique their brains to continue reading, not trigger it to shut down (which is what words like coach, transformation, etc do). Words that our brains are overly exposed to cause the brain to stop reading. Buzz words? Trigger reading in the beginning, but once it’s been used a few million times, the eyes start to glaze over and the back button is the next thing they look for. Keep your language fresh.

4. Inject your personality into your site. People buy from people they like. You have to be willing to stand out and stand above the noise if you want people to notice you, to gravitate toward you. And if you have a hard time doing that? Your profits will suffer. Hire a copywriter. Make sure they get you. Make sure they understand you and your vibe. A good copywriter can put nice words on your site. A great one can make you think you wrote it yourself.

5. Show up daily in social media to help and demonstrate your prowess in your niche. THIS IS A FUCKING MUST. If you are not out there, shaking babies and kissing hands, you are losing. Period. But posting in groups has to be done WELL in order for it to work. SO many people think, “Hey! I showed up! I posted about my offer. They saw me.” And think that’s all they have to do. WRONG. You have to show up and be helpful. You have to get out there to MEET people, not pimp yo’ shit.

6. Ask for referrals. No shit. Ask your past clients if they know anyone who needs your services. If you can, give them an incentive. Mine get a free edit on a sales page (usually $699) if they send me someone who books one of my two top sellers. What can you offer them for sending you money?

7. Talk about your work. People hate this shit. And I don’t know if it’s because they’re shy, they don’t know their fucking industry like they should, or they just don’t want to win. But if you don’t swallow your goddamn insecurities about sharing what you do, you won’t make anything. Those women you’re looking for won’t even know you exist.

8. Try new groups, but don’t be surprised that they don’t work. Groups are dying. Well, maybe that’s not right. Maybe they’re not. But the way they’re being used is killing them. Groups arose out of Facebook’s algorithm to limit who saw people’s biz page posts in an attempt to garner more ad money (really, you can’t blame them). And in the beginning, groups were a place where people went and networked and really connected. But most people misuse them and simply self-promote. They’re not really there to help people and guess what? People can tell. Your shit gets passed right by and no one even likes, much less comments on them. Notice that? Change the way you use groups and change your results. Try new groups. Try groups that don’t allow self-promotion. It’s a longer game, but fuck it doesn’t get any longer than content marketing.

9. Step into new arenas. Be a guest on podcasts. Create your own. Create a feature on your blog or YouTube channel where you connect with other entrepreneurs. Write for some big publications. No, not HuffPo. Get featured on your local news. Go do some philanthropy work.

10. Develop your IT factor, the thing that makes you somebody that people truly love when you show up. This is the KEY to making ALLLLLL of this shit happen. You have an innate magnetism. Develop it. USE IT. Because when you do, you’ve mastered the Art of Sass and you’ve stepped into who you were truly born to be. And guess what? People LOOOVE that shit. Time to leave your shell behind.

And as a bonus, the last step is: Invest in yourself. Because if you want people to invest in you, you have to invest, as well. 


They Won’t Respond Without This in Your Copy

The reason they don’t respond to your posts and your blogs is because you don’t give them a reason to.

WHY is a Universal question that has to be evident in EVERYTHING.

It’s WHY that’s passion.

It’s WHY that sparks movement in your needles.

It’s WHY that moves their souls to action.

WHY should they read your post if they don’t see intrigue, fire, and THEIR WHY in your words?

Day in and day out in social, people are passing your posts by. The market is saturated with people screaming their messages. And yours doesn’t look any different. So they roll on past without a clue that you really are the money coach, success coach, or transformation coach they need.


Because they don’t see WHY you are different.

They don’t see WHY your solutions are better than the next.

They don’t see THEIR WHY riddled in your words.

How do you make the WHY work for you?

You make their WHY, YOUR WHY.

People read what I write and are like, WTF? How do you do that?

It’s because I understand their WHY and it goes front and center. My words, the blood on the pages, are not my blood. I mean, it is my blood, but it’s your blood I bled for you.

You have to look deep into their souls to give them what they are missing. You have to see past the dollar signs you want crowding your inbox. You have to look beyond your own WHY to show them the reflection they long to see staring back at them.

I’ve always said “Excellent copy makes the reader feel like THEY wrote it.” It’s not just blown up words that have no WHY behind them.


Because that WHY allows you to expose their deepest fears and their highest goals.

People don’t buy because you SAID you’re the best at what you do. They buy because they feel the emotion behind the words. Emotion comes from empathy, compassion, and FIRE.

Don’t sell them a new life.

Sell them on a life that allows them more time to see the world with their kids. Sell them on being the go-to in their industry. Sell them on calendars that are booked until next year, so that not another day is spent in regret because they didn’t have the time to see that little league game Josh wanted them to be there for.

People buy on emotion.

And WHY is one of the most powerful emotions you can bleed.

Understand them. Feel their pain and their desires, as well as you feel your own. Know them as well as you know your spouse or your kids.

When you understand them the way I do, writing to them becomes second nature. It’s the spark that grows into fire that consumes them. It’s what makes their fires for more, burn out of control.

And when that fire is out of control they line up for you. You get that waiting list you’re working for. You build that business that pushes you to the next level of business. They come at you with money in hand, ready…without a doubt, without a fight in their hearts.

They need you. They need you to walk them out of their darkness. They need you to be the you, that you know you are, so you can help them become who they know they can and want to be.

The Result of the WHY.

When they see the change that you make easy they don’t question your ability to work miracles with them.

They don’t question if Coach So-and-So is better than you are.

They don’t wonder if they are investing in the right coach for their business.


Want to make them feel what you know they have to feel? Hit me. Let’s talk about how we can create a Diamond Evolution for you that will set your gem apart from the rest of the Net, creating the backlog of clients you want in your pipeline.

Copy Isn't Enough

Copy is words. Words that are meant to sell.

But most people stop at the “words” part. They sit down to type up their website and put exactly what they do, who they do it for, and how…without any emotion, whatsoever…on their pages.

I see this all the time.

“Sue Bee, Life Coach.”

“Are you tired of feeling lost and without direction in your life? Are you ready to see a change for the better?” 

“Then, you’re ready for Sue Bee Life Coaching. I work with high-achieving entrepreneur women who are ready to have it all. I help clients from all over the world who are ready to sit at the head of the table and lead their companies to greatness.”

I’m not kidding.

This format does two things:

  1. Wreaks of DIY bullshit. Those “clients all over the world” equal one in the UK and one in Canada.
  2. Fails to tap even an ounce of emotion that could convert to even one sale.

Therefore, is likely the work of someone who isn’t a pro at what she does. Or maybe she is, but she’s DIY’ing everything in hopes to pull in a client or two to help pay for a new site.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not wrong to do ANYTHING to get started. But it is. LOL

What I mean is she’s investing time she should be PERFECTING HER CRAFT in things she shouldn’t ever have to focus on.


Well, exceptional copy…the kind of copy that pulls in thousands and thousands of dollars isn’t.

Exceptional, profitable, competition-crushing copy is copy that is pulled from one place: The heart.

When it comes from the heart (mine or yours), the emotion is UNDENIABLE. Connections are never formed over cold keys or stale pixels. Connections are formed over blood. Pure and simple.

It’s the difference between:

“You are a woman who gets what she wants and isn’t content to sit back and watch the world go by.” (OMG the cliches! – remind me to tell you about Brain Shut-Down one day.)


“Because what I see is when I look at you is a bold woman who gets what she wants without question, who flirts with adventure on the daily, whose life is filled with luxury and love (and champagne-flavored kisses), who enraptures the world around her (and returns the love in kind), who stares unblinkingly at her fears and who gets swept the fuck up in her desires and dreams.” (Copy written for a past client…I really should tell you how I was able to write this…note for another post.)

Now. Let’s take a vote. Which one made you FEEL something?


They are both copy. But one is COPY WITH FIRE.

That fire is what made you take notice. That fire is what hooks people in the heart when they read it. It’s what makes them say, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” in their best “When Harry Met Sally” diner scene voice.

You see, that last one was written from a place of understanding. Okay. FINE. I’ll tell the damn story now.

That piece was written while I was dolled up in my heels, makeup straight from Vogue, and Britney Spears playing in my ear. Shut up. I role play when I write…what? It fucking works, doesn’t it??

I digress (I say this way too much…stay on topic, doof).

Anyway, I dug DEEP for that – for ALL the copy that went to that client. And she loved it.

My ability to take the time to dig deep allowed her to focus on what she needed to focus on. So I took care of the heavy lifting.




IF you want sales, copy isn’t enough. You need emotion. Deep, raw, emotion…lit with a flaming Harley-Davidson Zippo.


Hit me. I’ll make your dreams of having copy that competes with the Marie Forleo’s and Derek Halpern’s of your industry a reality.

Why Your $5000 Packages Aren't Selling

Selling $5000 packages requires a little more finesse than throwing them up anywhere on your site. You can’t list a $5000 package with your Services Page with little more than fodder at the top telling them they need you. That package needs a home of its own. It’s a big motherfucker. It needs a space big enough to claim its rights.

You’re asking people to give you their monthly salary in order for some knowledge you have locked away in the hidden spaces of your mind.

And you want to box it in on a little space not bigger than a few social blurbs.

It doesn’t work.

You can’t expect them to be convinced in that little box of text (usually sans any proof, as well).

Speaking of convincing, this is a side note for you: Your job is never to convince someone that they need your services, you’re convincing them that you are the ONLY choice for said services, which they already know they need. Dig?

Back to this other shit.

Give me $1799 to write you a new website that make them need only you for what you do.

There. Were you convinced?

Try this:

Give me $1799 to create words that set your sales on fire, make them adore you, and that make you the ONLY choice in your industry.

Because without the right words, their hearts could be turned away, instead of turned on.

That? Means your profits could go into the negatives. For real. Words mean money, when said and read right.

Now. Here’s the button. Pay me $1799 to make a difference in your bank account.

No? Still not convinced?

Of course you’re not. You’re not stupid. You know you work hard for your money. You know that I need to show you that powerful, edgy copy is the way to slip and slide your way into their hearts, but you also want to know your friends have tried it and they like it.

You also want to know people have gotten results from it.

You also want to know that your $1799 will earn you waaaaaaay more than that.

That’s why a package that’s $500 or more needs its own fucking home. Period. End of story.

You want to skimp? Skimp where your NAME and YOUR BRAND are not at risk. Skimp where the results don’t directly affect your bottom line.

Skimp where your customers are NOT involved.

Take the extra time and effort you need to take to create a drool-worthy page that makes them throw their hands in the air and sing “Glory, glory, halleluja”.

Here’s the fucking how:

  1. UNDERSTAND their biggest pain and (or) benefit to working with you and use the fuck out of that shit for your headline. But don’t give it all away in the beginning. They’re willing to work for it, make them...with love. Use a headline that calls out the benefit or pain (I prefer one, but I won’t tell you which), YET is based in intrigue so they NEED to read that next line. See how that works? You have to learn to tease them.

  2. Create body copy that literally slices their heart with a thousand tiny cuts. If you know their pain and suffering, this is the fucking EASY part. (I will NOT divulge how many times I’ve danced around to music I HATE to get me in their brains. So when I say “easy”, I don’t mean easy, easy LOL) Remind them of the reasons they’re looking for this service in the first place. And do it with love. Because the real pain? Is coming next.

  3. Pour fucking MORTON’S in those wounds you re-opened. Yeah, I’m sadistic like that. And it works. You reminded them of WHY they were there, NOW...remind them of how much that pain hurts by really digging into their flesh with their longings. (I know, I’s a hard job, I’m glad I love it.)

  4. Hand them the goddamn band-aid. YOUR brand of band-aid. Because if they’re on your site, SOMETHING brought them there. SOMETHING made them think, “Fuck yeah, I want to work with her/him/donuts”. This is where you get to reveal your magic. This is where you get to say, “I’m the ONLY motherfucker who is going to save you, now pay me” - Only with less “fuck you”.

  5. Remind them all their friends are doing it, they’re buying your brand of band-aid. Remind them that they would be so wise as to listen because… Pepper your copy with testimonials in the places it makes sense to see words of praise from your loyal buyers.

  6. Fucking TELL THEM WHAT TO DO. You want them to sign up? Fucking ASK. You want them to book a Discovery Call? Fucking ASK. You want them to buy? WTF? We’re talking $5K!! That shit ain’t going to happen without a Discovery Call. Duh.

There you go. Knock this fucking shit out of the park and set up a sales page that SELLS your $5000 package. Or, if it’s too hard, let me take that weight off your delicate shoulders.

The Foundation of Your Greatest Work Starts Here

Lost in Facebook again. Sitting down to work, without doing the prep is exactly how shit gets fucked up. Whether it’s product design, package customization, or client meetings, if you don’t do the prep work beforehand, you’ve lost.

Either time, money, or traction. Or all three.

Because your brain isn’t ready, it takes time to dig in and find your sweet spot. So naturally you gravitate toward the things that you shouldn’t, like Facebook, email, and checking prices on massages.

Skipping the Pain

When a client comes to me and says, “I need a sales page” or “I need copy for my website”, they’re telling me two things: I haven’t been getting results and I need help.

So, I listen to the goals they have for their project. I listen to what they say about the work they’ve done and what they want to do for other people, then I think. And the flow is kicked off.

Because so many times, we want to skip the hard part. We want to put words on the page and say we’re done. And if you’re lucky, or freakishly over-qualified, you are.

But in most cases, it takes time. It takes reading, reading, and reading. It takes looking at patterns and analyzing them. It takes study. Before you ever pick up a pen to bleed a word or craft a growth strategy.

I’ve contributed copy to 5- and 6- figure launches. I’ve penned I have NO idea how many words (one day I want to calculate that) that people proudly display on their sites, I’ve taken syllables and turned them into currency.

But not without the pain of prep work.

We like to rush, but we don’t like the results of rushing.

So, if you have a project in front of you (and you have 9.876M other tasks to complete simultaneously) you have to decide what’s going to get your attention. Because if you don’t put 100% of YOU into the prep work? You’re not going to get 1000% return on your effort.

How to Create Flow

Walk up to your project with your goal in mind. Know EXACTLY what you want to accomplish. (I, for example, recently penned Facebook posts for a client who requested I write words that will bring $10K clients, so I started with that in mind: “I want $10K women to see these words and need what’s at the end of them.”)

Then, ask yourself, HOW. How will you bring in those high-end clients with the work you’re doing? What do those clients think of themselves? What do they struggle with? What do they want MOST from this life that you can give them?

Here’s the rub: What you think the answer is? Is rarely the answer. It’s a stepping stone to it. But you’ll never uncover what it truly is...without prep work.

Learn EVERYTHING. Leave nothing uncovered when it comes to yourself and the people you want to work with. Read what your clients write on Facebook. I’m not talking light reading. I’m talking “I’m going to fucking fail this exam if I don’t soak this shit up” kind of reading.

Watch their Youtube channel. Scour their Pinterest pins. Look for dots you can connect.

Then step waaaay away from them. Because THOSE are the sneaky bitches that YOU don’t want to see. You have to dig deeper.

What comes naturally to your mind, is rarely the key to doing the hocus pocus and making words become money.

You want creative? You HAVE to do the prep work.

Research, unearth, connect, disconnect, reconnect, pen.

Then edit, edit, edit.

Then edit some more.

Then question yourself. Question your results. Question your sanity. Scream, cry, evolve.

And publish.

Cash in. Because you did the prep work.

And if you don’t want or CAN’T because you need to do everything else, hit me. I LOVE the pain of bleeding over clients’ goals. And I LOVE the results they get from it.

Your Voice Pisses Me Off

Your voice pisses me off.Rockstar singing girl voice Because it’s not YOU. You are full of fire and personality, or you wouldn’t be an entrepreneur. You have pizzazz and style. You have thoughts, ideas, why are you hiding behind STERILE copy, snooze-worthy Facebook posts or common words that don’t fit you OR the brand you know you could be.

Ball-Buster women are hiding their true voice because not everybody “gets” them, not everybody reacts well to them.

Fuck them.

Little Miss Sunshines are hiding their glorious giddiness for the same reason: Because not everybody LIKES a Little Miss Sunshine.

Fuck them.

What if Ben & Jerry had said, “Let’s contain our idiotic ideas because not everyone will ‘get’ our jokes?” Think about that for a sec.

What if Express had said, “Let’s just tone down our lux so everyone will like our brand”? You’d be buying at Dillard’s.

What if Victoria’s Secret had said, “Let’s just not spread half naked woman across our windows and the pages of our catalog”? Would you still buy from them?

No. You buy Ben & Jerry’s, not only because that shit is pure sin in a cup, but because they paint their personality all over what they create. You buy Express because you deserve to feel luxurious, even on a casual day. You buy Victoria’s Secret because you want to feel sexy.

And what makes you feel these things? Their brands. Their marketing. Their messages. Which are chock FULL of personality and WOW.

So why are you stifling yours? Because you want to appease to no-matter-fucks who aren’t going to buy from you anyway?

Because you don’t know how?

Because you want everyone to like you?

Your branding, your marketing IS your voice, with YOUR attitude (regardless if you’re balls-to-the-wall or sun on a cloudy day), with YOUR take on the world, whispers secretly into the hearts of the customers who want to throw their money at you.

It speaks utterances of love and passion that only YOUR voice can.

You want them to love you? Be YOU. Use YOUR voice. Let the souls who need you and your products find you. And stop trying to please them all.

The entrepreneur who doesn’t whittle away at the masses, doesn’t find massive success.

How to Find Your Voice

To find your brand and your message...your need to artfully chip away at your preconceptions about what’s acceptable and what isn’t. Because everything is acceptable. You are you. Find it in your words.

Write a letter to your best friend. Read it, out loud, back to yourself. And listen for the inflections in your tones.

Never write copy as though you’re writing for a business. You write it as if you’re writing for a lover.

Write shit drafts. And edit the fuck out of them.

Let a friend or family member who knows you read your words and see if they rep you.

Practice. Practice. Practice. Or let me take the ten-ton mountain off your head.

Don’t be shy, use YOUR’s a gorgeous one.

Products and Services Descriptions DON'Ts

Deception necklace | Badass'D Biz+Ink This necklace at screamed for me.

Even though I'm not much of an online shopper because I like to check things out before there's the instant gratification thing, right?

But, I HAD to have it! So order, I did...even on mobile. OMG That's an annoying process. Anyway, after days of waiting impatiently for the postman to bring my prezzie, it finally arrived!!

I ran to the kitchen with the package, singing as I cut open the box. Yarr!! I took out the necklace and said, "What the hell is this?" OMG Do you KNOW how disappointing that is???

I bet you do! How many times have you bought something online, then wanted to kick the person that wrote the description when it arrived and it wasn't at all what you wanted??

It wasn't your fault. You're innocent, I tell ya! It's the site's fault. They should have taken better care to write up product descriptions that will make you want it AND give you an accurate idea of what you're getting. It's easy! Mostly.

Products and Services Descriptions Matter

Each product/service description is an opportunity to tell a story, to make a buyer FEEL how their lives will change because of it. In the case of the necklace above, there was very little in the way of description (like one line with no specifications mentioned), so technically, I shouldn't have bought it, but the image sold me. The image made me feel, even the one liner was good. But had it been done right, they wouldn't have had to refund my moula because I wasn't the right buyer for the product. (I loved it, but it was as big as my head!)

Are Your Customers Feeling It

When your prospects see your offering, are they seeing a nondescript write ups like this:

Editorial Calendar Services, $125: 25 blog topics

Or this:

Blog Content Master Plan, $125: Don't skip another week of blogging and let the blank screen win again. Sit down each week and add your expertise to the topics already laid out for you so you can concentrate on the rest of your life. So you can HAVE a life. 25 topics laid out by category so you simply rotate categories to have new content ideas each week for 4 months (plus a bonus topic) and earn your title as content marketing master.

They're both accurate, but see the difference? The second description related back to the suffering that often comes with creating blog content and gave you an easy way out. You could feel the relief in the "so you can HAVE a life" sentence, making that $125 sooo worth the spend. Not the competitor's above which simply states "25 blogging topics".

Which one would you spend on?

The Lesson

Create drool-worthy products and services descriptions by crafting ones that make them NEED what you're offering. Don't leave anything to chance. Oh, and don't dream up stuff that doesn't apply to what you're offering. That's most important. Draw accurate pictures for your prospects, they'll adore you for it.

What's the best product description you've seen? One that made you click "buy" as soon as you read it??

Kick ass this week!

Tania Dakka |Badass'D Biz+Ink




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Why Badass is Sexy on You (+ Your Business)

Chad Gray | Tania Dakka Bikers, babes, and bad attitudes. That's what people said they thought of when they heard the term “badass”.

Nope. That’s not it, at all.

Badass is confidence. It’s authority. It’s the emotion, the connection, that your users feel when they land on your site because they can tell you know your stuff.

Doesn't matter if you drive a Honda or a Camaro. Whether you wear White Stag or Prada. Or even whether you listen to Justin Beiber or HELLYEAH (Okay, it DOES matter if you listen to Justin Beiber!).

It’s about an attitude that creates a tantalizing experience for people so they consider doing business with you.

That’s what Badass’d is.

Making people fall in love with what you do and how you'll finally be able to end their struggles with losing weight, learning to run a business, or whatever's keeping them up at night is Badass'd.

It's also about the ability to make them feel, build bridges, and close the gaping divide that stands between them and their less stressful lives.

So, if you’re wondering whether or not your business needs badassery amidst it’s pages, the answer is: Without a doubt.

Without Badassery in your Business

Your reader's been looking for the right coach for weeks. She’s frustrated and tired of the wannabes that slap guru behind their name and call themselves leaders. They could no more help her find her way out of a one way tunnel with a train headed their way at the other end than help her finally conquer her fears.

And she’s tired of looking.

Then, lo and behold, someone happened to RT one of your tweets and it caught her attention. And like a good boy, your recent tweaks to your Twitter profile nailed the intrigue factor for her. (I'm so proud of you!! ;) )

Let the stalking begin!

Now, she’s tracked you to your site. Oh my. Your profile sounded so much livelier than this. Your tone is flat. Your words don’t resonate with her fears. She’s lost and confused. You really can’t help her like she thought.

Oh well. Click.

Gone is one more potential client. One more person you could have helped out of the darkness.

What IF...

What if you had actually badass’d your site? What if you either did it yourself, or outsourced it to a copywriter, and had your authority and your voice put out there in a way that actually SPOKE to her? In a way that made her feeeeeeel her fears could actually be conquered?

Cue the squiggly remembering lines that used to be on TV - and if you’re not old enough to remember...well, ask your mama, she’ll explain it. ;)

Imagine Stalker landed on your site and the first words she read were the words she’d been longing to hear. Words that didn’t sound JUST like every other guru/coach/wannabe celebrity on the net. What if your site were graffitied with personality and confidence? What if you peppered your business with the authority that you actually are?

Think Stalker would click away then?

My guess is that she’d hurry to subscribe to your email list. Then, she’d be off to follow you all over social media. Not because you made her an empty promise, but because she felt the echo of that promise, that bridge you built, in her soul.

So, your assignment right now is to either sign up to get a handy PDF that’ll help you DIY your copy or find someone who can badass it for you. Because your words are not just pixels on the screen. They’re the lifeblood of your biz.

Thanks for reading! Have an MASSIVE week! Tania


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Get More Followers on Social Media (Without a Fiverr account!)

Marilyn | Tania DakkaYou’re at the mall, Chick comes up and says hi. Your mouth says hi, but your eyes and mind are somewhere else: They’re checking out the hottie red lipstick and black mini dress she’s wearing. Immediately, you begin either validating her or dismissing her as some tramp who should be sitting on the corner of 5th and Main. Don't tell me you didn't. ;) Her black dress and red lips caught your attention and made you want to talk more. Made you need to talk more. You wanted to find out why she dressed for cocktails just to go shopping for watches at a makeshift kiosk in the middle of the afternoon. You’re curious.

The red lips did their job. They got your attention. They piqued your curiosity because that’s what they were for.

Just like your social media profiles. They're there to pique the curiosity of the people you interact with.

If you’re hanging out on Twitter, you’ve got a 140 characters to be those red lips, but then, your bio has to be the black cocktail dress in the mall at 2pm in only 160 characters. Because if you’re out shopping in your sweats (which I know you would NEVER do anyway, right??), no one’s going to need to start a convo with you.

Get me?

Jazz things up a bit. Make them wonder about you. Make them say, “YES! I need more!” if you want them to follow you.

Sexify those bios and kickstart the relationships you’re trying to build online.

And, if you’re using social media right, it’s a very powerful tool for your biz. 96.8983% of the clients I work with came from social media. I’ve never attempted direct mail or advertising. They’ve all come from Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

Why? Because my social copy, my profiles, were their intros to me and what I do.


People who like to throw up exactly who they are and what they do for their social copy, thinking “I’ll be short and to the point” get hit or miss results. They might reel in a few new followers, but they don’t often snag the true fans. The ones that matter.

And if you’re not attracting that kind of follower, you’re wasting *gasp!!* time. And time is what?? You know it. ;)

Your social profile is your biz's magnet. Once they find you interesting (which they’ll only do if you hit that profile right), the next place they’ll go is where? Your home base. Your website. Your headquarters. Target acquired! ;)

But that’s a-whole-nother ball game we’ll talk about another time. Right now, you need and want as many people as possible huddling around you on social so you can bring them into your fold. And you’re only going to do that with social profiles that scream “AWESOME!”

Get More from Your Social Media Profile

Make your social profile about what they want/need. Lead off with a hint of what they are looking for, then add the sprinkles of uniqueness that is you. Because without the “extra”, you’re all biz and all B-O-R-I-N-G.

Get me?

Lesson this week: Do NOT ignore your social copy. It’s muy importante. As important as leathers to bikes or Chad Gray to HELLYEAH. And if you have a hard time tooting your horn, it’s okay. I love telling people how amazing you are. ;)

Now, your assignment (and you have no choice but to accept it!): Make a list of all your active social networks and visit each profile. Juice them up. Refresh them. Make them black cocktail dresses at the mall at 2pm.

When you’re done, come by and leave a link to your best one and let’s get to know each other!

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Thanks for hanging with me this week! I soo appreciate your time! Don't forget to leave those links to your social profile so we can get to know each other better!