They won't be able to get enough of you

Authority. It matters like a mofo.

Because when readers visit a site, they (almost) immediately make a judgment about whether or not you know what the fuck you’re doing and if you can/should be trusted.

I just completed a Diamond Evolution for a client that literally KICKED my ASS.

The project did. Not her.

She’s one of the most “woo” of all my 300 clients. And I had no idea how I was going to pull off making her a BOSS at what she does.

But I did.

And she’s in love with her words.

The point is: She’s woo & laid back.

I am not, so I needed to walk the woo line with care. Her site needed to make the reader feel like she’s the real deal. So the copy on this project (as with all of them) bleeds authority – in her voice.

I’m always asked, “Yeah, but I don’t say FUCK, how will your words sound on my site?”

My answer is always the same: “My words will sound like they came from your lips.”

I’m balls-to-the-wall. I’m loud. I love to have fun.

The majority of my clients are VERY different from me. But, authority isn’t expressed by the word, “FUCK.”

Authority is expressed in the words that layout information with emotion, confidence, and prowess.


  1. You can live the life you want, if you’re willing to do what it takes to get there.



  1. The marble floors, the months on the beach, the vacations to destinations unknown are all in your hand. IF you’re not scared to put in the hours, the creativity, the soul it takes to work for them.

Authority is the tone. It’s the emotion of your deep-seeded knowledge of your ideals and your work. When you can get that emotion across in a creative and concise way, you win the internet. Or at least a portion of it.

Emotion is what people look for when they read. They’re not looking for words or facts, they are looking for what arises deep in them when the words enter their eyes, then drips right down into their hearts.

A good copywriter can put words, facts, and features in a logical fashion on the page. And they’ll likely use a WHOLE FUCKTON of non-sensical, unrelated analogies to make it SOUND like they know what they are doing.

But a kickass copywriter puts themselves aside to write from YOUR soul, so you can speak to the souls that you long to work with – in YOUR words.

Good copy gets the reader’s attention. Excellent copy makes them feel like they wrote it.

Copywriter Shopping Tip: Look for a copywriter with a versatile style, an intuitive head, and the ability to make them FEEL your expertise. Ask for references. Look at portfolios. Use your OWN intuition to decide.

Or book a Laser Shot to see if I’m your copywriter.

But whatever you do (DIY, book it out, or join us in Fire of the Diamond to get power feedback), make the words you use evoke emotion and ooze authority.

Authority on your pages is what creates trust and likability (read: Sales).

You know your shit. Let them know it.