Is Your Site Doing the ONE Thing You Need It To Do?

Stale and disconnected or fresh and emotion-packed for a SOULFUL connection?

It’s up to you.

Copy that feels new, that is energized by emotion is copy that shows off the real you. You know, the you that doesn’t freeze up and not know what to say once you sit behind your keyboard? Yeah, that you.

It connects people to your business because it allows them to feel your why, so they feel connected to your mission. So they are more inclined to become customers.

Your website is your storefront and your employees. It shouldn’t “explain” who you are and what you do. It should graphically and boldly paint an indelible mural about your business, one they can’t take their eyes off of.

The first brushstroke, the first word, on your site sets the tone for the entire piece.

Your copy is the masterpiece that sends people on down the line of the web to the next business they are looking for...or it completely arrests them and holds their breath hostage.

And when they do get their breath back, they keep reading...begging for more of that.

That soul-deep connection is what they have been searching for. It aligns them to your mission and leaves them flipping the pages of your site to see what else you have to offer them.

Calls to Contracts

Another powerful motivator in getting the yes is that people know up front who you are, what you stand for and how you get them what they need.

They book calls with you, but they already know they want to work with you because your copy and your site told them exactly what they needed to know. They only want the call so they can confirm their suspicions.

And the human mind looks for the similarities. So if the emotion that drips across your site has already set them up to FEEL you, they get on the call ready to accept that feeling. (The psychology behind this is our minds don’t want to be wrong, so we look for reasons to be right!)

If your copy is on-point, you get to close more calls with yes’s without even selling.

Without even SELLING.

Your site does it for you.

No more sweating over whether or not you’re answering their questions in ways that will make them want to work with you. No more sweating over being the salesman of your company. No more sweating over whether or not you’re instilling confidence in your ability to deliver results.

Your site does it for you.

All they want to do when they come to you? Is to know that you’re real and that all they felt when they read the site is what they feel on the phone with you.


That’s why it’s UBER important that your site stay fresh and up-to-date and EMOTION-DRIVEN for results.

That’s why it’s UBER important to stay on top of the words they read.

That’s why I write Black Diamond Copy.

And this is how you do it:

  • Draw them in with the magic of your essence shamelessly tattooed on your Home page.

  • Wrap your arms around them with an enthralling About page that pulls them through your story.

  • Show off all the ways you can help them with a Work with Me that sends them reeling and looking for more info.

  • And get the “yes” with a Sales page that touches their pleasures as deeply as it touches their pain, so they want and need you before they get on the call with you.

You have such powerful gifts. Put them on the page to create a SOUL-FILLED connection they won’t want to turn away from.

Go forth and bleed for them. Build your Legend.