Carrying on With Business When Life Kicks You in the Teeth

Tania Dakka | Badass'D Biz+InkTwo weeks of winter break was supposed to be over on Monday. And it looks like it’s not going to be over until Thursday.

No joke. At all. I was supposed to have my freedom to work uninterrupted two days ago. But no. Relief from Mini-UFC less-than-banter-weight battles and toys all over the floor has not yet arrived.

And I miss my bike. :(

Had it not been for this ridiculous weather, I’d have saddled up and hit the road to take my reprieve. But without any way to steal peace of mind, I’m ready to call it quits.

But, I’m not alone.

So many of us are in the same boat. Yes, we love those little monsters, don’t we, Jennifer Hermon? But, we're humans with our own needs (peace and quiet, anyone?).

This weather isn’t helping. But life happens.

Fight the Fight

Some days you feel like fighting the good fight. You get up with a good attitude and you’re ready to rock’n’roll. Life is good. Regardless of the chaos around you.

Other days, though, you just feel like fighting. Period. You’re sick of it and all you can think of is ditching everything and hitting the road. Sometimes that’s okay. You need to. You have to clear your head so you can get focused again.

But too many days like that means too many chances to make a difference slip by and there goes your Three Words and your hope for success. Not to mention, you look at the calendar and it’s freaking June already.

Life’s going to happen. Things are going to be overwhelming at times, but you have to suck it up and move on.

You have client calls to make. Make them. You have creative work to ship. Ship it. You have marketing to be done. Do it. Even if you don't feel like it. The more you force it, the easier it becomes. The less you have to think about it.

Getting up everyday to make shit happen isn’t easy. It’s down right discouraging sometimes, especially if your projects aren’t moving the way you want, you can’t get the funding you need, or clients are yanking you around by your collar. Why fight the good fight anyway?

Your Business is Important

The work you do is important. The world is waiting for you and your gifts. But if everything's getting you down and you're not doing the 9M things that need to be done everyday, then you’re sabotaging yourself. You’re short-changing the world.

It’s too easy, as an entrepreneur, to put business on the back burner when you feel like crap. But, the question is, do you want to wallow in the mire or roll in the dough? Because you can't do both.

No matter how frustrating our situations are, we have to show up. We have to ship. We have to make it all happen. Even if that means getting up at 4:30 in the morning, every morning, to hustle.

Kick Back

When life kicks you in the teeth, kick back. Don’t lay there and take it. Because whatever happened, you probably couldn’t control it anyway, so you’re wasting your energy on events, people, and/or situations you can do exactly zero about.

Not a cool way to go down.

And you’re a Badass. Whatever it was that kicked you can’t kick as hard as you do. Show it what you got.

Tell me in the comments how you're going to kick back when life kicks you again?


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