Bootstrapping no longer has to mean crappy copy

She wanted it. She wanted it all: The dream the Internet was selling. 

The one where she got to put her kids in private school and still travel to Bali, Morocco, and Milan whenever the notion struck her. Not ONCE thinking about the prices of plane tickets for the family.

The dream that showing up and collecting money was as easy as opening her phone in the morning. 

But the problem was she couldn’t see the road to it all. 

She was new. Brand new. 

And the stories of overnight success haunted the FUCK out of her. WHY couldn’t she have what they were having? 

When she researched them and the sites behind the businesses that exploded, all she could do was drool all over her Galaxy. It just wasn’t fair. How did they get to PRO so fast? And the site was as gorgeous as it was heart-wrenching. 

They had a secret. A secret that would slash the learning curve and make it almost non-existent: A big ass budget that allowed them to hire the best people to do the things they couldn’t do. 

But not everyone has that luxury. 

Bootstrapping Doesn’t Have to SUCK

The thing about just starting out is you just don’t have the money to do all the things you need and want to do with your business. 

Does that mean your website should sound like it? 

Absolutely NOT. 

And you can’t really afford to have high-end copywriters writing your copy for you on your starting budget. 

Yet, if you put up subpar copy, you’ll never stretch beyond those minimal budget numbers. 

So what do you do? 

Most people DIY it. And that is an EXCELLENT solution. IF you know how to inject emotion into it. 

Because it isn’t the pushy sales copy that sells, it’s the emotion that creative copy evokes that makes the money. 

So. How DO you evoke emotion? 

By using specific words and phrases that ease the reader into a trance that they can only break if they take action. 

By speaking to the very hopes they have of taking over the world. By acknowledging, and standing in support of, their need to hire teams to help them get funds for their retreats in Morocco and Mallorca this year. 

By speaking to the humanity of the whole thing. 

You’re in business to change the world. And so are your clients. Use that. Speak to those places where dreams and desire live in them. The only thing you need is a deep-seated knowledge of yourself, of them, of the results your business brings to their tables and what they can do with them. 

If you can do that? Then you can get every emotion you need onto the page. 

But if you can’t, there is still a solution for you. 

You can still rock your legend and create the business you truly want and need, in order to make yours and your family’s most extravagant dreams come true. 

My clients are 6- & 7-figure coaches who do not have the time or the desire to pen copy that digs deep and gets them the results they want. So they hire me to do it for them. 

And until you can get to that point, you have access to the copy course that explains emotion and copy and how to get the words on the page that earn you the money you need to uplevel and live your wildest dreams. 

You’re welcome. Every excuse you had has just been thrown out of the window. 

Your copy is about to change for the absolute best. 

If you have any questions, ping me