Blogically Challenged

Blogging is EASY!  You sit down, hash out a few words that people really like and make them feel good and they will follow you through the mire!  Right?  Not.

I am "blogically challenged."  I have these killer ideas that come to me precisely when I walk away from the keyboard.  Nice.  Yes, I know that I am supposed to live with a notebook tethered to the back pocket of  my jeans, but there are beings tied on there already.  (Wait, that means that my hands ARE free!?)

A blog is a readers gateway to information and their connection to the writer.  It is a baited lure.  So deciding what to blog about is a crucial step for an aspiring author who hopes to one day have a best-seller.  We need you to love our voices so much that when that book comes out, you rush to read it and tweet about it to your hundreds of followers on Twitter. 

So this is what this is really about, isn't it?  A blog that leads to readership for it and our novels.

Kristen Lamb, author of We Are Not Alone,  likens a writer's journey to a journey through the Sahara where the French Foreign Legion placed oil drums every mile to help travellers navigate the desert wasteland.  She says by taking this journey one oil drum at a time, we can reach our goals of becoming best-selling authors. 

So by overcoming my blogically challenged nature, I will surpass one of the miles and miles of oil drums that lie ahead.  Notice, I said "will"  not "can."  But, like a good garden, a good blog takes time to cultivate.  I intend to make this web one that you will be glad you are caught in.  And I WILL catch  you, my pretties!  (Sorry, the silly monsters are taking over as it is late for typing!)

Thanks again for reading my rambling for the day!

What say you dear reader?  What made you decide on the blog content that you chose?  Readers without blogs, what blogs do you find yourself frequenting? Informational?  Humorous?  Political?  Newsy?  Leave your comments below.  I love to hear what you have to say:)

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