Beat Your Fear (Or lose it all)

Fear | Tania DakkaDave's Tragedy

Dave’s taken care of his family for years while his wife worked her big corporate job. It was all he had come to know. But, the time came for Dave to step up. He was worn down and needed to be everything his guts told him he could be – before it was too late.

So he took all his powerful business know-how and opened up a consulting business. It was great! He was taking on new clients and starting to create new and better products for them.

Until he had meetings that didn’t mesh with the rest of the house’s plans. Now, everyone was not so happy.

Succeed, But Only on Their Terms

Dave was doing well, and as much as everyone said that’s what they wanted for him, what they really meant was that’s what they wanted on THEIR terms.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not their fault. Dave’s been their foundation from day one, now the foundation sways just a bit. The old way of doing things is shifting to fit Dave’s new routine and everyone’s a little fussier for it.

So to avoid confrontation and strife, Dave makes a horrible decision.

He scales back his power house to suit everyone else. Partly because he feels guilty. Partly because he’s scared that if his success continues, it’ll change the dynamics of the house and his role in it.

So he goes back to maintaining meetings based on everyone else’s schedule. Back to writing only when it’s convenient for everyone else. Back to resenting not being able to blow his biz up, full-force – the way he knows he can.

A Year Later

Dave’s doing freelance consulting when he can. He’s only making a fraction of what he could make because he chose not to push through the yucky feelings change brings. And he goes to sleep at night wondering “what if”, wishing he’d had the courage to face his demon, Fear.

What if Dave had listened to his gut? What if he had shifted the family dynamic? What if he had succeeded?

Instead of going to bed with a knot in his stomach, hating what he does, he’d rest well knowing that with a little fortitude, he managed to continue to care for his family on HIS terms AND theirs. He’d rest well knowing he’s developed products that can do what he does for his customers, instead of trading his time for a dime.

He’d be happy.

And so would his family because he’s finally able to focus and give them the attention and peace of mind they need and deserve.

Fear Won

Fear took Dave’s chance at success and spat on it. It took his self-confidence and chewed it up. It stopped him from living his best life and building his best business.

Don’t be Dave.

Take Back Your Chance for Success

Acknowledge your family’s and your own fears and move on. Acknowledge that change IS scary. And do it anyway. Acknowledge that without fear, there is NO growth.

Practice being there for them when they need you most. Practice creating  windows of opportunity. Practice pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Set limits for your family. For yourself. For your Fear.

Win. Because you have NO other choice.


I'd love to know what you do to kick Fear's ass in the comments. You may help someone who can't see past it. Thanks!