Ask yourself these questions if your income has stalled out

Ask Yourself These Questions If Your Income Has Stalled Out.png

When you started your business, you had a fire raging in your soul to do this THING that you had in your mind.

Whether your reason was to make money or you’re one of those who says, “I just really love helping people” people, that fire ignited you enough to get you to take the tough steps of starting.


Now it’s time to take that fire and pour fucking $14,449 Pappy Van Winkle on that shit and light it the fuck UP.

But HOW, Tania??

I’m making $4000 a month, so spending $14K on some juice ain’t gonna happen.”

Or is it??

See? If you’re making that kind of money, you know a few things:

  1. You have some shit people want and need and are willing to pay for. (That’s a great start!)

  2. You have a certain appeal that gets them to buy. (Another advantage you need to capitalize on)

  3. You need to check in and see where you can improve your business (Can’t fix what you don’t know is broken, amirite?)

So the next step is action.

Dig in and start analyzing your business, your business model, your current audience and customers, your brand perception, your vision, your message, your messaging, your marketing, your actions, your intentions, your strengths, your weaknesses, your marketing, your ads, your offers, etc.

Go through it all.

Try to look through the lens of the people you want buying your products. Not through your own.

That can be hard.

But the SAVAGE Copy Experience helps you determine all of that.

Because a questionnaire is FUCKING FABULOUS (it’s more than some copywriters start with), but the SAVAGE Copy Experience is just that. It’s an EXPERIENCE that TRANSFERS YOUR ENERGY to ME as your copywriter and copy strategist.

Not only am I able to pinpoint your shortcomings in your business and business model, I’m able to feed off of your energy around your vision and your mission to create brand language and copywriting that feeds the hearts and souls of the people you want to buy your product.

It’s fucking insane.

Through a technique that I’ve learned through my training with world-class copywriters, marketers, and my own years in this business, I’m able to get plow THROUGH the walls that are currently in the way.

And while the SAVAGE Copy Experience is designed to give you web copy that speaks to your readers and influences them to take action through a mix of direct response and creative copywriting methods, you can also branch that out into email marketing and social copy done for you or perhaps an ongoing monthly consult that sits a professional copywriter at your side helping you design offers, create sales pages, and craft ads that all beckon to your audience with a lustful gleam they can’t ignore.

Oh, and if you’re into magic and sorcery, we can put some of the most powerful stuff I’ve found on it, too.

But whatever you do...regardless of whether or not you choose to put a copywriter and copy strategist to work for you, you HAVE to do your brand assessment mentioned above to find out how you can grow past your current income levels.

What is my business?

What is my business model?

What is my vision?

What is my message?

Does my messaging on my website align with my message?

Who are my current audience and customers?

What is their perception of my brand?

What are my offers?

How am I currently marketing?

What actions do I consistently take?

What are my strengths?

What are my weaknesses?

What ads am I running? To whom?

What monthly volume of traffic do I currently have?

What methods of traffic generation have I tried?

What methods of lead generation have I tried?

What am I willing to do to increase my traffic and lead generation?

What restrictions and challenges do I face with my marketing?

What plan can I build and put into place next?

Now. Go get busy. OR schedule a jam session to see if I can help you grow past your current income ceiling with bold copy that speaks to your audience and a strategy that makes you irresistible.