An Interview with Leila

Leila is a young, talented artist.  Her painting elicits feelings from her viewers that often escape description.  The movement within her strokes evoke realism from abstract subjects and real alike.  She is known throughout Spain as The Wandering Spirit for her canvasses allude to a spirit full of hope and courage wandering to find its home.  Without further ado, please welcome Leila to the blog. Tania: Welcome, Leila.  Thank you for agreeing to be here.  I know you do not often grant interviews.  May I ask why that is? 

Leila: Thank you for having me.  I am happy to be here.  Painting is a solitary craft that allows me to be in my own world.  I have become accustomed to the isolation with Nicholas and prefer it that way.  I suppose that is why Paul Cezanne became a recluse.  ((Giggling))

Tania: ((Giggling)) I guess that is true.  You become adjusted to a certain lifestyle and you stick with it.  Tell me about Nicholas.  How has he influenced you?

Leila:  Nicholas is my soul source of inspiration.  Pun intended.  His soul speaks to mine and we produce these paintings together.  Without him, I cannot paint.  The strokes become lifeless lines on the canvas.

Tania:  That is beautiful.  It must be wonderful to have found such a love.  What are your plans for your work now?  Will you be going global with them?

Leila:  I have been invited to hang some of my work in the Louvre, which is quite an honor.  I hope to hang canvasses in Italy and in Russia, as well. 

Tania:  Do you have any words of wisdom for budding artists? 

Leila:  Learn your craft.  Learn it well.  Don't give up.

Tania:  That's great.  How have you adjusted to expat life?  Was it difficult to leave your home?

Leila:  Leaving home is never easy for anybody, but with my parents gone and no siblings, it makes it a little easier.  I have missed the conveniences of the States, but all-in-all, I couldn't be happier.

Tania:  It was great to talk to you today.  I appreciate you stepping out of your element to speak with me.  All the best of luck for you and I hope to have you back again for a follow-up on your work.  Speaking of following, we all look forward to following your works, as well. 

Leila:  Thank you for having me.  It has been a lot of fun.  I hope that you will continue to enjoy my work.

**This has been a fictional interview with a fictional character in an upcoming work by Tania Dakka.