Accomplishing Goals

How did YOU do this month?

If you were following along with the Facebook and Twitter Daily Challenges for our monthly focus - Congrats!  You did a great job!!  You're probably feeling your business moving toward a greater focus, more energy and a little tunnel vision by now. 

If you didn't, that's ok! There's always time to pick it up when you can. 

Coming in February, the Monthly Focus is on planning and prepping for business and home activities that will help us become more productive in the upcoming months.  This decision was based on the answers that you so kindly provided me during the Productivity Survey back in December, as well as from responses from the Facebook page.  Thanks to all who answered!  For those of you that hankered for water reminders, your time will come!  Stay with me:).

Back to the business at hand, with this month's exercise focus, my energy increased from working out and I was able to do so many things.  For one thing, I gained two new clients! And I almost finished the Productive Creative Lessons that I'm working on for you guys (didn't finish because of the new excuse, I know, but happy to have the work).  I feel fitter.  I think more clearly about my direction each day.  I'm more focused in tasks that I set before myself.  And I get more done.  Each step brings me closer to my goals that I set for 2012. 

With belief shifts come change.  So if you think you can't exercise because you don't have time...shift that belief and watch how you find ways to squeeze it in.  Your business is your most important focus,  sharpen it with exercise.  I did.  And I'm so glad. 

What did you accomplish this month?  Did you get closer to your 2012 goals?  Tell us in the comments...I love to hear how well you are doing!

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Photo: Dino8 via Flickr