A present for the Productive Creative (PC)

This is my last post of 2011!   And I have a present for you. But first, a couple of definitions:

Productive: One that generates.

Creative:  One that originates.

Are you a Productive Creative (PC)?  Do you work hard at getting your business to succeed?  Do you work hard at being the best at what you do?  Are you tired of working so hard?

In January 2012, I will be rolling out an eCourse to help those struggling with the difficulty of becoming clean and healthy.  I will also release my ebook on being a PC.  Plus, there will be monthly challenges and weekly inspiration coming to tribal PCs via the blog to help us all earn what we deserve in our creative roles.

Also, I have generated a journal page to help document and correlate how health and fitness tie directly to our productivity.  All you have to do is sign up for the blog and I will send you a page to download and print.  I recommend printing a month at a time and see where it takes you.  You will have documented evidence verifying that what you put in affects what you put out.

But, if you are not ready to earn your potential; if you are not ready to make the most of your career; if you are not convinced that you need to be clean and healthy to be PC...then, don't sign up.

Join this PC tribe of go-getters.  Sign up today for the blog (in the little box to the right).  Then, print out your journal pages for January.  Let's get 2012 off on the right foot and make our year the best yet!

I would love your thoughts on being PC.  Drop me a line below! 

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