A Brave New Year (And what my Three Words have to do with YOU)

Tania Dakka2012 brought a gazillion changes to my business that I'm more than thankful for. But, 2013's the road to an even brighter future. Seems that way, at least:) That's what the New Year is about, right? Magic. Hope. Excitement.

A chance to make the world your own - again.

After completing the Damn Fine Words course with James Chartrand,  the Brave New Year course (which is really about being brave - not restricted to the New Year) with Chris Brogan felt like a logical step. I got a firm handle - actually feels like a great grip - on lots of issues that were holding my writing in one place. Now, Brogan has taught me how to chart and navigate a course that will help me achieve the goals that will, hopefully, bring my vision to fruition.

I'm stoked. Scared. Psyched.

Yeah, three words, but NOT the three words that I want to use to realize my 2013.

My Three for this year are:

Magna Cum Laude



Pretty out there, eh? I promise there's a method to my madness...

1. Magna Cum Laude because they are the top of the top of students. And with the pivot I'm taking on this year, I'll have to buckle down to tackle my new niche and I want to ACE it. Since these words should span into all parts of our lives, being an ace student of how to best change with my children will make theirs and our lives better. Win for business, win for family.

2. Executioner because I want to kill my competition. No, not really.:) Ok, yeah, I do. Executioner because I want to do more than learn. I want to execute what I absorb. The three book diet (that I never could fully get on) is helping me to avoid information overload and gave me peace of mind to use what I learn instead of just cruising on to the next hot topic. Again...time to practice what I learn in parenting and business.

3. Salt. Enough said. :) If you've seen that movie, Angelina Jolie is cunning, crafty, creative and just plain awesome. But she had to be fit to be those things. So, I'm gleaning inspiration from a flick...yeah...it works for me.:) But, the cool part is if I treat my body the way Salt would treat hers, then I'll be able to take on more physically, mentally, and emotionally (because between you and me, I feel really good when I do the right things for my system...I feel like I can conquer the world and all is good with the family when all is good for me).

What do my Three Words have to do with YOU?

Now, you read all that...what's that got to do with you? Well, it means better, more powerful, more creative art for your business. Yeah, creating content is an art. And I'm playing with ways to make it artsier, exquisite.

Copywriting is painting with words. Copywriting that conquers is painting an unforgettable masterpiece. And that's what I intend to deliver more of for my clients this year.

So, I know the Three Words are semi-passe here beyond the middle of January, but I'd love to know what business goals you set for yourself and how you plan to achieve them. Let me know in the comments. If you have a great idea - I may use your comment in a post!

Thanks for reading...I promise I'll see you soon.


If you're interested in what the Damn Fine Words or Brave course has to offer your business, drop me a line. I'm happy to help you make a decision that will positively your dreams.