7 Reasons Why Assassin Training Increases Your Value

Editor's note: Perfection is NOT required OR suggested in this training! You guys have seen the posts, the tweets and the Facebook updates.  In case you are still wondering what in the heck that crazy woman is talking about, here it is again.

Training (PAT) to annihilate your projects in little time and with GREAT quality is the one way that you can get a leg up on your competition and leave them wondering "Who just stole my client!?" :)  And these are the reasons why:

1. Chemicals in the food stuffs of the modern diet cloud your mind and your body.  PAT rids you of those creativity/productivity thieves.  (Have you seen the list of diseases related to fast food???)

2.  Exercises pumps the blood harder and faster through the system and invigorates you, leaving you MORE creative than when you started...thanks to those endorphin and serotonin releases by the endocrine system...(dang science teacher).

3.  Focusing on the feeling that you get AFTER you eat healthy food (rather than focusing on the "mouth fiesta" feeling of lab generated food), helps decrease the Chemical Crave that comes with premade carp and lets you form happy connections with clean foods and break away from the chains of modern food marketing:).

4.  Eating clean and moving your body makes it feel good.  And THAT makes YOU feel good(i.e. your SOUL).  When you feel good, you can FOCUS on what's ahead. Assassins have mastered the art of hitting the bull's eye:)

5.  Because PAT brings focus, you can create/produce more with top quality.  Do you know any assassins that are NOT aces at what they do?

6.  Moving well each day lets you rest better.  Proper rest is necessary for increased performance (in ANY venue):)

7.  You develop your Assassin's Eye for your work because your Mind/Body Machine is finely tuned and purring like a (insert high performance vehicle here).  :)  You've got a lot of hurdles in front of you and being a Project Assassin will give you the edge you need to produce more quality work  for a higher price!

There you have it...7 reasons why YOU NEED to train like an assassin to develop your skills and work habits to make you even more valuable.  And if you haven't joined us already, DO IT NOW.  :)

If you are not training yet, I would love to know why in the comments.  And if you WANT to, join us by letting dropping a line below (Feel free to snag the PAT badge for your blog and let's get everyone trained!)

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