7 Career Boosting Resolutions You Can Stick With

7 Resolutions that You Can Stick With

2012 is upon us and it's time to push ourselves and our productive creativity forward with all the force of a catapult.  Your body, mind and soul are one and taking care of them is going to make this the best year yet because you are not going to try to change who you are all at once...you are going to take it one step at the time.  Your productivity and creativity will be the proof in the pudding. 

1. Make a list of your most pressing limiting beliefs and focus on changing one each month.

Our limiting beliefs are the beliefs that keep us from grabbing the stars.  They are the cement shoes that prevent us from moving forward.  We have to let go of our limiting beliefs in order to make ourselves and the ones we love happy.  We also need them gone if we want to conquer Kilamanjaro. 

A limiting belief is something that we believe, but that isn’t necessarily true.  They are limits that we place on ourselves.  For example, maybe you think that you can’t be creative because you are just an accountant.  That is a limiting belief because our job doesn’t limit our creativity.  Our views of our lots are what put the blinders on us. 

Listen to your inner vocab and change the negative talk to positive…the trick is you have to believe it.  Look at your words objectively.  Yeah, you are addicted to cigarettes, but they are not your life force and you can break the habit.  You are not bound by them unless you want to be. 

List all the thinking that keeps you down and work, one month at a time…diligently…to change that limitation to an affirmation. 

You are creative.  You are wonderful.  You have gifts to share…share them.

2. Work on changing one nutritional habit a month.

Eating whole and clean requires effort.  It requires changing the way you see food.  It requires you to change the limiting belief that you don’t have time.  BUT, it CAN be done.  If you are a junk food junkie, like I was, then take January and make it a month for one day per week treats instead of every day.  To reach the top of Mount Everest, you have to climb one step at a time. 

Make one month a month to drink water.  Another could be no soda.  Another could be adding in the 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies your body and brain need. 

Choose one habit each month that will end you up at the end of the year being 100% healthier than you were when 2012 started. 

3. Work on adding 15 minutes of Motion to every day.

Movement was once a part of everyday life.  We had to hunt for food.  We had to haul it, clean it, cook it over an open pit.  Now, you drive to the window and it's tossed at you.  No movement.  No sacrifice.  No benefit…not even nutritionally.

Food was once scarce and exercise was unavoidable.  We have not yet adapted to the world that we have created in which exercise is scarce and food is unavoidable. 

This is your chance to adapt.  To learn to live and thrive.  To survive. 

Once day at a time.

4. Set yourself a new goal every day that will send you careening into your Three Words that Chris Brogan had you list.

Chris Brogan writes his Three Words each year.  You get to choose three words to associate with guiding you to set your goals of the new year that will put you one up on important areas of your life (personal, professional, and those people that are important in your life).  Love this idea. 

But, in order to get there, you need to revisit them often.  If you set goals for yourself, but don’t keep them within eyeshot, then you have done nothing but waste your time and your paper. 

Each day when you plan, make sure you are planning steps that will set you on course to achieving your goals and focus on your Three Words.

5. Add stretching to your morning or evening routine.

Stretching is as important as exercising, especially if you don’t move as much as you could.  Sitting at your desk limits your range of motion, wrecks your posture and keeps you stiff.  While stretching is up for debate in the athletic forum, it is a necessity for those of us glued to our chairs on a daily basis.

6. Make yourself and your work as important as you make everyone else.

Because you are so great, you put everyone else first.  But, your work suffers from it.  And if your work suffers from it, so do you because you are your work.  You love what you do.  And if you don’t, you should. 

If quitting your job isn’t an option (and for many it isn’t) that means that you have to make the most of what you have by setting time apart for you.  Time for you to do what you love.  This fills your emotional and soulful bucket.  When your bucket is full, your overflow will help fill the buckets of those around you. 

Make yourself as much of a priority as you make others.

7. Love who you are…no matter what is thrown at you.

You are wonderful.  You are loved by many.  Now love you, too.  If you already do, that is great…help someone else see how wonderful they are.  If you don’t, now is the time to start.  Until you love who you are and what you have to offer, your Productive Creativity will suffer for it and your efforts will be lost.  Don't lose you…love you.  I do. :)


Thanks soooo much for hanging with me on this looong post. I love getting to know you and what you need.  Feel free to leave me your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo Credit: Rob Warde (Via Flickr)