5 Things To Do Instead Of Scrolling

Growth isn’t an overnight thang...for most. It’s a way of life. You wake up in the morning, ready to take on the world...and the you you want to become. Then, you have your coffee and realize, it ain’t happening.

Because Facebook is open.

So, instead of moving on and creating, you spend time scrolling, because you caught a glimpse of something powerful (and thought, “why can’t I do that?”) and wanted more of it.

There are massive players in the online space.

To be one of them, you have to log out of Facebook.

You have to go to Pages, Word or Drive, and start creating.

But the reason you haven’t yet? Stares you in the mirror every morning. You look in your eyes and say to yourself, I can’t be GaryVee. I can’t be Eben Pagan. I can’t be Marie Forleo.

And you slump away to social media, defeated.

And you’re right. You CANNOT be GaryVee. You CANNOT be Eben Pagan. You CANNOT be Marie Forleo.

You are YOU. And as soon as you stop looking around, you’ll start developing your youness.

Creating is the ONLY way to get you there.

Open those apps and GET STARTED.

Things to create today:

  1. A podcast that actually solves a problem, entertains, or inspires. Are you going to screw it up? To start with, you might. But that’s okay. As former co-host of 100 Proof, Falls will tell you I SUCKED at it. That’s okay...I was developing a new art.
  2. Create an ebook that actually serves. There are a LOT of titles out there that are hollow and meaningless. Write ten that matter.
  3. Write to your friggen list. How many times have you avoided that because you were afraid you didn’t have anything to say? Guess what. They’re there because you DO. Now say it.
  4. Create programs that are NOT copies of everything else online. You are you...walk away from your computer with the problem you know you solve for people and dig into your brain to find out the best way to help people - 20 minute calls, instead of an hour? Group lunch dates? Face-to-face???? Imagine.
  5. Establish a networking event that really helps you get to know people. Hello, Garage Party! If you don’t know what that is, I tripled my social numbers with this weekly party, where I showcased entrepreneurs and their favorite tunes, while telling the world a bit about them. It was fun and I made lots of friends. What can you do to make your own get-to-know-you event?

If you’re busy creating, you cannot be busy watching people and wondering why you’re not there yet.

The only way they got there? Was by doing. And failing. Fast.

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