10 Steps to Attracting the People You Actually WANT on your Client Roster

The other day, I asked how I could help some magnificent chicks in Nathalie Guerin’s Manifesting Group.

More than one said, “How do I find the road-map to the women who are ready to invest in themselves?”

Did you get that?


It’s the coach’s dream, right? Have the women they WANT to work with knocking down their doors. But the question is wrong. You don’t go looking for women ready to invest in themselves. You ask how the fuck can I show up like a BOSSso these women feel they need me.

That’s what you should ask. You don’t go looking for people. That said, you DO show up where they are, but you’re the hunted, not the hunter. Dig?

So how do you become the hunted?


It was full-on DIY. And I get it. I lived there, too. Money’s tight when you’re starting out, so you don’t have a Tech VA or a Director of Magic helping you do shit. BUT, the longer you’re willing to stay and play in that space, the longer you’ll stay small.

It wasn’t until I invested in a team that the game changed for the better. The more I invested, the more I made. Simple business finance 101.

Anyway, IF you have to DIY, then here’s what I told her, take these answers and run with them:

1. If you want women who are ready to invest, your site needs to reflect it. (Because investing in yourself means you’re expecting them to pay top dollar, so you want a site that appeals to those women.) That may mean at least paying for a premium theme, even if you’re going to chuck hours making look pro. Because 2010 on WP is NOT gangsta and does not say, “Yo! I get results!”

2. Have a clear, specific message on your Home Page, instead of leading with questions you HOPE are the questions your ideal clients may be asking themselves prior to reading. In other words, “Is this you: Are you tired of chasing kids down because they didn’t follow your directions the first time they were given? Are you nauseous when you see the pile of laundry that needs to be put away?” You should already KNOW that’s what these women are looking for. So you lead with AUTHORITY and say, “They listened. The first time. The laundry? Isn’t piled in chairs across the house waiting to be put away. And you? You’re on schedule to have your uninterrupted bubble bath. No, the kids aren’t at grandma’s. They’re home. But thanks to the new system you’ve mastered, bliss abounds.” Anyway, you get the idea.

3. Use language that isn’t what everyone is reading on everyone else’s sites. (i.e., scrap transformation, life, coach, etc LOL) Trigger words should trigger interest and pique their brains to continue reading, not trigger it to shut down (which is what words like coach, transformation, etc do). Words that our brains are overly exposed to cause the brain to stop reading. Buzz words? Trigger reading in the beginning, but once it’s been used a few million times, the eyes start to glaze over and the back button is the next thing they look for. Keep your language fresh.

4. Inject your personality into your site. People buy from people they like. You have to be willing to stand out and stand above the noise if you want people to notice you, to gravitate toward you. And if you have a hard time doing that? Your profits will suffer. Hire a copywriter. Make sure they get you. Make sure they understand you and your vibe. A good copywriter can put nice words on your site. A great one can make you think you wrote it yourself.

5. Show up daily in social media to help and demonstrate your prowess in your niche. THIS IS A FUCKING MUST. If you are not out there, shaking babies and kissing hands, you are losing. Period. But posting in groups has to be done WELL in order for it to work. SO many people think, “Hey! I showed up! I posted about my offer. They saw me.” And think that’s all they have to do. WRONG. You have to show up and be helpful. You have to get out there to MEET people, not pimp yo’ shit.

6. Ask for referrals. No shit. Ask your past clients if they know anyone who needs your services. If you can, give them an incentive. Mine get a free edit on a sales page (usually $699) if they send me someone who books one of my two top sellers. What can you offer them for sending you money?

7. Talk about your work. People hate this shit. And I don’t know if it’s because they’re shy, they don’t know their fucking industry like they should, or they just don’t want to win. But if you don’t swallow your goddamn insecurities about sharing what you do, you won’t make anything. Those women you’re looking for won’t even know you exist.

8. Try new groups, but don’t be surprised that they don’t work. Groups are dying. Well, maybe that’s not right. Maybe they’re not. But the way they’re being used is killing them. Groups arose out of Facebook’s algorithm to limit who saw people’s biz page posts in an attempt to garner more ad money (really, you can’t blame them). And in the beginning, groups were a place where people went and networked and really connected. But most people misuse them and simply self-promote. They’re not really there to help people and guess what? People can tell. Your shit gets passed right by and no one even likes, much less comments on them. Notice that? Change the way you use groups and change your results. Try new groups. Try groups that don’t allow self-promotion. It’s a longer game, but fuck it doesn’t get any longer than content marketing.

9. Step into new arenas. Be a guest on podcasts. Create your own. Create a feature on your blog or YouTube channel where you connect with other entrepreneurs. Write for some big publications. No, not HuffPo. Get featured on your local news. Go do some philanthropy work.

10. Develop your IT factor, the thing that makes you somebody that people truly love when you show up. This is the KEY to making ALLLLLL of this shit happen. You have an innate magnetism. Develop it. USE IT. Because when you do, you’ve mastered the Art of Sass and you’ve stepped into who you were truly born to be. And guess what? People LOOOVE that shit. Time to leave your shell behind.

And as a bonus, the last step is: Invest in yourself. Because if you want people to invest in you, you have to invest, as well.