“It’s time for you to focus on you and your self-care”


“When’s the last time you shut down the negative voices in your head?”


“Time isn’t on your side”

Blah blah blah/SCROLL


They’re ignoring you.

But it’s not your fault. They’re saturated with the same type of posts over and over again. They’re sick of seeing people flood their group streams with the same “LOOK AT ME” posts.

If you want their attention, you need to post posts that bring them to a screeching halt when they read your words.

And not just read and nod, but read and ANSWER you.

Because when they stop and engage, that’s when you have what?


BOOM, baby! The door is wide fucking open, now.

Tequila Social Shots do exactly that. They buy you their eyes, so you get to work your magic to get into their hearts.

Because guess what buys from you?

It isn’t their logic.

It isn’t their self-awareness around their need. Or their knowledge that you can serve that need.

It’s their undying love for you and what you do.


It’s a scientific fact that when we read shit we’ve read 9.87M times, the brain says, “Time to sleep”. And we never finish what we started.

Tequila Socials yank their brains out of disengagement. They wake them up. They get them involved and invested in answering your post.

Then you get to step in and take the wheel, pushing the engagement further with your sparkling fucking personality. Because you have one. And you know how to use it. You just have had trouble getting them to stop scrolling long enough to see it.

Problem now solved.

How this works:

You get a questionnaire that allows me to work my way into your head and the head of your clients. Don’t worry, I don’t take up residence there (unless you’ve got some super cool shit going on). I also will study your site and your voice in social.

Then, once the research is done, I’ll craft the Tequila Socials and grant you access to the Google Drive Document, so you can give me some creative feedback on them.

If tweaks are necessary, I’ll take that feedback and hone the copy before delivering the final to you.

When that’s done, you’ll have 10 heart-grabbing posts to scatter around social and play with.

Need their attention? Tequila Socials opens their eyes for you, so you can take their hearts.