Caress their hearts and mesmerizes their souls.

Keep them reading as though they are gazing on the most enrapturing diamond that ever existed.

Because when they absorb every letter and make them their own?

Your Paypal gets fatter.

Want to know why? 

The answer is simple, but effective enough to make tens of thousands of dollars...if not millions.

Yet, it is a solution that people overlook and ignore most in their businesses. And it cripples them.

It can severely limit all businesses, online or off. Because in today’s world, there is no longer a separation between the two. 

The simple answer that people are willing to risk...that loses them tens of thousands of sales copy.

Because sales copy is the art of grasping the readers’ attention and making them FEEL the emotions that make them buy...that make them CHOOSE you.

“Emotions are the fire of human motivation, the combustible force that secretly drives most decisions to buy. When your marketing harnesses those forces correctly you will generate explosive increases in response.” 

– Gary Bencivenga, World-class copywriter

So when offline businesses say, “I don’t need sales copy, I’m not on active on the web, my customers are my city.” They are saying, “I don’t want more customers or higher profits.”

And online businesses that ignore the need for sales copy are saying the same thing. But on a larger scale. 

Sales copy that does its job makes yours easier.

It primes the reader for you.
It helps them understand themselves and what they are looking for by igniting the emotions they feel and bringing them to a light that they didn’t see before. 

It illustrates how deeply impactful the change you bring will be. 

Because it taps into where they are on their journey right now and offers them the solution that makes them trust enough to  buy. 

The KEY 

The key to successful, profitable copy is the ability to create trust without crossing the line to unbelievability, without leaving out key emotions, without removing their focus from what’s most important. 

And most business owners get it wrong

Not because writing is some talent they don’t possess, but because learning a new skillset (copywriting) isn’t something an owner who is vested in becoming the best has time to do. 

Because to learn copywriting effectively so you can get the sales you need, you’ll need to: 

Invest the time that you would be spending perfecting your craft 

Invest the money that you should invest in advertising and marketing so you can grow your brand faster

And when you’re building a business from a practical sense, that doesn’t make sense. 

Your clients and customers depend on you to offer them new tools and innovations to help them create change...not write headlines that grab their attention, fascination bullets that dance on the edges of their realities, and calls-to-action that wake them up and talk them into taking action. 

You have a business to run. 

Not sales copy to write. 

What goes into copywriting: 

  • 15+ hours of gathering data from controls, case studies, product-specific results, target customer buying habits and psychographics

  • 4+ hours of building a first draft that translates acquired data into emotion

  • 4+ hours of shredding the first first draft and creating a second with a copy chief that breaks down all that needs to be improved so the highest conversions possible are attained

  • Unearthing the unique selling proposition that differentiates the client from their competition 

  • Coming up with dozens of headlines before finding THE one (or two, hopefully we’re split testing) that will make it to the page

  • Deciding which emotions are the ones that pulls the triggers for the readers

  • Coming up with fascination bullets that play up their pain or pleasure (depending on how we’re approaching the sale) 

  • Rewriting the same emotions in different ways all the way down the page, so that it doesn’t feel redundant and monotonous

  • Testing and tweaking and running again

And if you are focused on your business and your clients, this is not stuff you have time to do. 

PS? If you’re NOT doing these things, you’re likely already throwing money away anyway. 

As a business owner, you are already pressed for time. It’s HARD out there. 

And unless you have teams that: 

  • Market your business for you 

  • Maintain your bookkeeping for you 

  • Create content for you 

  • Manage customer service for you

  • Receive and answer emails for you

You ARE your business.

That also means you are not able to devote the majority of your time to delivering the highest quality service you can to help your customers and clients reach their highest potentials. 

And that inhibits your earning potential

Investing in sales copy is not a luxury for the serious business owner.

It’s an integral part of the machine that cannot be ignored if time and money are of the utmost importance. 

Because when you invest in sales copy, you: 

  • Free up the hours that you would spend crafting copy that sells 

  • Free yourself from the stress of “what if I don’t write it well” 

  • Free the bandwidth that your customers and family need from you 

So you can: 

  • Focus on the things that matter know...the whole reason you started your business in the first place

  • Increase the volume of sales coming into your business

  • Release another heavy burden from your shoulders

And the best part is, when you invest in the RIGHT copywriter to do it for you, it offers you a peace of mind that you don’t even get from writing your own sales copy. 

Take back your time and make more money by investing in sales copy that actually works

Get results like these when you decide to leverage the power of a professional copywriter in your business:

  • Sales pages that have cleared more than 8 times the investment within a month of their publications 

  • 10x list growth in 30 days

  • Webinars that turned over an unheard of 100% conversion 

  • Webcopy, social and email marketing that resulted in Income growth of 378% 

  • Webcopy, social, email marketing, and webinars that resulted in a tripling of client base 

  • Sales pages that have brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars

  • Emails that have sold out expensive retreats to cold audiences

Because I’ve been writing sales copy since 2011 and have had the pleasure of writing for 6&7-figure coaches, household names in brands in the spirits industry, and global franchises. 

And I want to help you create a business and a brand that fulfills the vision in your mind’s eye with the powerfully emotional and result-oriented sales copy I write. 


  • Your project is booked with an electronically signed contract, your questionnaire is received, and when the payment is paid in full

  • You’ll dig into your brain to fill out the Client Questionnaire, so I can dig into your clients’ brains and begin the research process

  • I’ll deliver the first draft for you to review and ship your thoughts back to me

  • I’ll massage and tweak those drafts until they sing the sweetest song your readers’ have ever read

  • Your irresistibly powerful sales copy will be ready for your site…and ready for making money

    You do what you do. Because your talents are amazing and you can do what you do like no one else.
    Leave the copy to me. Because that’s what I do.

Connect with me and let’s see how I can help you increase your site and sales conversions so you can experience higher profits with greater peace of mind.