A jaw-dropping 30% open rate for emails

Traffic actually spikes when you post blogs

And videos that are actually watched and engaged with


That’s what happens when you have opening copy that resonates and elicits emotion.

Beef up your teasers so people actually want to read, and you have the one thing that everyone else is fighting for: Attention.

It’s how you grow your connection with your audience. Attention is how you grow your brand. Attention is what leads to profits and profit growth.

So, if you suck at headlines/subject lines/titles/blog titles/etc, you now have a copywriting legend-maker tending to your words.

Teasers on Steroids


Jump over to Messenger and tell me what your subject line is and let me tell you how to make it better, ensuring more of your emails are read, not swiped to trashed before opening, and upping your email rate to an unreal 30%.

Open Snapchat and send me a quickie summary of your blog post and the title you’re working with and let me help you tighten it up for more authority and attention.

Shoot me a DM on Insta and get prompting for a content topic idea that will be sure to set them on fire.

Whatever your social poison, I can help you make your copy teasers more enticing by using by ability to craft subject and headlines that get attention.

Need a Power Shot for:

  • Blog post headlines to get your content read and shared

  • Email subject lines to boost your open rate and talk to the people who really need you

  • Video titles to gain traction in social and on Youtube

  • Content topic ideas for content creation (this is huge, this is like getting a homework assignment that actually grows your business everyday, if you want it)

  • Book titles that help increase sales

  • Naming help for businesses, products, services so the interest is piqued and positioned for yes’s

  • Tag lines that nail what you do in a way that isn’t boring and captures their hearts

  • Headlines for sales pages because if you screw those up, you screw your sales up

Then, book a Power Shot and we’ll connect via your favorite social: Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram. Shoot me DM/Snap/Message when you need help and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours with an optimized answer for your question.

This service is a recurring monthly service booked at $67/month (for right now and will stay that way when the price increases later) and can be canceled at any time. It’s also non-refundable, so when you book it for the month, USE it! I’m here for you :)

And lastly, messages are available for 30 days from the time of booking, but are limited to two new requests for tweaks per day. You’re on the way to optimizing your daily-use copy for greater attention and giving your business a huge Power Shot of awesome.

Tania Dakka is so good at what she does that when she finishes a project for me I go right back to her services page and see what else I can have her do for me. She is fucking awesome.
Kimberly Lin Pollard, Troll Tamer


1. Who needs this? 
Business owners who need their content to be seen. Gary Vee, Chris Brogan, and Knob Creek don't need headline help. You likely do, though. 

2. What EXACTLY do you do with Power Shots? 
Besides take them first thing in the morning, you mean? Well, I take content that YOU come up with and I help you make it better. So it's kind of like an editing process. I'll tell you what would make it mo' bettah. 

3. So you don't craft the content for me? 
Negatory, but I'm happy to, if you want to put me on a retainer. Just drop me an email and we can talk about it. 

4. What sorts of things do the Power Shots allow me tweaks on? 
The eye-openers. You know, headlines for blog posts, taglines for businesses/products/services, subject lines for emails, video titles for Youtube or even Lives!, book titles, name help for businesses/services/products, and content topic suggestions (this is technically not an edit, but it's a suggestion of what you could create content around...for those days when you're just feeling stuck and blocked and have NO idea what to write/record/publish)

5. Do you serve Knob Creek with your Power Shots? 
It's a great idea for a drinking game! Thanks for asking! (I won't be sending you alcohol in the mail, but I'll gladly take a shot on delivery.)

Any other questions? PING meh!