Backstage Pass Audio Sessions


Backstage Pass Audio Sessions

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For the past 8 years, I've had the pleasure of bleeding veins dry for clients. Writing the words that they couldn't say to get people to do the things they wanted them to pay them money for their services. 

And while it's not my usual thing, I want to do something a little different. I want to teach YOU how I bleed so you can replicate my process, increase your profit, and then have to hire teams to help you support your business because you're finally booked solid and can't take any more peeps. :) 

Introducing the Backstage Pass Audio Sessions. 

This first Backstage Pass will help you take a much-needed microscope to your own work so that you are finally aware of how your copy is helping or hurting your business. Because we have seen WAY too many business owners out there, thinking they are doing it fine...when in reality, they are sucking the profit right out of their business because their copy is that bad. 

This first audio session will:
Show you how to step up your words, so you stop making the rookie mistakes that no one has been telling you you're making

Learn how to write words that your reader actually cares about

Help you step your business into the spotlight you've longed to put it in since before you even started it 

What you'll learn: 
The difference between a home page that pushes them away and one that beckons them in 

The About page formula that makes them feel like they know you well by the time they get to the end 

What components your sales pages CANNOT be without - this shit is gold, right here, because without it, you won't sell anything 

How to be THE one in social they go looking for and whose posts they don't skip 

And more...

If you want to know how strong your copy game is, you need this Backstage Pass. 

When: March 15, 2019 at 12pm ET
Where: Zoom 
What: 45-60 mins of class followed by 30 mins of Q&A via ZOOM...there will be a recording for those who purchase a pass, whether you attend live or not. 
How much: Only $60

You want to kick your shit up a notch, grab a Backstage Pass now. 

Kick ass,

Tania Dakka

Stage Director ;)