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The Shut Up Show - Hosted by the ever gracious Berni Xong, I get down and for real...about getting naked online. Not trashy Kim naked. Getting to your raw, unfiltered voice that live streams from your heart. 

Starve the Doubts - Jared, a #1 best-selling author, wanted to jam about my former Friday fun, the Garage Party. It was my gateway to Jason Falls and our radio show, 100 Proof, plus so much more.

Creative Habits - Hosted by the conscious Wyatt Cristman, where he dug deep into what gets the copy zen flowing at 4am (then). It's 3:30 now, but the process is the same. Need ideas for getting your juices flowing? Check it out. 

No Permission Needed - The smoooove Ozeal DeBastos and I pour up the deets on hiring a copywriter, the importance of emotion in your copy, and how to write good copy. Check this shiz out. 

100 Proof Show -  The Badass Radioshow with Jason Falls - I was lucky enough to sit across the mic (virtually, for several episodes) from one of social media's most sinister (and kind) stars. We chatted up business owners and life heroes who bring the true definition of badass. Check it out as I tried to keep up with Falls and his outrageous humor. 

 Meant For More - Hosted by the hilarious Kristin Lloyd Moussa, we dig into what SASSY copy is and how you can create your own...because sales. SALES. Sales follow emotion. 


Be Bold Summit with Heather DeVore 

4.18.2014 /The Shut Up Show with Berni Xiong


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