Johnny Cash. Tina Turner. The Doors. 

Loved and adored by raving fans because they changed the face of their industries.

And the fact is?

It isn't because they were granted some celestial birthright that you were not granted.

It isn't because they had access to hidden secrets of the universe.

It's because they had the tools to create, from nothing, things that changed everything.

And guess what. So do you.

If, until now, you've:

  • Struggled to grow a steady income that pays the bills

  • Fought to find your way in a crowded industry

  • Found yourself not showing up because you just don't see the point any more

You just haven't found your IT.

And yes, you can have IT, even if you're not born with said IT.

So what is IT??

IT's the charisma that others want a piece of.

IT's the magnetism that pulls people in.

But IT's more than that.

IT's also staying power.

Staying power that comes from a ROCK HARD foundation cemented in utter self-belief.

"Legends & Luminosity" lights up what you are missing in your biz that gives you that IT, so you can finally earn a stable income from a client base that adores you and consistently grows with you.

If you want: 

  • A solid base of raving fans who buy from you without even needing your services (not kidding, I’ve turned down their money because they didn’t NEED what I was selling, they just wanted me to play on their playground!)
  • A consistent income that allows you the freedom to release the 9-5 for GOOD
  • A growing client roster of people you adore working with and who adore working with you
  • A death grip on the things that you need to do to show up and show off your IT so you pull in new people who are ready to pay you all the time
  • A wait-list of clients so you don’t have to work half as hard as you used to 
  • And so much more

Then you’re ready for the party that is Legends & Luminosity.

WHAT YOU’LL WALK AWAY FROM LEGENDS & LUMINOSITY WITH- A strategy for finally breaking your own barriers within 30-60 days so you get on the fast track to developing your ITSocial graphics templates to help you superc (4).png

Danielle and I have this shiz on LOCK and we’re going to teach you every single thing you need to know to do what you know you are perfectly capable of doing, as soon as someone shows you the ropes.

Say good-bye to:

  • Struggling months, left crying into your pillow because you didn’t make your goal
  • The hours and hours and hours spent researching and trying to master it all on your own so you can focus on showing up for the people you want to attract into your business
  • Wondering where you’re going wrong so you can finally fix it 
  • Paying high-end coach after high-end coach who doesn’t have your wallet (or your interests) at heart
  • Making excuses for why you’re scrolling Facebook instead of actually selling

This premier live event is brought to you by Danielle Magestro and moi (Tania Dakka) because:

  • After 16 collective years in this business, we’re ready to share what we’ve done to create our own success
  • We’ve done what you’re trying to do, we’re not teaching BS theories
  • We know what you face as a baby business trying to make it big, so we’re going to let you in on the secrets that have exploded our businesses and kept us growing, even when we watched others stagnate and die

Online business isn’t for the faint of heart. 

It’s for those who are made of the stuff of Legends & Luminosity


ticket sales have ended.


INVESTMENT: 1 x $697

OR PAYMENT PLAN: 2 x $373.50/monthly


So when does all this deliciousness happen, you ask? 

Well. On a supremely auspicious day: October 31, 2017. At 9am ET. And this party won’t stop until 1pm ET. 

You did the math right...that’s FOUR hours of Danielle and I unraveling all that we do, have done, and plan to do in the future to power our money-making machines that allow us to live beachside with families in tow. 

Four hours of instruction and strategy and Q&A, so that when we get off the line? You are ready to step into your new role as power CEO of your new, up-and-coming legacy, as soon as we’re done. 

Legends & Luminosity will be held via Zoom. And there will NOT be a recording that will be sold after the event but attendees will receive the recording. This is a premier live experience and you’ll need to be there to get the full impact of what’s taught. 

The investment for this is well over $1600. But we’re bringing it to you LIVE for only $697, or until it sells out. We even have an easy peasy 2-pay option. 


And the killer part of jumping in and grabbing your ticket now? You’re going to finally know and understand the traffic you have and where your holes are, as well as tips to patch them via a powerful Google Analytics breakdown done by the IT/BIZ MASTER HERSELF, Danielle Magestro, owner and operator of DanielleMagestro.com. 

She’s the numbers expert that has JAZZED businesses like TaniaDakka.com and many other A-Listers (that you know well!) to success. So her input here alone, is going to change everything for you. 

We’ve never done anything like this before and I can’t tell you if we’ll do it again. 

I can tell you that if you’re ready to burn it all to ash, don’t. Not yet. Come join us.

It’s time for Legends & Luminosity.

Rockstars know how to shake shiz up...and when we’re done, so will you.



INVESTMENT: 1 x $697

OR PAYMENT PLAN: 2 x $373.50/monthly

We stand behind Legends & Luminosity 100% and we know you will adore it.  Due to the nature of this live event, and the blood, sweat, and tears involved, there are no monetary refunds. Please ask questions, be ready to do the work, and make sure you are ready BEFORE purchasing.  

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