Legends Sessions


Legends Sessions

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Here's what you will walk away from your Legends Sessions with:

  1. A deep understanding of your core strengths and weaknesses.

  2. A process for processing them so you can use them BOTH to your advantage.

  3. A clear vision of what you want to bring to life.

  4. A content strategy map to help you create the core content to grab some SEO juice, to use to create content that your ideal clients are thirsty to read.

  5. 3 core programs to offer that align with your legend and your ideal clients' goals.

  6. Your legend statement that will lead and guide your brand and all your showings up online - and don't worry, it is going to fit like Lemmy's leather pants (as opposed to Cinderella's shoe because I don't do fairy tales here).

  7. Ideas for upgrading your website language to fit who you are and who you want to attract.

  8. And speaking of attraction, we'll also find out, definitely who your ideal client is.

  9. Ad copy for 3 ads that won't get ignored.

  10. Video topics ideas and feedback for ads that you record (this will get brutal because if you're too stiff and unnatural on camera, I'm going to tell you).

  11. The conviction and the foundations that enable you to lead your audience from a place of knowing, so that, even when shit wanes, you're not wavering.

This is a 3-day project where you and I will hole up via Zoom for 3 hours each day to rebuild a business that screams that it's YOURS, one that not only moves you but moves your ideal clients into a space of trust and action.

“Tania! I beyond love your ideas! Thanks for being hands on and directive. Just the guidance I need. “ - G.S.

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