Facebook Likes are FAB. 
But if the social platform dies tomorrow, where will your business be? 


That’s why you cannot afford to ignore your email list. 
That’s the ONE thing YOU own.

It’s also your main line to the hearts of your customers in a world where you’re lucky if as much as 2% of your fans see your posts on your page.

The fear of losing touch is real. And if you’re not putting money into Facebook ads, they’re not likely to dish up much of your content.

That’s why I created Connected, the email retainer package that will get you ten times (approx) the visibility as your Facebook posts.

They'll ask for more!

In order to get them coming back for more, you need to create content that is deep, meaty, solves problems, and leaves them begging to see what else you’re going to share next time, without handing them a novel in this age of mobile marketing because length DOES matter.

And if your subject lines are on-point? They’ll rip that email open as soon as they get it.  

The problem is...this takes time.

And between chasing down new clients and customers, servicing the ones you have, and connecting with people in social, when do you have TIME to write the kinds of emails people NEED and want?

Hi. (insert cheesy grin)

I’m Tania Dakka, Legend-Maker and copywriter to 6 & 7-figure coaches, small businesses, and franchises.

And it’s my job to take email marketing that makes money, but takes forever, off your shoulders.

What I do is delve into emotion that your readers are looking for. Maybe that emotion is FUN, like my audience. Maybe that emotion is pain...like many of my Internet Marketer clients. Maybe that emotion is relief like my woo clients’.

Regardless, I get to know you and your audience, so you get copy that caters to your needs and theirs.

I’ve been writing copy since 2011. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s how to let the emotion bleed from my fingers for your wallet.

What you’ll get with Inbox on fire:

  • 4 Value emails (including predetermined calls-to-action) that are used to pull your audience close and hold them tight
  • 2 Subject lines for each email so we can test as we get to know your audience preferences better to tweak upcoming content
  • 1 Sales email to pimp your sexy wares to your peoples, so you can make the money!
  • 2 Subject lines for the sales email
  • 1 20-min monthly strategy call to go over numbers to see what worked best and to set a heading for the next month

But that’s not the big picture.

The big picture is that you are finally going to get a firm grasp on the form of communication that they’ll ACTUALLY see. 

Email marketing takes finesse to make it work for you. It takes time to develop content people want to read. 

But if you nail it? Your email list will make you crazy profits. And you won’t lose it if Facebook shuts down. Or decides that 2% is just too much of your audience seeing your posts. 

You want an edge. 
Fire up Your inbox.