Sometimes, the energy is just LIT in the right groups. They change the whole vibe of everything and give you that extra surge of energy you need to compete (with yourself). So, there are three different places you can hang with the best online. 

Fire of the diamond

Learn to connect with that part of you that can take the heat of being an entrepreneur. The part of you who is ready for support in getting the daily work done at breakneck speeds with daily accountability, monthly #DiamondSchool Happy Hours, and ongoing support for balancing life and biz. 

Warning: This is not for those looking for an easy way out. 

The copy edge

Put a pro copywriter on your team for less than a meal out. This is one of the most insane value offers out there. No matter what you write, I can help support you by showing you how to make it sing the song of your readers’ hearts, earning their trust, imparting your authority, and earning you more sales. 

Core of the Earth: The Alchemy of Witchy Bizness

This is a place for the spiritual entrepreneur who KNOWS there’s shit in her way and is ready to work her way through it. Balanced with the rhythm of La Luna and based in magic, explore the darker side of who you are and learn to integrate it, so you can bring all the money into the light.

Warning: Again. This is NOT the easy way. It’s the most POWERFUL way.