Email marketing outweighs Facebook IF your list is engaged


Because having 20,000 fans on Facebook, but only reaching 64 isn’t as lucrative as having a list of 20,000 and 64% open your emails.

But you have SOOO much to do that your email list? Is usually the last outlet you post to.

So how the hell do you get it ALL done so you’re:

Working your craft every single day

Bringing in new clients every single day
Trying to keep your list warm, cozy, and so hungry for you so that when you have an ask? You get a yes because you deliver so much value they don’t want to say no.

With Diamond Inbox.

Grab 12 emails, packed with value, for you to distribute as you see fit (but it works GREAT as a weekly email!). Done For You.

Three months of “Holy Shit!” I’m sooooo glad I don’t have to sit down and figure out what to write this week! Now I can actually go do the work I LOOOOOVE to do.

And each email comes with 2 subject options/suggestions so you can test your audience’s triggers. (Highly valuable shiz, knowing their triggers, btw.)

Lastly, each email is crafted from a topic idea I draw up and you approve before writing so you can be sure they aren’t getting fluff content, but MEAAAAATTTT, so they constantly crave what you have to say to them.

Because an engaged email list doesn’t come from sending emails only when you have a promo. It comes from keeping yourself relevant and interesting to them so they want you to always play in their inbox with the content they know you know they NEED.

Beef up your email marketing results, while you focus on the work you love.

Get Diamond Inbox and focus on what you love to do while I keep them coming back to you for more.

Why Diamond Inbox?

Email is like social, but on a more personal level and you have to fight for the attention of the inbox as hard as you fight to be seen in social. That’s why emails I write are packed with emotion and value. Even if they are not “selly” emails, they still sell. I’ve had clients book up entire retreats to Sedona on a COLD list with emails just like this.

That’s because I use copy techniques to deliver the most important part of your work: Their solutions. They want to know they matter to you and if you rush and throw an email together because you “have to send an email this week”, they feel it. That’s just a fact. It comes through in your style, in your word choice, in the emotions that YOU felt when you were writing.

Diamond Inbox takes a huge, yet money-making, burden off your shoulders and puts the revenue in your pocket.

Focus on the work you love, not the work you feel chained to. And send weekly emails packed with value to train them to open. So, when you DO have something new to sell, there they are...craving you to the point they HAVE to say yes.

"Tania's emails make me want to cry, they're so good."  ~ Haley Lynn Gray, LeadershipGirl




About Tania Dakka

My blood runs black with ink and emotion. And I spill it all for every single client, brand or small business. Because words don’t make sales. Visceral, raw, unfiltered emotion does. And that’s what I do best. For you.

In my five successful years as a copywriter, I’ve contributed copy to a campaign for a $61M brand, six-figure coaches, and even franchises. It’s time to put my blood on your pages, so your wallet? Gets fatter, faster.