Getting Seen Is More Than Hanging out & Shaking Hands Online

Great content is what gets their attention. Solve their problems and let them know you care about their success.

Be that Rockstar who’s content marketing is the STAR of the social stage.

That’s when they remember you. That’s when they come looking for you when they need your brand of awesome.

And you HAVE the content, but you get lost in the chaos of deciding what, where and when to write.

So you end up NOT showing up at all.

And not showing up is BAD, BAD, BAD for the bank account.

The Content Injections is a guide for what YOUR audience is looking for. It’s the Goddamn King Kong off your able back.

It is 50 topics you use as a springboard for content creation.

50. Topics.

If done well, this could be MONTHS of content you never have to swear over.

Don’t ask, “What should I write about today?” Check your Content Injections and roll with the next Powerhouse topic listed and:

  • Make a YouTube video.
  • Make a Pinterest graphic.
  • Shoot a Snap.
  • Create an Insta post.
  • Write a blog.
  • Write an eBook.
  • Craft SEVERAL JUICY Facebook posts.

And more.

The best part? By using your Content Injections, you get to see what your tribe has really reacted to and let it lead you to:

  • Product ideas.
  • New services.
  • Collaboration opportunities.

These are not just topics, they’re content GOLD.

Because being a business owner isn’t just hanging out online waiting for inspiration to strike.

Being a business owner means constantly creating content that turns into money, visibility and opportunity.

I’m Tania Dakka. Crafter of power and edge that makes money and creator of content that does the heavy lifting for business owners, worldwide.

As a creative strategist I read the pulse of your business and your industry to give you Unique topics that you spin to stand above the Noise.

I contribute copy to a major liquor brand, multi six-figure coaches, small businesses, and franchises alike.

And I’m here for you.

Grab a Content Injection, fill out the questionnaire, and take your topic so you can start creating powerful content they’ve been waiting for.


A breakdown of 5 categories that your content should be serving.

And 10 topics in each category to springboard endless content types and opportunities.

The BLANK screen is your enemy – I’ll stand with you to defeat it.

Because as much fun as it is to hang out in the groups, it’s way more fun to make real money from it.