Avoid it because it’s hard, it’s complicated, there are too many parts...or you just don’t understand them.

And the money left on the table?

Might be your next vacation to Maui.


These creatures are magnificent and scary, but funnels are THE NUMBER ONE way to ease people into your sales pipeline without having to hold each and every hand, without having to pimp and scream about how awesome your shit is through unopened emails.

Funnels are (or they will be!) the lifeblood of your business.

You want people excited to work with you, show them who the fuck you are and what you can do through a SOLID and strategic funnel.

And in case you’re just now getting the jist of the rage in the sales industry that is taking over businesses, funnels are your means to opening the door of trust, honesty, and credibility. And relationships.

They are the means by which you encourage your prospects to fall so fucking IN LOVE with what you do that they want to buy er’ythang. Like fo’ real, yo.

Use them to:

  • Open the door and get them to start opening your emails because “hey, I like this chick (omg, dude...whatever Joe, get the appointment), she knows what the fuck she’s talking about”

  • To have them drooling over your low-cost shiz because so they build the trust they need to buy the big ticket shiz (Hi Moula, baby!)

  • Nurture the relationship into one that squashes all doubt that you are the one for them

Funnels do the hard work for you.

But they are confusing as fuck. Can I get an afuckingmen?

So you put them off. Or you build it half-ass and it doesn’t work. Or you just say, “after this episode of American Horror Story” (because movies are better than money SMH!).

The next thing you know, the chick on Lifeisboxofchocolateandiendupwiththelemoncream.com is nurturing YOUR prospects because she got her shit done and done RIGHT.


Are you going to let her do that to you?

Yes, I know you have no competition. WAKE UP, Lucy!

It’s time to put your shit on autopilot and let ‘er RIP.

You’ve got an AMAZING business. You do MASSIVE work. But growth and expansion are HARD. (Tired of all these CAPS?? Stop yelling, TD...DAMN IT.)

Make them easier.

Allow funnels to take over and allow money to flow in.

I made this just for you:

Welcome to Black Diamond Funnels.

Have your trust/credibility/relationship-building done for you. From start to finish.

No more confusion. No more tears. No more fucking UNEARNED episodes of The Walking Dead.

When you invest in your business’ Black Diamond Funnel, you get:

  • Landing page copy for your Trigger/Magnet/Freebie so when they see your offer, they’ll want to grab it before they read it all

  • 3 Opt-in copy blurbs so you can test what works and where

  • Help figuring out what your freebie is/should be/if you even NEED one

  • Tripwire copy that will swoon them into grabbing your low-cost product or service

  • Help figuring out what your tripwire should be

  • A 7-email nurturing email sequence that drives them to work with you

  • An upsell email

If you have no funnel in place, THIS is where you start, if you’re ready for people to file into your money-making machine.

$997 gets you all of the above and a Creative Strategy session, so we can nail the triggers and tripwires you’re going to use.

**You’ll have to create the freebies and tripwire content, itself. Unless you’re interested in having me do that for you, too. I’m game. Just hit me to get a quote on that.

And what funnel is complete without ads? You can easily tack those on, as well. Because I truly envision having you walk away with a machine that is ready to earn for you, so you can focus on what matters: Your customers.

Grab the Black Diamond Ads to your package for $250 and you’ll get:

  • 5 Facebook ads for pimping your shiz and making emotional connections that pay off

  • 10 Target audiences to help you form a foundation for what works with your ad-targeting so you can reach more people

But wait! There’s more! (OMG - Internet marketers still use this shit...it’s hilarious)

Seriously, this is the motherload:

The Black Diamond Funnel - No Stops Package

If you want us to handle everything for you (except the ad management), Danielle Magestro-Musgrove of DanielleMagestro.com and her team will take care of uploading alllll this heart-throbbing copy and sales-inducing content for you for $2497.

The Black Diamond Funnel - No Stops Package includes:

  • All emails uploaded, stylized, branded, and formatted into your email service provider for you

  • All copy uploaded, stylized, branded, and formatted into your landing page service or your website for a clean, alluring layout that visually pulls your readers all the way to the button

  • All content for download or sale uploaded to your systems for you so it’s off your head

  • And your cart set up, ready to take payments, or your calendar set up for bookings

  • Does NOT include ad management, that’s on you, chica ;)


$2497. Holy shit. That’s insane. PS? Danielle had no idea I added this on...sweet talk her into letting you do this, so she doesn’t kill me.

Funnels are the blood flowing through the machine of your sales. With Badass’D Digital Ink doing them for you, you’ll be UNFUCKINGSTOPPABLE.


It doesn’t matter where you start to build your Black Diamond Funnel. It only matters that you do.


Because leaving money for vacations on the table is fucking sacrilege.