The Legend-Maker Trifecta

When you land on a site that is visually gorgeous, but the words are subpar, what happens is you begin to doubt what you read. 

Are they lying to me? 
There’s something wrong here. 

Copy is a supporting role...a major supporting role in your entire business. 

In other words, if you have killer copy, but your products and services don’t really fill a true need, you won’t sell as much as you could. 

If you have killer visuals and site, but your copy lacks emotion and art, you won’t sell as much as you could. 

If you have killer copy, but you, yourself, have trouble connecting with would-be clients, you won’t sell as much as you could.

There’s a Legend-Maker Trifecta at play:

Your visuals (branding, site, colors, fonts, etc)
Your copy

You, of course, being the heart and soul of it all. Then the layers of marketing help you flesh out the whole picture.

You can come to me with the best ideas on the planet, and I can write your awesomeness into existence, but if you don’t have the wherewithal to make it happen, it’s useless.

You can come to me with the most powerful ideas and I can write your awesomeness into existence, but if your site isn’t up to the standard of your ideas and my supporting words, it’s useless.


How the fuck do you fix that?

You grow.

You decide what you want, what you’re willing to do to get it, and IF you can even pull it off (you know...your values matter here...if you want to run a $100,000 a month company, you’re going to have to give up trying to be Jane Cleaver and vice versa).

Who are you?
What do you want?
What does having it all look like for you?
What are you willing to do to get it?
What are you willing to give up to have it?

This all matters.

I’ve had people come to me and pay me to write the art they know they are capable of for them, then their businesses fell off the face of the earth.

They decided showing up in social every fucking day was too much for them. Or they decided the business they thought they wanted, actually wasn’t it.

They see how much of your soul being a successful entrepreneur takes and they gave up.

Running a 5-, 6-, or 7-figure a month business takes a lot. It takes a lot out of you. OR it PUTS A LOT INTO YOU.

If you are in the right business, and you have massive ideas that you know can change the world, you owe it to yourself and to your will-be clients (and SOCIETY!?) to bring all of you to the table.

And if you’re ready to have me on-call in your corner to make powerful magic, hit me and let’s talk about how you can ensure that you sound pro 100% of the time. I have new retainer packages available for high-performing women, as well as for those who are ready to step into that high-performing role, but haven’t made it just yet.

Key Components of Power Sales Pages

Yesterday, a woman vehemently commanded that someone who was searching for a sales page copywriter make sure that they understand that whatever the copywriter has done, it will be undone in the end.

It was sad.

As though this woman had attempted to be a sales page copywriter, but ended up butting heads for many of the clients she may have attempted to write for.

I could be wrong.

But the fact is, sales pages have to have certain components in place, in order to be successful. There’s no written-in-stone formula, but without the key players playing their roles, the sales page will miss the mark.

So what are the components you have to have in order to make money and impact with your sales pages?

  1. Emotion.

    Without emotion, your words fall flat and don’t touch the heart of those you want working with you.

    Without emotion, your words are likely not even read.

    Without emotion, you will struggle to get past the filters of the brain that say, “OMG! I NEED to read this!!! STOP!”

    How to develop emotion:

    Use words NOT used everywhere else.
    Use the passion you have for your product to display the solution in a creative way.
    Write as though you are spilling your heart onto the page (and edit all the water out of it when you’re done).
    Practice. Or hire it out.

  2. An understanding of the gambit of problems the product solves.

    Understanding starts with a wide-angle view of what your product REALLY does.

    For example, a newby just starting out might think that mindset sessions teach the client how to think for success. But that is only a small portion of what mindset sessions do. What’s really happening is they are learning to pull up the confidence to do the things their souls have longed to do for ages.
    They’re learning to block out negative voices from the inside and the outside. They are learning to trust themselves. They are learning to approach people, to close deals, to handle debate and argument.

    Mindset sessions don’t really teach you success, they teach you freedom. Freedom to do and be who you were born to be.

    So when you know and understand ALL the aspects of your product or service does, you can incorporate that into the emotion that you want to write with.

  3. An understanding of the people who will want to buy said product.

    Again. Not an easy feat. In fact, if you’re just starting out, you’ll likely not even know the details and the nuances of your client that makes them who they are in relationship to you. But you can craft something pretty close.

    Who are they when they are alone? What do they value in this life? What are their goals and dreams? What are their biggest fears? What will your solution mean to them and for them?

    How to address the people you want buying from you:

    You have to be able to say more than, “My service will give you the tools you need to create the life and the business you want.” (Mainly because that’s the same shit every other coach is saying, but also because it lacks the specificity to really strike a chord in them that they won’t be able to ignore.)

  4. Answers.

    They are going to have arguments about why they should believe what you say (they’re going to want to believe you, but they’ve been burned enough to know that your words hurt). And you’ll need to be able to address those arguments in a cohesive fashion.

    You’ll need to give them the answers they seek, before they even know to ask them.

    Why? Because you know them and you know what they need and that your product is undeniably the source of their relief.

    Because if you DON’T know, then you don’t have that bond, that connection with them that you need.

  5. Social proof.

    Because they expect to see people who have suffered the way they’ve suffered get amazing results with you. This is one of the 6 principles of influence as established by Robert Cialdini back in 1984.

    Because they need reassurance from you that your shit works and they don’t want to take just your word for it.

    Because it makes them feel better about buying with you.

Sales pages are abiotic salesmen working the floor of your store for you. And just as you wouldn’t pay top commission to someone who doesn’t know your product, you wouldn’t put up a sales page that is lacking in a key area of persuasion.


Want more details in a specific play-by-play of how I construct sales pages for my 6- & 7-figure clients? Click here and get the 18-min ZERO fluff video training.


Drive them to Want More

We all have doubts. Doubts & fears drive most of us most days.

But sometimes little things swoop in and remind us that we are WAY off the mark.

Exhibit A:

This would be mine.

This is a registration for an event that my eldest daughter was sending off.

And it hurt oh so good.

Three years ago, she wouldn’t have been writing that about me. Because I hadn’t found my Sass. I hadn’t developed my Art.

Have you?

With your Sass out there, front and center, bled profusely across the crown of your site, people can’t help but want to know more.

They get hit in all the right places: their hearts because they feel your words and your personality, their minds because they are looking for someone who resonates with them, and their souls because when they feel your struggle, they feel their own struggle.

What most DIY’ers lack is…

True understanding of how powerful emotion is. They sit down and write and let their fingers go. And they go on and on and on about themselves and what their programs do.

With next to zero acknowledgment of what their readers truest pains and deepest dreams really are.

What happens when that happens:

  • Sales are scant, if existent
  • Discovery calls are nil (or overbooked with the wrong type of clients)
  • Business causes you more frustration and angst than happiness
  • Money, impact, and all the accomplishments you long for are brushed aside because you have to get a job or go back to being just “mama”
  • Your spouse says they're not putting any more money back in your business because you’re not showing any profit

Sad but true, follow the path:

Jane comes a-knockin’ and she’s expecting to see some semblance of connection. You spout off all day long that you know this and you know that. And Jane runs to the freaking hills.

“I help women entrepreneurs stop struggling in their businesses.”

Because Jane is selfish. She has a problem. And she doesn’t give a rat’s twisted f*cking whisker that YOU say you’re an expert at changing her life. She only cares that she can actually FEEL that you’re an expert at changing her life.

How do you express your expertise so that Jane actually books a Discovery Call & is really already ready to buy:

  1. Use what you know about your favorite customer and reflect the emotions they experienced before and after working with you to put the emotion Jane is looking for on the f*cking page.

  2. Address Jane more often than you address yourself. When you are writing from a “you” perspective, you come off caring and less assy self-centered.

  3. Look like you’ve done this a few times and put a ton of thought into the art your words create on that page, making sure your sass is front and center, but in a caring and not-so-jerky way.

  4. Start your copy with powerful headlines that get their attention and keep it with engaging narratives. Not watered-down questions that evoke NO emotion.

  5. Take the Rock Your Legend copy course so you can get pro results from a DIY effort with your homework assignments and personalized feedback from the chick in black.

“No, Jane, you won’t have to go get a job. In fact, the number of targeted discovery calls you’re taking now is going to triple. And your spouse will stand beside you, beaming, and say, ‘You did it!’”

Book some done-for-you emotion or take the course that’ll help you put your Sass right in front of them. Your business longs for it.

Bootstrapping no longer has to mean crappy copy

She wanted it. She wanted it all: The dream the Internet was selling. 

The one where she got to put her kids in private school and still travel to Bali, Morocco, and Milan whenever the notion struck her. Not ONCE thinking about the prices of plane tickets for the family.

The dream that showing up and collecting money was as easy as opening her phone in the morning. 

But the problem was she couldn’t see the road to it all. 

She was new. Brand new. 

And the stories of overnight success haunted the FUCK out of her. WHY couldn’t she have what they were having? 

When she researched them and the sites behind the businesses that exploded, all she could do was drool all over her Galaxy. It just wasn’t fair. How did they get to PRO so fast? And the site was as gorgeous as it was heart-wrenching. 

They had a secret. A secret that would slash the learning curve and make it almost non-existent: A big ass budget that allowed them to hire the best people to do the things they couldn’t do. 

But not everyone has that luxury. 

Bootstrapping Doesn’t Have to SUCK

The thing about just starting out is you just don’t have the money to do all the things you need and want to do with your business. 

Does that mean your website should sound like it? 

Absolutely NOT. 

And you can’t really afford to have high-end copywriters writing your copy for you on your starting budget. 

Yet, if you put up subpar copy, you’ll never stretch beyond those minimal budget numbers. 

So what do you do? 

Most people DIY it. And that is an EXCELLENT solution. IF you know how to inject emotion into it. 

Because it isn’t the pushy sales copy that sells, it’s the emotion that creative copy evokes that makes the money. 

So. How DO you evoke emotion? 

By using specific words and phrases that ease the reader into a trance that they can only break if they take action. 

By speaking to the very hopes they have of taking over the world. By acknowledging, and standing in support of, their need to hire teams to help them get funds for their retreats in Morocco and Mallorca this year. 

By speaking to the humanity of the whole thing. 

You’re in business to change the world. And so are your clients. Use that. Speak to those places where dreams and desire live in them. The only thing you need is a deep-seated knowledge of yourself, of them, of the results your business brings to their tables and what they can do with them. 

If you can do that? Then you can get every emotion you need onto the page. 

But if you can’t, there is still a solution for you. 

You can still rock your legend and create the business you truly want and need, in order to make yours and your family’s most extravagant dreams come true. 

My clients are 6- & 7-figure coaches who do not have the time or the desire to pen copy that digs deep and gets them the results they want. So they hire me to do it for them. 

And until you can get to that point, you have access to the copy course that explains emotion and copy and how to get the words on the page that earn you the money you need to uplevel and live your wildest dreams. 

You’re welcome. Every excuse you had has just been thrown out of the window. 

Your copy is about to change for the absolute best. 

If you have any questions, ping me

The Game Has Officially Changed

When we exploded onto the scene, women working from home blew shit up. Literally. Then dads started. (We were copying the model of millennial nomads, so….thanks, kids.)

One could throw in a blog post voila! They had a gazillion followers. Oh shit, now what do we do?

Learn content marketing of course.

Then graphics so we could make our sites beautimous enough to show the world and hope those people would continue to find us interesting and so the goddamn pattern goes.

And now it’s broken.

Only it’s not.

What’s broken is us.

Those of us who believe this is enough and that they are just doing wrong so they’re not gaining traction. 

It’s not because you posted the wrong content on the wrong channel at the wrong time.
It’s not that your freebie was feeble.
It’s not that you’re part of the wrong groups (which is a whole other fucking Iliad in itself.)
It’s that you haven’t realized that doing it alone is a hobby, not a business.

Does that mean people - solopreneurs specifically - are not out there killing it? 

No. Of course, there’s one out to prove me wrong. I wish we all could. But the fact is you cannot survive support and you cannot thrive without a team. Period.

I will say it again.

Thriving happens when you’re allowed to get into the mental flow of creating your best work for your clients.

Coaches, that means where you are fully present on your calls and are giving your client 110% of you and your creative solutions.

Product based businesses, this means when you are fully into creating products for your customers (or delivering them.)

Service-based peeps, you are in flow when you are able to sit down with what you do and immerse yourself fully into what you’ve been commissioned to create, so you can stop competing for pennies and your name speaks for itself.

Flow is your goal (if it’s not, you’re in the wrong business.)

But how do you reach that point?

By putting together a team.

What? You were hoping to get some formula or schedule that told you what to post, when and where?

When I hired a set of brains smarter than me two years ago, it wasn’t easy at all. 

I was scared.

I didn’t know what to expect.

I didn’t know how it would work.

I didn’t know how I would pay the next month’s invoice.

It turns out, your gut knows what you need.

My gut had been telling me, Danielle was the game-changer for Badass’D Digital Ink.

I finally listened.

She knew what I needed.

I needed a more powerful site because my picmonkey graphics cheapened my project fees.

I needed pro shots so people would look at me and say - “Yes, she’s no joke trying to make a quick buck.”

I needed to put myself out there and stop waiting for referrals.

So she helped me do all of that and we exploded. I became THE copywriter people were tagging when others asked for referrals.

We’ve steadily and swiftly grown since the day we started together.

We’ve hired a VA who happens to be the reason you’re reading this because I have sat on my ass at the desk on a Saturday morning and HAND-WRITTEN  this out for him to transcribe. (Sorry Dru, but thank you. I couldn’t create half as much as I do, if you didn’t do this)

We finally have a proofreader - YAY!! - as well.


Because I need Danielle’s

  • Customer service savvy on handling some of the finer nuances that go on after the sales do
  • Brains for refiguring (most) of my wild ideas because many times they don’t align with the brand or are just giving away a for a shit
  • Brains to help me know what our next steps are
  • Tech smarts to keep up with this (gorgeous) site (yeah, I know - I’m biased and rather obnoxious - but I have a decent heart.)
  • Ability to stay on top of what is going on in the online world, in BUSINESS world, everywhere seriously, her ear is UnderGround it’s so close to the ground and we use new techniques and ideas all day long.
  • Her tolerance of my creation method.
  • Her guidance on brand strategy.
  • Her ability to listen to what I want for this business and tell me what we need to do to make it happen.

This, surprisingly, was not an ode to Danielle. But an unveiling of what entrepreneur needs to thrive. 

And, dude, this doesn’t even come close to all the ad and growth strategy needs. If Danielle wasn’t proficient in ads, Facebook advertising, graphic design, tech master and so much more, we’d need people for all of that.

I just freaking realized how grossly underpaid Danielle is. Goddamn it.

The game changed a long time ago and if you’re trying to swing along on your own, you are going to move about in a year. 

If you want to truly change WITH your industry, so you can multiply that growth factor by about 1,000 times, at least join Fire of the Diamond Society (where you are a part of a support community LEAD by a powerful copywriter with deep chops, a mage of a business leader who knows it all) or get an accountability partner who kicks your ass on the daily to make sure you’re not making excuses.

Because if you can’t invest thousands and thousands in a team that’s reaps your tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, you need to rethink the goals of your business.

Facebook Posts Aren’t What You Think

So. Sally’s out there doing her thing. Posting all day long about her fucking coaching business. (KILL that word, please!) And she’s all happy that she’s “getting shit done”, yet her business is pulling in less than $5,000 a month. Shit. It’s probably less than $2,000 a month.

That’s because Sally forgets the biggest rule of sales: The people have to KNOW, LIKE, AND TRUST you. And standing on the corner soliciting drivers, means they’re not doing any of that.

Facebook peoples tend to forget Facebook is only one stop in the sales game. It’s the first stop. People are there to meet you.

Actually. They’re not.

They’re there for you to meet them.

I shit you not. I miss the days of hanging around just getting to know people and sharing this entrepreneurial journey’s ups and downs.

As a matter of fact, I think that’s why I’ve come to love the Fire of the Diamond Society so much. We are ONLY there to support and kick each other in the teeth every day to make sure we’re reaching our goals. There’s no trolling shit. There’s no feel that people are only there to sell.

Anyway, I digress. (I’ve had my Monster this afternoon...can’t imagine how I got off on that tirade…)

So. Facebook (and every other social outlet) is there for people to get to know you.

At the same time, it’s also a place where copy is overlooked.

What I mean is copy is writing geared to sell, so even your Facebook posts are there to sell you, your mailing list, or your services to people.

For example:

Jane scrolls past group posts and reaches Sally’s post in the feed, but Sally’s all, “You’ve tried all other diets…” blah blah blah bullshit. Jane continues to scroll. Because #1: The copy is weak and untargeted. (Yes, I can say that from that little bit of copy) #2: Sally’s personality is completely absent from that post. #3: The words are trigger words for snoozing

If Sally wanted to apply the rules of Know, Like, and Trust, Jane would have kept reading. If she wanted to write with the rules of copy in mind, Jane would have kept reading.

What are the RULES????

Write like YOU. It’s FACEBOOK. Enjoy it! Play and have fun with it. Relax. You’re pushing too hard. Let your guard down and let them get to know you, so they can develop that trust they need to develop in order to want to pay you.

Second, when you DO write promotional posts (because you CAN now that you’re not a self-promotional dick who is not there to do anything except take up Facebook space), start with narratives and stories that get attention, don’t start with “You have felt that push..”, “you need to…”

Starting with “YOU” is telling. It’s not creating a story that people will want to read.

Also, the game has changed in social, so what I do with Tequila Socials helps people get the attention they want. I write words that get attention, engage you in conversation, and keep people from scrolling past and ignoring you.

Diana Mitchell and Lisa Friedt have adored the results they’ve gotten from theirs.

The goal of Facebook isn’t just to sell. It’s to introduce you to new people. To get them interested in what you do. To help you build trust.

Use it that way.

Write Like a Boss

The old ditty ‘bout Jack and Diane having to know, like, and trust you before they’ll buy only gets truer as the competition for attention tightens the noose around your neck.



It’s actually the whole crux of sales and since EVERYONE and all their offspring are now in sales, it’s harder than ever to earn those things.

So. What’s a Diamond to do, right?

First, she’s to make sure she’s using the right language to express her authority. Because they can know you all day, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, they’re not going to pay you a dime.

Building authority is one of the number one ways a rockstar sales dude can up the others in his industry.

And that starts with the words you use.

The language you use informs your perceived authority in your field, so choosing the wrong words/combos/patterns, can seriously hinder your progress.

And I cannot have that. So read on.

Words are Power

When you are so gracefully expressing what the fuck you do, be conscious of the “will”, “can”, “might”, “maybe”, “perhaps”, “could”, “help” words.

If used incorrectly, they undermine your attempts to establish that you is da bomb diggity. You dig? For example:

“This program could finally begin to help you fill your client calendar.”


“Begin to fill your client calendar, once and for all, with this program.”

Feel the difference?

The second sentence, besides being result-oriented, feels more authoritative because the reader can feel the confidence you have in your program. So, you’ve taken another step in the “kill the goddamn doubt” part of writing copy that triggers action.

You dig?

But I Naturally Talk Like a Wuss

So. You’re screwed.

Not really. It means you’ll need to practice a little more. It means you’ll need to develop that core belief in your own fucking program. It means you’ll not be writing like you talk. Or you’ll be developing new language patterns LOL.

Seriously, your belief in yourself and your work has to be deeply conveyed in your writing or people feel your doubt.

And, in turn, doubt you, as well.

We cannot haVE that.

We can haVE you being all heart-centered and soft, just not insecure. There’s a massive difference.

Insecurity bleeds through everything. I don’t even know how to explain it. But pay attention. 1OOOO%! Especially in social. You can read some chick’s post in a group and your brain, by the end of the post has made a decision: “She’s a bitch, I’m not working with her.” Or “Fuck, YEAH! She gets it!” Or “NEWBY.” get the idea.

Listen as you scroll through post after incessant post on Facebook and see what your mental reaction is. And when you come across posts that feel REAL and RIGHT? Pay attention to the language.

Confidence is Conveyed Subconsciously

It’s conveyed in words choice and sentence structure. It’s conveyed in (online) behavior, as well.

Develop that deep core belief in yourself and the work you do and let THAT guide and inform your language.

That’s the best way to build authority in your writing. Period

Dig this up and you’ll never season your site with vanilla again

Emotion is a switch that vanilla cannot flip.

And it’s a well-established fact that emotion is the basis for buying. Without it, likability isn’t conveyed, authority isn’t imbibed, credibility is evaded and sales/signups? Blocked. 

So how do you caress that switch into the “on” position? 

By connection. 

By allowing yourself to become deeply attached to what you’re selling and who you are selling it to. And by allowing yourself to express that connection via your charm and fucking wit. 

Vanilla is the hindrance of all of that. 

It’s a facade and a mask that says, “I REALLY want you to like me, so I’m not going to let myself out here TOO much.” Or “Wait, I’m not really sure what the fuck good my program is, so lemme just skirt the edges here.” 

And if I’m being painfully honest here (did you expect much else??), it’s also the result of the resentment of the written word. I kid you not. Many of my clients come to me simply because they despise writing, so they’ve skated along with minimal bullshit and fewer results. (Can you imagine??)

Whatever your reason, the result is the same: Lack of connection with the reader and lack of impact on your business. 

What IS Vanilla? 

“Are you ready to leap into the life you love?” ← WHAT? Your brain shut off at “are you ready to leap”.
“What if you could stop commuting every day?” ← HUH? You shut down at “what if you could”.
“Social media that actually gives you a return on your investment.” ←  YAWN. 

I’m going to say them again. With utter lust for what I do as a coach: 

“Mornings spent wallowing in the silence and splendor of the dawn. Days overflowing with girl time and massages. And clients that effortlessly find you. It’s not your imagination. It’s your reality. Because you’ve said yes to you, to everything you deserve to become.” ← I’m just hazarding a guess here, but I’m thinking you stayed awake for that one. No? 

“Email after email. ‘I’d like to book 3 months with you 1:1.’ ‘Are you sure your waiting list won’t be clear for six months?’ Or ‘I’d love to start asap’. Because you finally gave the nod to that yearning in your soul to help people crush their inhibitions and blocks. Telling your boss good-bye was the best thing you ever did.” ← No? Didn’t like that? Did you like “What if you could stop commuting every day” better? 

“Social systems suck. Unless you have a lock on your content that brings back $200 for every $3 you spend. This is the last social media system you’ll ever WANT to invest in.” ← You be the judge. Which one grabbed you harder? 

See? Vanilla is the boring spice that makes cookies and cake taste all yummy. But it’s the spice that drains your copy of anything that could warm their hearts. 

So What’s the Fix? 

Fall in mad fucking love with your shit and shout it from the rooftops of your site and social. Let that fire be the guide for every emotion you want conveyed in your brand and products, so that the people you want buying find themselves unabashedly magnetized and drawn to your deep dark places. 

Free write until you’re sick of seeing it, then edit the fuck out of what you wrote and there’s nothing there but your soul. 

Kill every nagging naybob in your outrageous head. Your mother’s demand for perfection. Your father’s need for control. And your husband’s need for the remote. All stacked against you in a whirlwind of “Wtf? Why am I not good enough???” You are. And NO ONE IS GOING TO SAVE YOU. You have to be the one to bring yourself to that realization, however you do that. 

There’s a deep-seeded love for what you do somewhere inside. Dig it up and create copy that they can’t let go of so buying from you becomes automatic. 

Use Less Words


For the love of all things unholy, PLEASE stop this. 

Just kidding. It's not all THAT dire. But it is a problem. And if you're doing it, you need to stop. 

I'll leave you to be tortured by the car vlog and your own ideas of, "Oh, shit! Is she talking about me???" 

Rest assured. I likely am. 

OMG. Why are you taking me so seriously? Chillax, bruh! 

Hit me. Let me see your link and let's see if you're doing this ;) 

An Easy, Peasy Way to Pen Masterful Copy

For one moment, these words are not words written on a page. For one moment, these words are stars peppering the universe. And only for you.

Because they’re stars of hope, longing, desire.

They’re stars of need, lust, and greed.

They’re the stars of every emotion wrapped inside your heart.

And they’re breathed into existence for this single reason: Action.

But so often, copy falls short of emotion. It’s written all dry and crumbly like overdone toast, as though its creator was afraid of being “too” expressive. And he/she might have been. The writer might have been afraid to stand before the demons of the shadow and look into the souls of the readers.

Because among the demons are where their deepest emotions have taken root and in order to pull those feelings safely out, they have to be willing to see the darkness and all its wondrous glory.

Those demons will fight hard against you when you write, but if you let them win, you’ve lost the reader and the action.

How to fight the shadows to pull out emotion-driven action every time:

  1. Know thyself. Yep. You saw it again. Know all your own whys. Know your product or service and all its glorious capabilities to change the lives of the buyers and to help them overcome those pesky dark overlords of their souls.

    Because this copy, this art, is created to speak to the whys behind your motivation, as well as the following, so don’t be afraid to use all the colors of your own soul in your body of work.

  2. Know the victims. Know the victims whom you’re trying to save. Know their whys and wherefores.

    Understand that her need to drive an X Class is driven by a childhood wrought in poverty, her need to know she’s finally left that behind, the desperation and longing to be “free” from the reasons she could never have designer clothes when she was younger. And not driven by vanity.

    When you know what your service means to the deepest parts of those you’re saving, you can express it completely and fully with the smallest detailed strokes of the bristles.

  3. Understand the flow of the pieces you’re writing.

    About page copy laden with “I”, “I’, “I’ expresses so much more than your story. It expresses the writer’s ego. And ego, my friend, rarely wins hearts.

    Home Pages that are long and wordy...rambly??...don’t lead to the next phase of the sonata, the About. So keep your copy concise, clear, and dancing on the backs of the clever. And know how each page of your play is read, so you can write to those strengths.

  4. Don’t be afraid of the dark. Many want to keep their bodies of work light and airy fairy, but the true change comes when you face the shadows of the forest of the soul. That’s when you pull their deepest fear to light to banish it from existence.

    Create brush strokes on the canvas of your copy that the reader becomes absolutely mesmerized with and they’ll read all the way to the bottom (happily), on your emotional roller coaster, and breathe a sigh of relief when they get to release that anxiety and pain in pushing the button to book or buy.

  5. Understand that some scenes are better left on the cutting room floor.

    When you create the scene and the art around your product/service, you’re going to get carried away at the magnificence of your own piece that you’re going to find yourself adding scene after scene to the script.

    But beware. Too much is never a good thing when it comes to copy. Consumers of your art will shun long, arduous attempts to create a picture that isn’t on-point. So let yourself fall into the flow, but then, allow the extra to be cut away without creator’s remorse.

You see, copy is an art. It’s not a stringing together of words without meaning. They are meant to drive an action and what better way to get a reader to do that than by putting your entire soul into what you create for them?

Don’t get lost in the message. Get lost in the art of the message.

5 Steps to Higher Order Business

In this world of internet income, marketing funnels, and an overflow of “coaches”, you have to be able to take the following 5 steps to reach higher order business. To get out of the pool of Mediocre that most entrepreneurs swim in.

I warn you, below is a reflection of my thoughts and experiences and I suck at candy coating. So, if you’re prone to butt-hurt? Exit, stage left. Actually, read on and then move on.

Higher order business is an art. Sometimes it’s real art. Look at the musicians killing it out there (not the goddamn bubble pop bullshit, but REAL artists who write and perform their own music). Look at Richard Branson, over 400 companies and growing. Look at all the successful higher order businesses that function on a different plane than most of us, the ones that experience success after success and do unimaginable things.

They do that because they know and live by the following 5 steps.

  1. Know thyself.

    MJ Keenan says, “Know thyself.” Gary Vaynerchuk says, “Be self-aware.” I say, “Give yourself fucking permission to dig beneath your flesh to discover who you are on all levels.”

    But just because you WANT to be a successful entrepreneur, doesn’t mean you WILL be one. Just because you WANT to be the best copywriter doesn’t mean you WILL be (that’s my job thankyouverymuch). What you want and what you are capable of and are WILLING to do are, sometimes, two very different creatures.

    I’d love to be leaner, more toned, and more flexible, but it doesn’t mean that I have the wherewithal to put the energy into it. Right now.

    Same for you.

    What do you say to yourself over and over that you want, but you don’t see yourself working for?

    What do you say you want and are working every fucking day for?

    What scares you? What makes you uncomfortable? What do you love? What do you feel is changing in you?

    Disclaimer: Your emotions serve only to fuck you up. Pull them out of these equations.

    Use cold, hard facts to answer them. And if you can’t? Find 5 people you’re closest to and ask them to give you objective feedback on their thoughts of who you are at your core. Take notes. Use that to inform the path you need to take to become the person you see in your dreams.

  2. Become a (Beast) Master.

    All of you out there whining about the word “hustle”, what the fuck are you doing all day to become masters of your craft? Writing a blog post here or there and calling it a day? Sending out an email and waiting to see how it’s received. Dropping some posts on Facebook to see if any clients bite?

    Fuck that. I want what I want and I am willing to work my ass off for it. Anybody who’s not working their asses off to hone their art is a hobbyist at best, not the apprentice working to become the master.

    If you want to master your craft, whether it’s marketing, writing, painting, jewelry making, or a lightbody worker, you have to practice. Sometimes it’ll be for free. Sometimes it’ll only be for you. Sometimes you’ll actually earn a killer living at it because you’re better than most.

    And it would be a disservice to any art to say that we might actually become masters, but we can become the best stewards of our arts as we can and HOPE we’re labeled as such when we’ve exhaled our last breaths and are laid down in the cold dirt or gone up in that funeral pyre.

    So. What are you doing to practice your art? When are you practicing? Are you consciously practicing or just throwing shit to the wind and hoping you’re getting it right?

    Your Challenge: Find ways to truly devote time to FOCUSED practice each day. Even if it’s free coaching. Because the better you are at your craft, the more the world needs it.

  3. Do that shit the way YOU want to and FUCK WHAT THE WORLD THINKS.

    Whatever your goal is FUCK the way they say it “should” be done. Artists are out there doing shit their way and making a KILLING at it. If you’re reading blog after blog and looking for a magic formula, all you’re going to get from it is time lost to nothing gained.

    Do what you love. Do it the way you want to. And be consistent. Don’t sweat the latest funnel techniques or the newest fad in video marketing. Do it and share your story, however that looks for you.

    That’s the only catch to ALL of this. You have to be willing to share your story because if you’re forcing marketing, you’re not creating art. You’re simply chasing dineros, not passion. But HOW you share is your choice. Your preference.

  4. Develop Tunnel Vision.

    This is FUCKING KEY. THIS is how you reach the highest order of your business. Because if you’re busy spinning in Facebook circles because, hey, that’s what you “have” to do, you’re not going to get where you want to go.

    Now, there are a ton of internet marketers out there disguised as coaches and powerhouses who are killing it by spending hours and hours pinging people and peddling their wares. That’s because that IS their art. If that’s not your art, stay out of there.

    Tunnel Vision is your unfuckingrelenting determination to achieve your goals. It’s how you stay in your lane, avoid comparisonitis, and start owning the minutes you’re granted everyfuckingday.

    Fix: The next time you catch yourself scrolling, stop and ask yourself what you should be creating instead. What’s going to push you toward your goal? What’s going to get you closer to mastery? Do that.

    Keep a dedicated list of all the parts you need to build into place. Keep an idea book specifically for your craft. Keep yourself accountable or join us in Fire of the Diamond because I’m happy to kick your ass into gear everyday.

    Just focus. Fucking. FOCUS. ON. YOUR. ART.

  5. Listen. Deep.

    There are going to come times where you’re not sure what your next step should be. Do you say yes to that podcast? (Yes!) Do you move across country? Do you put on your big girl panties and take the high road to your dreams?

    All of that is inside you.

    All you have to do is listen. And listen deep. Your intuition, your gut, your higher self, whatever you want to call it, it’s there. But you have to cut through the noise to hear it. You have to shut people down and listen to NO OTHER OPINION BUT YOUR OWN.

    You have to be able to read your body’s physical reactions to the questions you ask yourself. And use those answers to determine what is right for you.

Being successful and working a higher order business comes at a huge price. Usually one that costs you to lose who you were to become who you were born to be. But only if you’re willing to take the above can you make that happen.

The most liberating thing you can do

Why are you wearing that?

OMG you listen to that music all day long?

How can you drink bourbon before 8am?

No matter what you do, there will be people who don’t like you. They won’t subscribe to your ways and they’ll suggest you change.

And you can.

Then you can kiss it all goodbye.

Because NOTHING is worse than living for someone else’s dreams. Your purpose will dissipate before your eyes when you stop feeding your hopes and desires.

Your life will become one of emptiness and regret.

And your business?

Bitch, that shit won’t even EXIST anymore.

Your business IS YOU.

It’s your voice in a world waiting for you to show up and offer your gifts. Because believe it or not, you CAN help them.

But only if you’re willing to OWN WHO YOU ARE. Because THAT is the most liberating thing you can or will do. Ever.

You might not be bourbon-before-8am. You might not be Lamb of God and Tool. You may be ABBA and One Direction. You may be wine after 5pm.

Regardless, you have to own that shit. And LIVE it.

Being unabashedly you creates a resonance that your ideal clients and your customers cannot ignore. It allows you to speak with authority about the things that matter to your potential clients. Being unabashedly you allows you to own the credibility on which all businesses are successful. It allows you to post content easily and effortlessly because you know in your heart what they need to hear and you are no longer afraid to say it.

But you have to be willing to break down the walls of structure and authority that have told you your apple pie isn’t good enough, that you need more sugar in your recipe. You have let go of every fucking negative thing you’ve been taught to believe about yourself.

In the Art of Sass, you get to go through exercises of breaking through those voices that you hear in your head that aren’t yours.

You get to chip away at the you they’ve told you you have to be to become the you you were born to be.

Because when your Sass is all out there:

  1. Potential clients can’t help but adore you and will be ECSTATIC to work with you.

  2. Work flows in because you’re showing up out there in a way that makes you feel good, no more forced posts or misaligned connections.

  3. Money becomes the secondary reason you run your business, opening the door for even more of it to roll in.

Your Sass is YOU. And you are your sass.

Own it.

Own the fuck out of it.

If you doubt who you are, what your purpose is, or why you do what you do? Look inside. Are you owning your shit? Are you being true to the things that call you? Are you listening to your gut or your ego?

Listen. You know if something is off in your life or in your business. Listen and correct it.

Be ABBA. Be One Direction. Be Pink Floyd. Be whoever you are.

Because you are a fucking legend.

THE reason you don't want to keep putting your list last

The names on your list didn’t end up there because they only want to hear about promos and specials - they signed up because you have something valuable for them: Your knowledge.

They gave you access to their personal space, to their attention.

And if you’re only emailing when you think about it or when you want to sell? You’re pushing that gift of their time away.

But if you keep them warm they’ll stay because you make it worth their time to read by giving them what they need.

Ignoring your responsibility to email your list is ignoring the free money it has the potential to make for you.

I don’t know what to write.

You know your client better than yourself, right? Then you know what to write. The problem is everything is all jumbled up in your head. Where do you start?

Start with at least 5 questions (up to 10 if you’re feeling froggy) that you get asked, or take the 5 solutions that you offer - and twist them into emails that bring a shit-ton of value.

How often do I write?

Each list relationship is different. You have mega mailers out there who send MULTIPLE TIMES A FUCKING DAY and their lists dig it. Then you have some that are good with once a MONTH!

It depends on you.

I like the semi-aggressive route of 2-3 times a week, not a GODDAMN day. But if you’re just starting you need to do a minimum of once a week. That’s the “scraping by” method, but it works to keep you top of mind while you do the things you have to do to make money from other sources.

Your email list is a poppyfield of info waiting to be harvested.

These people have said “YES” I want you coming around with your smarts and making me smarter.

Now you have to give them what they want.

Then study the data it brings to know what works.

Don’t just keep pushing send without checking your digits to see what the subject lines they are clicking, what links they are clicking, etc.

Because when you know that, you can tighten the content and get better and better at what you’re delivering so you get better results.

That’s when the gold begins to mine itself.

Maintaining an email list is maintaining an open line of very personal marketing that can prove to be more lucrative than Facebook – if you do it right.

Because if you nail subject lines, the 20,000 people on your list have a greater potential than 2% of your Facebook peeps who may or may not scroll past, if they even see it.

You’ve got a powerful asset that needs developing. Do it and watch it become your best and biggest earner.

A Study On Humans

Every once in a deep and wide while, you come across something you can’t get enough of. You live it and breathe it.

It consumes every ounce of your heart, even if you don’t want it to.

If you’re among the lucky, it’s your greatest love and your soulmate.

If you’re an artist, it’s your craft.

Fortunately, I’m a Scorp, so it’s everything I do. From my best friend to the last period of the thing I’m writing.

Today, though it happens to be Maynard James Keenan.

Tool was a powerful face back in the day, but having tripped face first into it again, I’ve found so much more than I knew back then. And OMFG.

  1. He’s insanely talented. The words always pulled a lot out of you when you REALLY listened to them. The imagery, the pain. It’s your own soul handed to you.

  2. His tenor, haunting and soothing, puts you into another world: wakes you up and it can drive your soul if you let it.

  3. He doesn’t want you to be MJKeenan, he wants YOUR OWN LEGEND to drive your soul. For you to think for yourself, act for the good of those around you and be the best at what you do.

  4. For me, there’s a HUGE disconnect between what his images show and what his words say. Like, you look at Randy Blythe, you see this tall surfer/singer/photographer dude and you FEEL that. But looking at MJK is like looking at a hollow shell that carries a soul too big for this world. It’s the trippiest shit to me. You can’t look at him and get a real sense of who he is.

  5. He challenges you to dig deep into your own beliefs and thoughts. His lyrics, haunting and dark, project images that you will either identify with or recoil from. And if you recoil, it’s likely because facing your own darkness isn’t something you’re prepared to handle.

  6. A perfect union of contrary things, he is. Military - trained (and served), art - driven, philosophy - centered, MJKeenan envelopes a paradox that many can’t fathom. How does such a free - thinking, rule - breaking artist serve in the military and get to West Point???? Read the book. It’s fucking fascinating.

  7. Bonus point. He’s got a fucking Scorpion tatt, big as fuck, on his back. And of all the shit that wouldn’t amaze me, that does.

Tool lead me to a Perfect Circle. A perfect circle and my own adult filters engraved by the trials of relationships and motherhood led me to dig deep into lyrics. The lyrics bled from another soul to mine lead me to the book. The book led me to all things Maynard James Keenan.

And today your lesson is this: Humans are mind - blowing creatures. Once you bleed for them, they won’t be able to get enough of them.

PS? If you someone who creates that business reader bond, Holla. I bleed for them every single day.

Create an Experience They’ll Come Back For

Create an Experience They'll Come Back For

NOBODY comes back for vanilla.


Vanilla is everything NOBODY wants to be.

And YOU, mofo, are so much more than that boring-ass shit.

You want them to come back again and again. You want them to drool over your every word and make them feel like the legend you’re building.


And if they don’t like shit so creamy they can’t breathe? You don’t need them.

Get them addicted to you

By showing the fuck up.

By being the you-iest you you can be.

Create a Home Page that teases them into loving you before they do. Use the words they long to read. NOT same ole “Welcome” bullshit everyone uses and makes readers want to throw up over.

Create an About that has fuck about YOU on it, until they reach the bottom half.

Create a Work with Me that exploits their pain so they can see the beauty of the pleasure they’ll have after working with you. (Good copy is torturous copy. Don’t be afraid of it.)

Create sales pages that reek of blood and sincerity of commitment to their happiness, and sincerity of a deep and authentic YOU.

Because in all of this? There is ONE resounding thread that echoes throughout each and every page’s target: Move them with your truest spirit into the action you want.

THAT’S how you create LEGENDS. THAT’S how you make them want you so bad they come back for more.

Be real.

Be honest.

Be fucking YOU.

WHY do they want to see YOU?

Because you ARE their solution. You have the things they need to become a better THEM. And because YOU? In all of your flaws? Are a thing of beauty. Of salvation. Of paradise. For them.

You have the spark it takes to get them from A to B. And the only way you can do that is by being unabashedly you.

By developing the IT you were born with.

And by splattering that blood EVERYWHERE.

The Problem

So many people live through filters. “I can’t say THAT.”

“I can’t DO that.”

FUCK that.

THAT is who you fucking ARE.

And 10 years ago? You could have built a profitable business on the “perfect world” premise.

Now? If you can’t be YOU? You can’t expect to win. For long.

I added the “For long” part because some motherfuckers ARE able to take advantage of people. For a little while. Then, they can’t keep up the charade any longer. People sniff them and their inauthenticity out and are forever turned off.

You cannot bullshit people. They can smell it. I’m a Scorpio, so everything I read comes with a hint of, “WTF!?” But I have discovered most are not built that way.

Many are built to lie and deceive.

But the majority, who are ready for success, learn how to be themselves. Without restraint.

What Being You Does

It creates connection. Relatability. TRUST.

And when the copy they read magnetizes them to your pages, that connection, that trust, deepens with each word.

Trust is the foundation of money. Sales roll in when they smell the real you on the pages and see how much they need you to help them get over their struggles.

Being you is the fastest, most effective way to grow. You grow your list. You increase your book sales. You book more Discovery Calls. You sign more contracts.

Create an experience they want more of.

Just like a LEGEND should.

The One Thing I did that Eradicated the Enemy Crippling My Business

“Sit up straight, Tania.” With all the guilt of the previous generations laid on me, I did as I was told.

“Stop fidgeting,” when my leg would shake the entire kitchen table at dinner because I was on the brink of explosion, listening to the news or their boring drivel.

“Pick up your room,” as they trudged up the stairs for their once a year check because cleaning my room always fell fiftieth on my list of priorities.  

“DO NOT pour water in your brother’s bed again!” Whatever. He deserved it.

Being the oldest of two brats in our family meant, by birth order, that I was the one to follow the rules and do as I was told. Only I didn’t. Much.

Yet, I lived with a constant fear that kept me JUST inside the lines. Making mischief, instead of doing crack.

That old religious noose that people walk around with, as though their next breath will find them in a hell greater than the one they create for themselves here on Earth, had me by the neck as well.

But there was something inside me telling me that the notion that I had to follow their rules was just my imagination being puppeted by outsiders.

As soon as I let “me” out and began doing as I wished, talking as I wished, believing in my own power, as I wished, everything changed.

Including the way the blood flowed to the page for the people who paid me to bleed for them.

And when I embraced that, when I embraced that I was the master of my own destiny and that I’m only here for a few more years, I decided to say, “Fuck it.”


I took the name Badass’D and ran with it.

An idea that was I was advised against on many occasions, by many mentors.

Again, I wanted it. I needed it. I kept it.

Fuck it

“Fuck it” was the solution for my struggling business.

Previously, I was writing, but barely. And not for the people I wanted to write for. Taking the nickel and dime gigs was all I thought I could handle.

But, I had this voice in me that was bigger than that. A voice that could serve companies and businesses bigger than the cheapskates on ODesk and Elance would pay for.

So with a deeply inhaled, “Fuck it,” I moved on.

Freelancing was no longer an option. I was a businesswoman.

And NOW?

I had a voice to match.

Because I said, “Fuck it.”

Why did “fuck it” work?

This new found ideology allowed me to be and say what I believed, to put my clients' emotions on the page, to FEEL what they needed their clients to feel...without hesitation, apprehension, or FILTER to jade my results.

I began to believe in my own work, to believe in the things people said they felt when they read my work, and not to believe the misguided notion that I wasn’t good enough, an emotion I’d carefully cultured since I was old enough to know I was never going to fit in anywhere.

Dropping those broken beliefs changed everything. Believing in myself and the power of my words changed everything.

I began booking clients that I wanted to work with. I grew a waiting list. Then, I reached $12,000 a month, consistently.

So. Fuck it? Works.

Where is your “fuck it”?

Your “fuck it” is your mojo. It’s your drive. It’s your need to do what it is you were meant to do. It’s your ability to say, “no fucking thank you, I’ve got my own world to my own rules.”

It’s your ability to continue to do what you are doing, EVEN if everything crumbles down around you.

When the shit isn’t flowing the way you want it to, you have to ask yourself, “Am I saying ‘Fuck it’ or am I saying, ‘Meh, whatever’”. Because if you’re accepting where you are and what you’re doing, if you’re accepting the role you’ve been handed (even though it feels like a size 0 on your size 8 frame - and if you’re that skinny...suffer...I’m good with it), if you’re spitting content you’ve been told to spit because that’s what’s expected?

“Meh, whatever” will continue to cripple your business.

Ask yourself what kind of work you would do for the rest of your life and NOT get paid for it. What is it that gets you out of bed in the morning, knowing that the day is going to be a constant battle of hope, despair, fear, anger, happiness, gratitude, joy, and love?

Because if you can put yourself through the mental battle of entrepreneurship because you LOVE what you do that much, and ONLY because you love it that much, you’ve found your right calling.

You’ve found your “Fuck it”.

You’ve found your reason for sucking up the oxygen from precious trees. You’ve found the reason that you will succeed.

Because in the end? It doesn’t matter what you do, if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.

Saying “fuck it” and doing what you want to do? Unfucks your business. And your life.

10 Steps to Attracting the People You Actually WANT on your Client Roster

The other day, I asked how I could help some magnificent chicks in Nathalie Guerin’s Manifesting Group.

More than one said, “How do I find the road-map to the women who are ready to invest in themselves?”

Did you get that?


It’s the coach’s dream, right? Have the women they WANT to work with knocking down their doors. But the question is wrong. You don’t go looking for women ready to invest in themselves. You ask how the fuck can I show up like a BOSSso these women feel they need me.

That’s what you should ask. You don’t go looking for people. That said, you DO show up where they are, but you’re the hunted, not the hunter. Dig?

So how do you become the hunted?


It was full-on DIY. And I get it. I lived there, too. Money’s tight when you’re starting out, so you don’t have a Tech VA or a Director of Magic helping you do shit. BUT, the longer you’re willing to stay and play in that space, the longer you’ll stay small.

It wasn’t until I invested in a team that the game changed for the better. The more I invested, the more I made. Simple business finance 101.

Anyway, IF you have to DIY, then here’s what I told her, take these answers and run with them:

1. If you want women who are ready to invest, your site needs to reflect it. (Because investing in yourself means you’re expecting them to pay top dollar, so you want a site that appeals to those women.) That may mean at least paying for a premium theme, even if you’re going to chuck hours making look pro. Because 2010 on WP is NOT gangsta and does not say, “Yo! I get results!”

2. Have a clear, specific message on your Home Page, instead of leading with questions you HOPE are the questions your ideal clients may be asking themselves prior to reading. In other words, “Is this you: Are you tired of chasing kids down because they didn’t follow your directions the first time they were given? Are you nauseous when you see the pile of laundry that needs to be put away?” You should already KNOW that’s what these women are looking for. So you lead with AUTHORITY and say, “They listened. The first time. The laundry? Isn’t piled in chairs across the house waiting to be put away. And you? You’re on schedule to have your uninterrupted bubble bath. No, the kids aren’t at grandma’s. They’re home. But thanks to the new system you’ve mastered, bliss abounds.” Anyway, you get the idea.

3. Use language that isn’t what everyone is reading on everyone else’s sites. (i.e., scrap transformation, life, coach, etc LOL) Trigger words should trigger interest and pique their brains to continue reading, not trigger it to shut down (which is what words like coach, transformation, etc do). Words that our brains are overly exposed to cause the brain to stop reading. Buzz words? Trigger reading in the beginning, but once it’s been used a few million times, the eyes start to glaze over and the back button is the next thing they look for. Keep your language fresh.

4. Inject your personality into your site. People buy from people they like. You have to be willing to stand out and stand above the noise if you want people to notice you, to gravitate toward you. And if you have a hard time doing that? Your profits will suffer. Hire a copywriter. Make sure they get you. Make sure they understand you and your vibe. A good copywriter can put nice words on your site. A great one can make you think you wrote it yourself.

5. Show up daily in social media to help and demonstrate your prowess in your niche. THIS IS A FUCKING MUST. If you are not out there, shaking babies and kissing hands, you are losing. Period. But posting in groups has to be done WELL in order for it to work. SO many people think, “Hey! I showed up! I posted about my offer. They saw me.” And think that’s all they have to do. WRONG. You have to show up and be helpful. You have to get out there to MEET people, not pimp yo’ shit.

6. Ask for referrals. No shit. Ask your past clients if they know anyone who needs your services. If you can, give them an incentive. Mine get a free edit on a sales page (usually $699) if they send me someone who books one of my two top sellers. What can you offer them for sending you money?

7. Talk about your work. People hate this shit. And I don’t know if it’s because they’re shy, they don’t know their fucking industry like they should, or they just don’t want to win. But if you don’t swallow your goddamn insecurities about sharing what you do, you won’t make anything. Those women you’re looking for won’t even know you exist.

8. Try new groups, but don’t be surprised that they don’t work. Groups are dying. Well, maybe that’s not right. Maybe they’re not. But the way they’re being used is killing them. Groups arose out of Facebook’s algorithm to limit who saw people’s biz page posts in an attempt to garner more ad money (really, you can’t blame them). And in the beginning, groups were a place where people went and networked and really connected. But most people misuse them and simply self-promote. They’re not really there to help people and guess what? People can tell. Your shit gets passed right by and no one even likes, much less comments on them. Notice that? Change the way you use groups and change your results. Try new groups. Try groups that don’t allow self-promotion. It’s a longer game, but fuck it doesn’t get any longer than content marketing.

9. Step into new arenas. Be a guest on podcasts. Create your own. Create a feature on your blog or YouTube channel where you connect with other entrepreneurs. Write for some big publications. No, not HuffPo. Get featured on your local news. Go do some philanthropy work.

10. Develop your IT factor, the thing that makes you somebody that people truly love when you show up. This is the KEY to making ALLLLLL of this shit happen. You have an innate magnetism. Develop it. USE IT. Because when you do, you’ve mastered the Art of Sass and you’ve stepped into who you were truly born to be. And guess what? People LOOOVE that shit. Time to leave your shell behind.

And as a bonus, the last step is: Invest in yourself. Because if you want people to invest in you, you have to invest, as well. 


7 Things Your Ideal Doesn’t Want to See in Your Copy

They click and then two seconds later – they click away.

Because your copy didn’t warm and caress their hearts. They didn’t feel any connection to you or what you’re selling.

And here are 10 things that savvy ideals don’t want to read in your copy or in your social posts:

They don’t give 2 sh**s about you and if you start your copy with “I.” They know you also don’t give 2 sh**s about them. Connection-seeking, abandoned. You’ve lost them. “I am the coach who takes her clients to new levels. My clients all say that before me, they didn’t think coaching was really a ‘thing’. “ You get the idea. “I”, “my”, BYE. 

The Fix: 
Use “you” waaaay more than you use “I”. In fact, if you can structure your copy to read like a narrative? THAT’S even better. Because “you” is great, but working with less of it, too? Is powerful storytelling (read: profitable).

Transformation Coach. 
Yeah, that horse died 12 centuries ago. Transformation, coach, guru, change agent, blah blah blah…industry jargon has no place in your copy and those words are not the switches that turn the brain on. In fact, there’s a study somewhere, I should look it up again, that says, “the more we read certain words, the LESS likely we are to respond” because our brains SKIP over them. They don’t even want to see them anymore. And if your brain is skipping words, your readers are not absorbing the emotion your copy should be exuding.  

The Fix: 
Find yourself a title that accurately describes what you do, so you appeal to their sense of hope immediately.

Your ideal is smart. Don’t try to f**k with her by trying to convince her she’s going to drop 4 sizes by journaling her way skinny. Or that your pill is the last diet pill she’ll ever need. She’s not going to hang around to read the rest of the crap you’re throwing. 

The Fix: 
Keep your words on the level. Seriously. Nothing, I mean, NOTHING, will lose years off of your progress like dishonesty and unethical behavior. If it’s not true, don’t say it. (Caveat: Note the difference between exaggeration for effect/interest/entertainment and promises of grandeur.)

A Deep Void. 
Don’t try to sell a $12,000 package with four lines of copy saying you’re going to meet on Skype weekly to help support her goal to become the next JK Rowling. Sales need emotion. Emotion that is backed by trust. You must fill the void of doubts with those two things before expecting any PayPal notifications. 

The Fix: 
Take the time to paint the picture that’s in their chest. Put their pain out there. And show them you’re the band-aid. And that you’re actually THE band-aid and not a secondhand, bloodied leftover picked up off the street. Show them how much people love working with you. Let them FEEL the pain of the problem AND the pleasure of the solution.

She doesn’t want to read “financial reports”, “end of the month projection”, “SWEAT equity” in your copy. She’s looking for art and you’re handing her a tech manual for assembling IKEA furniture. Cut it out. 

The Fix: 
Use words she uses. Use words that convey the feelings you’re shooting for in her…verbally ask yourself, “is there a better emotion I can express for her?”)

Half-ass Bullets. 
If he hasn’t bounced yet and has gotten to your sales page, where you dutifully (in your best dry toast voice) cranked out every single feature of your product or service, but accidentally left of any hint of a benefit, well…he won’t be inclined to buy or book because he doesn’t feel the full affect of what would actually change in his world if he invested in himself with you. 

The Fix: 
Create the vision in his mind’s eye of what life is going to be like with each individual bullet. Make it a whole ass bullet.

When your ideal lands on your page and he or she is faced with the Great Wall of China of copy, overwhelm sets in faster than the leg cramps they get when thinking of walking said Wall. And following overwhelm? Is that dreaded *click* back to

The Fix: 
Break the text up aesthetically. Breaks and images, sections…they are all essential parts of your site’s copy. 

You learned paragraphs need three sentences. I get it. Unlearn it. Online, it is perfectly acceptable to not even write words, so I’m kinda a sure they wrote a new rule book somewhere that said you CAN make one sentence paragraphs, if you need to.
You want your ideal to see and read your words with fire and passion. Give good copy so they stay, begging for more.

They Won’t Respond Without This in Your Copy

The reason they don’t respond to your posts and your blogs is because you don’t give them a reason to.

WHY is a Universal question that has to be evident in EVERYTHING.

It’s WHY that’s passion.

It’s WHY that sparks movement in your needles.

It’s WHY that moves their souls to action.

WHY should they read your post if they don’t see intrigue, fire, and THEIR WHY in your words?

Day in and day out in social, people are passing your posts by. The market is saturated with people screaming their messages. And yours doesn’t look any different. So they roll on past without a clue that you really are the money coach, success coach, or transformation coach they need.


Because they don’t see WHY you are different.

They don’t see WHY your solutions are better than the next.

They don’t see THEIR WHY riddled in your words.

How do you make the WHY work for you?

You make their WHY, YOUR WHY.

People read what I write and are like, WTF? How do you do that?

It’s because I understand their WHY and it goes front and center. My words, the blood on the pages, are not my blood. I mean, it is my blood, but it’s your blood I bled for you.

You have to look deep into their souls to give them what they are missing. You have to see past the dollar signs you want crowding your inbox. You have to look beyond your own WHY to show them the reflection they long to see staring back at them.

I’ve always said “Excellent copy makes the reader feel like THEY wrote it.” It’s not just blown up words that have no WHY behind them.


Because that WHY allows you to expose their deepest fears and their highest goals.

People don’t buy because you SAID you’re the best at what you do. They buy because they feel the emotion behind the words. Emotion comes from empathy, compassion, and FIRE.

Don’t sell them a new life.

Sell them on a life that allows them more time to see the world with their kids. Sell them on being the go-to in their industry. Sell them on calendars that are booked until next year, so that not another day is spent in regret because they didn’t have the time to see that little league game Josh wanted them to be there for.

People buy on emotion.

And WHY is one of the most powerful emotions you can bleed.

Understand them. Feel their pain and their desires, as well as you feel your own. Know them as well as you know your spouse or your kids.

When you understand them the way I do, writing to them becomes second nature. It’s the spark that grows into fire that consumes them. It’s what makes their fires for more, burn out of control.

And when that fire is out of control they line up for you. You get that waiting list you’re working for. You build that business that pushes you to the next level of business. They come at you with money in hand, ready…without a doubt, without a fight in their hearts.

They need you. They need you to walk them out of their darkness. They need you to be the you, that you know you are, so you can help them become who they know they can and want to be.

The Result of the WHY.

When they see the change that you make easy they don’t question your ability to work miracles with them.

They don’t question if Coach So-and-So is better than you are.

They don’t wonder if they are investing in the right coach for their business.


Want to make them feel what you know they have to feel? Hit me. Let’s talk about how we can create a Diamond Evolution for you that will set your gem apart from the rest of the Net, creating the backlog of clients you want in your pipeline.

Copy Isn't Enough

Copy is words. Words that are meant to sell.

But most people stop at the “words” part. They sit down to type up their website and put exactly what they do, who they do it for, and how…without any emotion, whatsoever…on their pages.

I see this all the time.

“Sue Bee, Life Coach.”

“Are you tired of feeling lost and without direction in your life? Are you ready to see a change for the better?” 

“Then, you’re ready for Sue Bee Life Coaching. I work with high-achieving entrepreneur women who are ready to have it all. I help clients from all over the world who are ready to sit at the head of the table and lead their companies to greatness.”

I’m not kidding.

This format does two things:

  1. Wreaks of DIY bullshit. Those “clients all over the world” equal one in the UK and one in Canada.
  2. Fails to tap even an ounce of emotion that could convert to even one sale.

Therefore, is likely the work of someone who isn’t a pro at what she does. Or maybe she is, but she’s DIY’ing everything in hopes to pull in a client or two to help pay for a new site.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not wrong to do ANYTHING to get started. But it is. LOL

What I mean is she’s investing time she should be PERFECTING HER CRAFT in things she shouldn’t ever have to focus on.


Well, exceptional copy…the kind of copy that pulls in thousands and thousands of dollars isn’t.

Exceptional, profitable, competition-crushing copy is copy that is pulled from one place: The heart.

When it comes from the heart (mine or yours), the emotion is UNDENIABLE. Connections are never formed over cold keys or stale pixels. Connections are formed over blood. Pure and simple.

It’s the difference between:

“You are a woman who gets what she wants and isn’t content to sit back and watch the world go by.” (OMG the cliches! – remind me to tell you about Brain Shut-Down one day.)


“Because what I see is when I look at you is a bold woman who gets what she wants without question, who flirts with adventure on the daily, whose life is filled with luxury and love (and champagne-flavored kisses), who enraptures the world around her (and returns the love in kind), who stares unblinkingly at her fears and who gets swept the fuck up in her desires and dreams.” (Copy written for a past client…I really should tell you how I was able to write this…note for another post.)

Now. Let’s take a vote. Which one made you FEEL something?


They are both copy. But one is COPY WITH FIRE.

That fire is what made you take notice. That fire is what hooks people in the heart when they read it. It’s what makes them say, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” in their best “When Harry Met Sally” diner scene voice.

You see, that last one was written from a place of understanding. Okay. FINE. I’ll tell the damn story now.

That piece was written while I was dolled up in my heels, makeup straight from Vogue, and Britney Spears playing in my ear. Shut up. I role play when I write…what? It fucking works, doesn’t it??

I digress (I say this way too much…stay on topic, doof).

Anyway, I dug DEEP for that – for ALL the copy that went to that client. And she loved it.

My ability to take the time to dig deep allowed her to focus on what she needed to focus on. So I took care of the heavy lifting.




IF you want sales, copy isn’t enough. You need emotion. Deep, raw, emotion…lit with a flaming Harley-Davidson Zippo.


Hit me. I’ll make your dreams of having copy that competes with the Marie Forleo’s and Derek Halpern’s of your industry a reality.