Fire of the Diamond Society


Fire of the Diamond Society



Daily access to copy feedback and suggestions for tightening your copy so tight they won’t want to wiggle away from it.

Daily ass-kicking to take freaking action so you can stop scrolling Facebook, wondering why you’re not making enough money.

Daily internal work to help you power through the shit and the mire so you can stop being afraid of your own greatness and birth it.

Access to a support network working as hard as you do to change the tides to your favor.

Access to growth strategies and files to push your business farther, faster than your peers who struggle to piece together ideas on their own.

Access to an OBM who has changed the faces of business for over a decade, providing answers to tech questions and growth questions so you don’t let overwhelm force you to stay frozen.

Cost: $49/month.

***Only the strong survive here. And only those with a sense of humor and a deaf ear for F-bombs can thrive. Cancel at anytime and this is not an automatic payment. In the future you will receive an invoice. Please be sure you are ready for the fire as this private society is non-refundable. 

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