Emails not getting better than 2% open rate? 

Ad spend loitering at $5.64 per click because you can’t get any clicks on your ads? 

Scrolling freaking Facebook won’t change that.

Joining a group where you get copy support for your daily copy needs WILL.

The Fire of the Diamond Society IS that group.

When you join you get:

  • Daily access to copy feedback and suggestions for tightening your copy so tight they won’t want to wiggle away from it.
  • Daily ass-kicking to take freaking action so you can stop scrolling Facebook, wondering why you’re not making enough money.
  • Daily internal work to help you power through the shit and the mire so you can stop being afraid of your own greatness and birth it.
  • Access to a support network working as hard as you do to change the tides to your favor.
  • Access to growth strategies and files to push your business farther, faster than your peers who struggle to piece together ideas on their own.
  • Access to an OBM who has changed the faces of business for over a decade, providing answers to tech questions and growth questions so you don’t let overwhelm force you to stay frozen.

Cost: $99/month.


***Only the strong survive here. And only those with a sense of humor and a deaf ear for F-bombs can thrive. Cancel at anytime. All billing is automatic via Paypal.  

"I'm a firm believer that it takes a community to raise a business, and if you join no other community at all (though you really should) then this is the one to apply for. A wonderful collection of action-takers and supportive people all brought together by Tania & Dani to create diamond businesses alight with fire. The advice I have received since joining is priceless. I love being a diamond!" 
- Sharon Jackson

"Since becoming a Diamond I've learned what I'm really made of. Not that magically my business is at six figures but I can see how that can happen now. Planning ☺ organization, how to schedule posts and blogs, what it means to launch a program. How to use what I do and make it shine. Yea all that and more. Is what I've gotten. I no longer feel lost or confused. I have direction. I feel supported. Even on the days when things feel so bleak. Being a diamond has made me realize more than anything. That I can do this and I have support when I need it. Thank you Tania. ❤ with all my heart thank you."
- Tracey McFadden

"Tania is a fireball so it's no surprise that the Fire of the Diamond group is any different. The daily check-ins and action prompts are just the icing. Tania and Danielle are in the group every single day to review copy and answer any and all biz-related questions. This group has quickly become my top go-to for support and motivation in my business."
 - Desiree , Biz Coach for Women in Direct Sales

Fire of the Diamond is the first place I check when I log onto Facebook. This group is invaluable and completely necessary no matter what type of business you are running. It's so much more than having access to a copywriter! In this group you receive motivation, inspiration, accountability, encouragement and every member is always willing to help. I receive so much guidance, support and encouragement that I am in this group for life!

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, this is a no brainer decision.
- Jenn Bovee, LCSW